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to the venerable doctor Hopkins and many other worthies, whom he notices, he cannot, consistently, give more in the characteristick way from his ample and rich documents. As it is an object with him to bring into view some account of many, of whom the world was not worthy, he is under the necessity, in general, of avoiding prolixity, how. ever deserving and eminent may be the subjects of his inemoirs

NEWBURY, VERMONT. 494. Note.-Samuel Hopkins, the eldest son of the rev. lloctor Hopkins of Hadley, was graduated at Yale college, in 1777. He devoted himself to the study of physick and became a practitioner at Newbury in Vermont. In 1782, having an opportunity to go in the character of a physician and surgeon of a letter of marque, bound to the West Indies and Holland, he embraced it, with a view to visit the celebrated hospitals in Europe and to add to his professional knowledge. While at Martinique, he died of the yellow fever, 11 July, 1782, in the 26 year of his age.

HATFIELD, MASS. 495. Sacred to the memory of that venerable man, deacon OBADIAH Dickinson, who early witnessed a good confession, who through various dispensations, in prosperity and adversity, exemplified the religion of Jesus ; who, for many years, used the office of a deacon well and purchased to himself a good degree and great boldness in the faith, who, in the hope of a better life, fell asleep, 24 June, A. D. 1788, in the 84 year of his age. Is. 26. 19.

The foliowing is an extract from the manuscript sermon, on Ecc. 7. 1, delivered at the funeral of deacon Dickinson by the rev. doc. Lyman.

« Of the venerable person, to whom we are now paying the last offices of duty and love, we may say, with a good degree of humble assurance, that he possessed that good name, which is as precious eintment, and that the day of his death was better than the day of his birth. It was a day, in which he received a stronger testimony of his Father's love, in being stripped of that veil of weakness and mortality, that flesh and blood, which cannot inherit the kingdom of God. The deceased was early impressed with a deep conviction of the importance and beauty of religion; and he witnessed a good confession of his faith in Christ. Few, in the general tenour of a long life, have been enabled by divine grace to adorn their profession so well, without many imperfections and back-slidings.”

HATFIELD, MASS. 496. Note.The rev WILLIAM WILLIAMS, the third settled minister in Hatfield, was the celebrated pastor of the church and congregation in

that place, for more, than fifty years. He was succeeded by the rev. Timothy Woodbridge, who was his colleague, a year or two before his death. Mr. Williams was blessed with four sons, who were men of distinction in church and state ; 1. the rev. William Williams of Weston in Massachusetts ; 2. the rev. Elisha Williams, who was settled in the ministry at Wethersfield, in Connecticut, who was an agent for the colony at the court of Great Britain, and who, from 1726 to 1739, was rector of Yale college ; 3. rev. Solomon Williams, D. D. of Lebanon in Connecticut, a minister of great distinction, whose pastoral labours were continued for more, than fifty years; 4. Israel Williams, esq. whose epitaph follows, and who occupied the family mansion house in Hatfield.

HATFIELD, MASS. 497. In memory of the hon. ISRAEL WILLIAMS, esquire, who departed this life, 10 January, 1788, in the 79 year of his age. High and low, rich and poor are death's equal prey, and no valuable distinction survives his resistless attack, but that, which ennobles an angel, the love of God.

Allon earth is shadow, all beyond
Is substance; the reverse is folly's creed.
How solid all, where change shall be no more !

Noic.--The rev. Joseph Lyman, D.D. delivered a discourse, from Ecc. 9. 12, at the interment of

his distinguished parishioner, from the manuscript copy of which the subsequent sketch was transcribed, at the request of the author of this work.

“ The deceased, the honourable Israel Williams, esq. was of worthy descent and lineage, proceeding from pious and distinguished ancestors. His venerable father was long tke affectionate and able minister of Christ in this town; and some are now rem maining with us, who will, probably, have occasion forever to bless God for his labours with them in the gospel of Jesus. His mother was a daughter of the venerable Stoddard, a name still dear and respected in the New-England churches. He was the last surviving son of a family blessed with children eminent for their parts, their usefulness, and repu. tation. Having received the advantages of a pubdick education, he devoted himself to the service of his country in civil employments and with great ability he discharged the office of a representative of this town, for several years, at the general court, and was called to serve the government in the emi. nent station of a counsellor. He was, many years, judge of probate and chief judge of the county court, in which offices he conducted with that abili. ty and integrity, which made him truly respected and a publick blessing. In private life he was frank, open, and undisguised, liberal and compassionate to dhe poor, and distinguished for his hospitality. He was early married to the daughter of the hon. mr. Chester of Wethersfield, by whom he had a numerous family of children, six of whom are now the surviving mourners of his death. Upon the 10 instant, by a sad and disastrous fall, he was mortals ly wounded in his head and expired in less, than two hours, from that fatal accident. Thus, althougla he fell by a sorrowful occurrence of providence, he died in a good old age, full of days, riches, and honours, and was gathered to his people in the 79 year of his age."

. HATFIELD, MASS. 498. Interred the remains of mrs. SARAH WILLIAMS, the daughter of the hon. John Chester, esq. and worthy consort of the hon. Israel Williams, esq. She departed this life, the 18 of September, A. D. 1770, aged 63 years.

HATFIELD, MASS. 499. In memory of the rev. TIMOTHY WOODERIDGE, for 30 years, pastor of the church of Christ in the town of Hatfield. "

This man of God, who called on the Lord, out of a pure heart, followed after righteousness, godliness, faith, love, patience, meekness, apt to teach, charitable, and gentle to all men, departed this life, on the 3 of June, A. D. 1770, in the 58 year of his age.

HATFIELD, MASS 500. To the memory of wr. JACOB WAL

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