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The following pages contain the Health Laws of the Ter. ritory of Hawaii, as amended by the extension of the sovereignty and laws of the United States over the Hawaiian Islands, and the Regulations of the Territorial Board of Health, at present in force.

It has been the aim of the compilers to retain all statute law, unless its repeal was beyond a possibility of a doubt. Hence certain laws are included, the validity of which is questioned. So far as the Board of Health, a purely executive body, is concerned, such questions must be left to the decision of competent courts, or future legislative action.

The statute law appears first, arranged in the same order as in the Penal Laws of 1897, so far as that is possible; each section has the same number as in the Penal Laws or Civil Laws as the case may be, and its source is shown in the marginal references.

The abbreviations P. L. and C. L. refer to the Penal Laws and Civil Laws of 1897, respectively; P. C. refers to the Penal Code of 1869; and S. L. refers to the various Session Laws.

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The Governor shall nominate and, by and with the advice Terr. Act Sec. 8 and consent of the Senate of the Territory of Hawaii, appoint the members of the Board of Health

-; and he may make such appointments when the Senate is not in session by granting commissions, which shall, unless such appointments are confirmed, expire at the end of the next session of the Senate. He may, by and with the advice and consent of the Senate of the Territory of Hawaii, remove from office any of such officers.

All such officers shall hold office as provided by the Laws of the Territory of Hawaii.

Section 868 P. L. There shall be a Board of Health for the P. C. Ch. 59, Territory of Hawaii consisting of seven members, three of

Gov., 1893 whom shall be laymen, three physicians, and the Attorney. Amended by General ex-officio. The members of the said Board shall be appointed by the Governor with the consent of the Senate of the Territory of Hawaii, and shall be commissioned for two years. All of the members of said Board shall serve without pay. The Board shall elect its presiding officer, who shall be styled the President of the Board of Health; and in case of his absence, any member of the Board may be chosen to preside over the meetings of the Board. The Board shall appoint

Sec. 278. Act 18, Prov.

Terr. Act


its Executive Officer, Secretary, Agents, and Physicians, who shall receive such compensation for their services as shall be approved by a majority of members of the Board at a regular convened business meeting thereof, said compensation to be paid out of any funds available to the Board by appropriation.

The Board shall have general charge, oversight and care of the public health, and shall make, through its President, an annual report to the Governor, showing in detail all its expenditures and transactions, and such other information regarding the public health as the Board shall deem of special interest.


Act, !876,
Ch. 11.


Terr. Act.

Section 869 P. L. Said Board of Health may appoint suitable agents in such localities as it may deem necessary, to carry into effect all regulations for the public health; and it shall hold such agents accountable for all moneys received and disbursed by them, on account of the public health, and also for the manner in which they may discharge their several

duties. Act, 1876, Ch. Section 870 P. L. The Board of Health shall make such Amended by regulations respecting nuisances, sources of filth, and causes

of sickness, within the respective districts of the Territory, and on board of any vessels, as it shall judge necessary for the

public health and safety. Act 1876, Ch. 11 Section 871 P. L. Said Board shall also make such regula

tions as it may judge necessary for the public health and safety, respecting any articles which are capable of containing, or conveying any infection or contagion, or of creating any sickness, when such articles shall be brought into, or

conveyed from any district, or into or from any vessel. Act 1876, Ch. 11

Section 872 P. L. Said Board shall also make all regulations which it may judge necessary, for the interment of the

dead, and respecting cemeteries and burying grounds. Act 1876, Ch. 11 Section 873 P. L. Notice shall be given by the Board of

Health of all regulations made by it, by publishing the same in some newspaper of the district, or where there is no such newspaper, hy causing them to be posted in three public places of the town or district; and such notice of such regulations shall be deemed legal notice to all persons.

Section 874 P. L. Every person who shall violate any regulation of the Board of Health, after the same shall have been published, as provided in the last preceding section, shall be fined not exceeding one hundred dollars.

Act 1876, Ch. 11


Terr. Act.

Section 875 P. L.
For the purpose of carrying into effect Act. 1876, Ch.

, the law relating to the public health, the Board of Health shall

Act. 39, S, L.

1898, and by be and hereby is invested with full power to apportion and disburse all sums of money that shall be appropriated by the Legislature for the preservation of the public health, and in case of pestilence or contagious disease, all such sums as shall from time to time be appropriated by the Governor for the protection of the lives and health of the people. The said Board shall observe the strictest economy in the expenditure of all public moneys placed under its control, and shall deposit with the Auditor for safe keeping, all the original vouchers for expenditures made under its direction and all books, records and papers relating to its business and transactions. All *drafts upon the public treasury for expenditures under the Board of Health shall, in order to their validity, be signed by the President of the Board.


Section 876 P. L. The Board of Health shall keep a regular P. C. Ch. 59 record of its proceedings, and shall, annually, make a full and by Terr. Act detailed report of its transactions, including an account of its receipts and expenditures, to the Governor, who shall lay the same before the Legislature. Said Board shall also, during the prevalence of any severe pestilence, or epidemic, publish a weekly report of the public health.

Sec. 31 amend

* The word "draft" above is construed to mean “pay roll and bills," since the passage of Act 39, S. L. 1898.

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