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anu sent to Northampton, 1811, thirty-six years after the death of mr. Hunt. The revolutionary war prevented mr. Hunt's people from showing this tribute of respect to his memory at the usual time.

In a sermon, delivered, at the funeral of mr. Hunt, from Job 14. 19, by the rev. John Hooker of Northampton, the following paragraphs occur.

" His publick services, as long as he lived, every where met with singular approbation; he was truly a workman, that needed not to be ashamed. In prayer he was peculiarly copious, grave, and solemn, with an unusual variety and pertinency of sentiment and language ; and, perhaps, in no part of publick exercise did he more excel, than in this. As a preacher he was eminent. His compositions were correct, manly, and elegant; his sermons were rational, judicious, and instructive ; enriched with striking and important sentiments ; adorned with a variety and noble turns of thought ; enliven, ed by a strong, animated, and delicate style ; recommended by a delivery remarkably grave, deliberate, and emphatical, with a pathos and energy becoming the pulpit, and calculated to give every idea, he meant to convey, its full weight upon the mind.

"He loved and he preached the peculiar doctrines of the gospel, as they were understood by the fa. thers of his country, but with a most agreeable openness and candour of mind. The doctrine of redemp. tion, through a Mediator and atoning sacrifice, he pas particularly attached to, and dwelt much upon

it, in the course of his life; and it was the hope and comfort of his heart in death."

NORTHAMPTON, MASS. 481. Here is interred the body of the rev. mr. Solomon STODDARD, A. M. some time fellow of Harvard college, pastor of the church in Northampton, N. E. for near 60 years, who departed this life, 11 February, 1729, and in the 86 year of his age ; a man of God, an able minister of the New Testament; singularly qualified for that sacred office and faithful therein; numerous converts to Christ by his solid, powerful, and most searching ministry ; a light to the churches in general; a peculiar blessing to this ; eminent for the holiness of his life, as remarkable for his peace at death.

Note.--Mrs. Esther Stoddard, his widow, died 10 February, 1736, æt. 92.

NORTHAMPTON, MASS.. 482. Hon. John STODDARD, esq. was born, at Northampton, 11 February, 1681, and died, at Boston, 19 June, 1748, in the 67 year of his age. His widow, PRUDENCE, was born, at Wethersfield, 4 March, 1699,

and died, at Northampton, 11 September, 1780.

NORTHAMPTON, MASS. 483. Here lies the rev. John HOOKER, who died of the small pox, 6 February, 1777, in the 49 year of his age and 23 of his ministry. In him an excellent and cultivated genius, graceful elocution, engaging manners, and the temper of the gospel united to form an able and faithful minister and to render him exemplary and beloved in all the relations of life. The affectionate people of his charge, in remembrance of his many amiable and christian virtues, erected this monument to his memory.

Note.---This inscription is supposed to have been written by his excellency, Caleb Strong, whose consort is a daughter of mr. Hooker.

NORTHAMPTON, MASS. 484. In memory of mr. CALEB STRONG, who died, 13 February, A. D. 1776, in the 66 year of his age.

Man's home is in the grave;
Here dwells the multitude; we gaze around,
We read their monuments, we sigh, and white
We sigh, we sink.

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NORTHAMPTON, MASS. 485. In memory of mrs. PHEBE STRONG, the relict of mr. CALEB STRONG, who died, 5 January, anno Domini 1802, in the 85 year of her age.

We loved, but not enough, the gentle hand, that reared us. Gladly would we now recal that softest friend, a mother, whose mild converse and faithful counsel we in vain regret.

Nole. These were the parents of Lis excellency, Caleb Strong, governour of the commonwealth of Massachusetts.

NORTHAMPTON, MASS. 486. This monument erected by Joseph Clarke to the memory of the honourable JoSEPH HAWLEY, esquire, who died, 10 March, 1788, aged 64 years.

Note. The rev. Joseph Lyman, D.D. of Hatfield, who was an intimate friend of mr. Hawley, deliv. ered a sermon from Is. S. 1, 2, 3, at his interment, from the manuscript copy of which the following characteristick sketch is here preserved as a just tribute of respect to the memory of one, who, in his day, had greater influence in directing publick measures, than any other man in the common wealth.

"The hon. Joseph Hawley was of reputable par

entage. From his youth he discovered traces of a great and noble mind. His elevated genius was cultivated and enlarged by the advantages of a publick and liberal education, which he received at Yale college. In literary attainments, no less than in the native strength of his mind, he was truly a great man. In the beginning of his publick life, he officiated, for a season, in the character of a preacher of the gospel ; and he maintained his reputation among those, who were best acquainted with his life and conversation so as to merit the choice of his christian brethren to the office of a deacon of the church of Christ in this town; in which office he served this part of our Saviour's family, for several years, to the acceptance of his brethren. "

“Having talents peculiarly fitted for civil life and having a prevailing inclination to the employments of such a life, he devoted himself to the service of his country in the profession of the law and soon became a deep proficient in that branch of science and one of the most able practitioners in his day. In his profession he was eminent for his fidelity and integrity, and for his unusual capacity and eloquence. Perhaps few have equalled his usefulness in maintaining justice and equity among his brethren. He was proverbial for his honesty in his calling and for the moderate compensation, which he received for his painful labours for those, whose causes he under. took to defend. Whatever advantages for acquiring property he had above the greater part, on account of his abilities, reputation, and influence ; yet

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