The History of Afghanistan (6 Vol. Set): Fay? Mu?ammad K?tib Haz?rah’s Sir?j Al-taw?r?kh, Том 3,Часть 1

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BRILL, 19 дек. 2012 г. - Всего страниц: 3
The Sir?j al-taw?r?kh is the most important history of Afghanistan ever written. This pinnacle of the rich Afghan historiographic tradition is available in English translation, annotated, fully indexed, including an introduction, eight appendices, Persian-English and English-Persian glossaries, and bibliography.

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R. D. McChesney, Emeritus Professor, New York University, is the author of Waqf in Central Asia (1991), Central Asia: Foundations of Change (1996), Kabul Under Siege (1999), and numerous articles and book chapters. He is also founder and director of the Afghanistan Digital Library.

M. M. Khorrami, Ph.D. 1996, University of Texas, Austin, teaches Persian language and literature at New York University. His research field is contemporary Persian fiction. His publications include, among others, Modern Reflections of Classical Traditions in Persian Fiction (2003).

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