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· Little Compton, 31 May. This morning died here mrs. ELIZABETH PAYBODY, late wife of mr. William Paybody, in the 93 year of her age. She was a daughter of John Alden, esq. and PriscilJa, his wife, daughter of mr. William Mullins. This John Alden and Priscilla Mullins were married at Plymouth, in New England, where their daughter, Elizabeth, was born. She was exemplarily virtuous and pious and her memory is blessed. She has left a numerous posterity. Her grand daughter, Bradford, is a grandmother.”

BOSTON, MASS. 624. John WINTHROP, governour of Massachusetts, died, 1649.

Major general Wait STILL WINTHROP died, 7 September, 1717, aged 76 years.

Ann WINTHROP SEARS, the wife of David Sears, died, 2 October, 1789, aged 33 years.

Note.-Governour Winthrop was born at Grotor, county of Suffolk, in England, 12 June, 1587. Of course, he was at the age of 62, when he deceased. His name makes a conspicuous figure in the early bistory of Massachusetts. His Journal, kept from 1630 to 1644, the original of which is in the library of the Mass.His. Soc. was not printed till 1790. Many of his descendants have been distinguished for their intellectual powers, their literary and scientifick attainments, their patriotism, and the ability, with

which they have discharged the duties of various publick honorary and important stations.

BOSTON, MASS. 625. Note.The honourable PENN TOWNSEND was a distinguished member of the king's council in Massachusetts. He closed his days, 21 August, 1727, in the 76 year of his age. The rev. Thomas Prince says he " was a great and steady lover of our country; a firm friend to the civil and sacred privileges of it; an espouser of our pure scriptural religion; who ever readily and generously sought the common welfare ; passed through a great variety of publick posts with honour; and was greatly accepted and beloved among the multitude of his brethren."


CAMBRIDGE, MASS. 626. Note.-The hon. Francis Dana, LL. D. who for many years had been the chief justice of the supreme judicial court of Massachusetts, died, at his seat in Cambridge, on thursday, the 25 of April, 1811, having entered on his 68 year. He was graduated, at Harvard college, in 1762. His life was marked with activity, integrity, and usefulness in various publick and honorary employments. He was vice president of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences and had been an ambassadour from the United States to the court of Russia. A want of documents prevents thc author of this Collection from giving a full memoir of the upright, able, and distinguished judge Dana.

CHARLESTOWN, MASS. 627. Note.SAMUEL NICHOLSON, esq. common dore and senior officer in the navy of the United States, died at his residence in the navy yard at Charlestown, 29 December, 1813, in the 69 year of his age. He was a lieutenant with Paul Jones esq. in the frigate, Bon Homme Richard, at the time of her engagement with the Serapis.

WESTON, MASS. 628. Note.-The rev. JOSEPI ROBERTS, graduated at Harvard college in 1741, who had been in the ministry at Leicester, departed this life, in Wese ton, at the age of 91 years, on the 30 of April, 1811.

PROVINCE-TOWN, MASS. 629. Note. The rev. SAMUEL PARKER, the first minister ordained at Province-Town on Cape Cod, was a native of Great Marshes, the western parish in Barnstable. He had his education at Harvard college, the usual honours of which he received in 1768 and 1771. He died, on the 11 of April, 1811, in the 70 year of his age and the 38 of his pastorate. He was a man of great humility and diffidence. His days were spent in usefulness among the people of his charge and heenjoyed their affection and esteem to the close of life.

ATTLEBOROUGH, MASS. 630. Here is interred the body of doctor

SAMUEL Weld, son of the rev. Habijah
Weld and Mary, his wife, who deceased,
15 June, 1767, in the 21 year of his age.

Note.---Doctor Weld was an amiable, intelligent
and promising young man. He attended to a course
of medical instruction under the tuition of doctor
Sobier of Newbury, and died of a consumptive com-
plaint, as did most of his sisters. (See art. 118.]
The following is a description of his family arms, as
recorded in Guillim's Display of Heraldry.

"He beareth azure, a fess nebule between three
crescents, ermine, by the name of Weld, and is the
paternal coat armour of Humphrey Weld, of Lul-
worth Castle in Dorsetshire, esquire, governour of
his majesty's isle and castles of Portland and Sands-
foot; lineally descended from Edrick Sylvaticus,
alias Wild, a Saxon of great renown in the reigns
of King Harold and William the conqueror, whose
father, Alfrick, was brother to Edrick of Stratton,
duke of Mercia.”

Page 148, line 26, after superior to, erase that of.
-168, line 14, for tunc, read nunc.
222, line 21, for New Jersey, read Wilming
ton in Delaware.
223, line 9, for son, read nepher.

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ADAMS; Henry, Quincy, Mass. . 438
Adams, Thomas, Medfield, Mass. .
Alden, John, Duxborough, Mass. . .' 620
Alden, Jonathan, Duxborough, Mass
Alden, Samuel, Duxborough, Mass. . 621
Alden, Noah, Bellingham, Mass. . 473
Alden, Ebenezer, Randolph, Mass.. 448
Allen, Eleanor, Greenland, N. H. . 571
Apthorp, Charles, Boston, Mass.

Ashton, Philip, Marblehead, Mass.. 515
Bacon, Ebenezer, Barnstable, Mass.

Baldwin, Moses, Palmer, Mass. ..

Ballard, Edvard J. U.S. A.
Bates, Joshua, Dedham,, Mass..

Bourn, Shearjashub, Roxbury, Mass.

Bourne, William, Marblehead, Mass. 524
Bwl, King Philip's, Boston, Mass.
Boyd, William, Boston, Mass.
Bradford, William, Plymouth, Mass.
Bradstreet, Simon, Marblehead, Mass. 513
Brainerd, David, Northampton, Mass.
Broome, James M. U.S. A.

Brown, Elisha, Boston, Mass..

Bryant, Lemuel and others, Quincy, Mass. 446
Buckminster, Joseph S. Boston. Mass.

Ghanning, Francis D. Boston, Mass.

Chauncy, Isaac, Hadley, Mass.

Cheever, Ezekiel, Boston, Mass. . 546
Cheever, Samuel, Marblehead, Mass.. 511
Cheever, Ames, Manchester, Mass.. 512
Church in Summer-street, Boston, Mass. . 554
Clark, Thomas, Plymouth, Mass.

Cotton, Josial, Plymouth, Mass.

Cotton, Jobu, Plymouth. Mass. .

Court-House in Worcester, Mass.

Cowell, John G. Valparaiso, S. A. .

Crafts, Susannah, Roxbury, Mass. . 460
Cranch, Richard, and wife, Quincy Mass. .

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