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PEREGRINE WILITE was soon after born. He was the first, born of European parents in any of the regions north of Virginia now making a part of the U.States. He was a son of William White and finally settled in Marshfield, where he died nearly 84 years of age in 1704. His descendants are numerous and many of them live in that part of Massachusests, which constituted the Old Colony,

NEW BEDFORD, MASS. 591. Nole-JEREMIAH MAYREW, A. B. who was graduated at Brown's university in 1808, a member of the Theological institution in Andover, departed this life in the triumphs of the christian hope, at New Bedford, on the 4 of January, 1811, in his 23 year. For a full and interesting biographical sketch of this pious young man the reader is referred to the Panoplist for February, 1812, from which one paragraph only is here subjoined.

“ This amiable youth was descended from the ancient and respectable family of the Mayhews on Martha's Vineyard, so well known in the ecclesiastical annals of our country as having afforded emi. nent ministers of the gospel, and particularly faithful missionaries among the aborigines in that and the adjacent islands. It is worthy of notice that missionaries of five successive generations have laboured in the evangelical work, and all been held in high esteem as mien of distinguished talents and vinaffected piety. To the sorrow of the churches in the vicinity, and of the Indians on Martha's Vineyard, the labours of this extraordinary succession of missionaries were closed, in 1803, by the death of mr. Zechariah Mayhew, at the advanced age of eighty eight.”

NEW BEDFORD, MASS. 592. Note.The rev. SAMUEL West, D. D. of New Bedford, was as remarkable for the strength of his mental powers, as was doctor Samuel Johnson, the great lexicographer and moralist. He is supposed to have much resembled him in personal appearance, and, with the same literary advantages, would, unquestionably, have equalled him for reputation in the learned world. He was a son of Sackfield West, a man of a strong mind, who used frequently to give the Indians an exhortation in their meeting house near his humble cot.

Doctor West was born in the southeasterly part of Yarmouth in the county of Barnstable, not far from Swan Pond. He was one of the greatest Bible textuaries this country has ever produced. In Latin, Greek, and Hebrew, he was a thorough critick. He was particularly noted for his metaphysical and controversial talents. His manner was very uncouth, and many anecdotes are related of him, which show that his mind was often so engrossed, while pondering upon some favourite subject, as to render him inconscious of the lapse of time and of almost every thing around him. For further notices of this divine, of uncommon powers, the reader is referred to the Anthology, Eliot's Biog. Dict,

and Allen's Biog. His. Dict. He died 24 Sepieru: her, 1807 in the 78 year of his age.

NAUSHAUN, MAKS. 593. In memory of capt. WILLIAM LORING of Norwich, Connecticut. He was born in Boston, 5 January, 1756, and died at sea, 2 February, 1788, Loring, in all the prime of life,

Hath quit this brittle day,
And calmly steered his single bark

To yonder world of day.

i BARNSTABLE, MASS. 594. Hon. EBENEZER Bacon born, 3 Aug. 1756, died, 28 Nov. 1811. To his worth, talents, and integrity, the undeviating confidence of his fellow citizens bore ample testimony. He sustained the honours and discharged the duties of various important offices with credit to himself and satisfaction to the publick. In publick life he was faithful, in private he was amiable. As an. affectionate busband, a tender parent, a firm friend, a kind neighbour, a decided patriot, a good man, and a sincere christian, his memory will long be cherished in the breast of a mourning family and of bereaved friends.

BARNSTABLE, MASS. 595. Here lies the body of mr. JOAN SAVAGE, student at law, son of Samuel and Hope Savage. He departed this life, 5 October, 1811, ætatis 22. Insatiate archer! could not one suffice ? Thy shaft flew thrice, and thrice my peace was slain!

Note.- Mr. Savage was graduated at Harvard university in 1810. The two lines, on his tombstone from Young's Night Thoughts, are peculiarly apposite ; for doctor Savage and his lady had been previously called to bury, at Kingston in Jamaica, two beloved sons, in succession, at about the age of twenty one; mr. Samuel Savage and mr. Elisha Doane Savage; so just is the scriptural remark, all flesh is grass, and all the goodliness thereof as a flouer of the field!

BARNSTABLE, MASS. 596. Sacred to the memory of the hon. DANIEL Davis, esq. who died, 22 April, A. D. 1799 in the 86 year of his age. Reader, be encouraged by his example to the practice of industry, temperance, piety, and patriotism, and your reward, like his, shall be long life, the esteem of the wise and good, in this world, and the joyful hope of a happy immortality beyond the grave.

. BARNSTABLE, MASS. 597. Here lies buried the body of doctor ABNER HERSEY of Barnstable, who departed, 9 January, 1787, in the 66 year of his


Note-Doctor Hersey, brother of doctor Ezekiel Hersey of Hingham, who made a valuable bequest to Harvard college, lest no children. His widow, mrs. Hannah Hersey, died at the age of 74 years, on the 10 of June, 1799. He was somewhat eccentrick in his character, very precise in all his dealings, a great enemy to the follies of the world, an admirer of simplicity in dress and manners, and a person of unquestionable piety.

In his last will he gave to Harvard university, towards the establishment of a professorship of physick and surgery, the sum of 1500, equal to $1666, 66. The remainder of his estate, which was ample for the region, in which he spent his days, he gave to thirteen of the congregational parishes in the county of Barnstable, in different propora tions, according to the share of professional business he had performed in each, the net proceeds of which, after the demise of his widow, were to be laid out annually, for one hundred years, in the purchase of Doddridge's Rise and Progress of Reli. gion and other works, Evans's Sermons, and Grove on the Lord's Supper. After the completion of one hundred years, those, who shall then be the ministers of the thirteen parishes, are to be at libe

PEN. I.--VOL. 111.

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