The Study of Names: A Guide to the Principles and Topics

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Bloomsbury Academic, 30 сент. 1992 г. - Всего страниц: 176

An introduction and research guide to onomastics the study of names, this book covers the major areas of name study in individual chapters on personal names (anthroponyms), place names (toponyms), acronyms, brand names and trade names. A final chapter treats special areas such as designations for athletic teams, musical groups, and tropical storms, names of awards and alcoholic beverages, animal names, code names, and scientific nomenclature. The wealth of topics covered in each chapter may be gleaned from a listing of their subheadings (see table of contents). Included are such fascinating subjects as pseudonyms and personalized license plates, names for retirement communities and airports, racist and ethnic slurs, eponyms, and names of diseases and syndromes. Every topic comprises a discussion of underlying principles as well as numerous illustrative examples.

Infused with linguistic interpretation, the study provides explanations based on phonetics (sounds of speech), morphology (shapes of names), syntax (place in sentence structure) and semantics (meaning). Throughout, special attention is given to classification and methodologies. The introduction clearly articulates theoretical aspects of onomastics, and a glossary of linguistic and onomastic terms appears as an appendix. Additional appendixes provide information on organizations and journals related to the field and a list of onomastic bibliographies. An extensive reference list and index complete the work. Useful as a text or reference book, The Study of Names is explicit enough to inform students of linguistics, yet clear and lively enough to be a good read for anyone interested in names and naming.

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FRANK NUESSEL is Professor of Modern Languages at the University of Louisville. A specialist in Hispanic Linguistics and Italian Studies, he has published Linguistic Approaches to the Romance Lexicon, Contemporary Studies in Romance Languages, Theoretical Studies in Hispanic Linguistics, and numerous articles in academic journals such as Hispanic Linguistics, Italica, and the Journal of Literary Semantics. The Image of Older Adults in the Media: An Annotated Bibliography (Greenwood, 1992) represents another area of academic specialization, Humanistics Perspectives on Aging.

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