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Harvard College Library
Sept. 3. 1913
Bequest of
Jeremiah Curtin





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New York, Chicago



HIS information is compiled in an abridged form for busy men. We have sought to make men familiar with the topics which every voter in these United States ought to know. Many of our citizens who live in the rural districts do not have access to the great public educators, the daily newspapers; others of us in our busy, American, business life, are not given the time, and still a third class read, but not carefully, and thus fail to grasp the main points at issue.

Realizing the need of a hand-book which will easily put in reach of busy men the current issues in a concise, clear and attractive manner, we have endeavored to compile the recent important acts of Congress so that in a few hours of reading voters may become familiar with American politics.

We are much indebted to Hon. Thomas C. Platt, senior senator from New York, and to the Republican leader of the House, Hon. Sereno E. Payne, and Hon. E. J. Burkett, of Nebraska, for valuable information herein contained, and many others of our great statesmen; and justly do we have a right to call America's statesmen great, for we are citizens of the greatest nation on earth, made so by our statesmen and diplomats.

Since the Spanish war, Congress and the national officials have given fully one-half of their time to the consideration of the welfare of our new possessions. Our President and statesmen have studied geography, sociology and anthropology that

they might intelligently govern these new and strange peoples. An accurate and concise history of these island possessions is included in this volume. The data has been obtained from authentic sources-from public reports of the Philippine Commissioners, from reports of army officers, etc., etc. Ours has become a great nation, starting as it did from the thirteen original colonies, by the keen foresight of our noble ancestors it has been built up, first of adjacent territory-to make the foundation staunch and strong, then in recent times, reaching out into the far East for commercial possibilities. She has ever kept the watchword before her, "education-freedom." Let every American now know his countrymen, let him study the people and the land! The description you will find here will introduce you to the new and unknown part of the American Republic.

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