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published an edition of the Greek, by itself, in the same way; so as to accomodate those who may wish to make use of it, and yet prefer a different translation. It is designed to keep all three of these Testaments, viz. the Greek of Griesbach, the Greek and English, and the English alone, constantly in market; and booksellers may be supplied with them, at a discount of 334 fier cent, from the retail prices; or at 25 fier cent. discount, with an agreement to take back at all times what may remain unsold. These terms are considered very favourable, both to booksellers, and to the public; and, during the life of the editor, will be faithfully performed by the public’s Most obedient, and very humble servant,

ABNER KNEELAND. Philadelphia, July, 5, 1823.


MAT THEW. Page. Page.
Genealogy and birth of Jesus Parable of the wheat and darnel 4 +
Christ 25 mustard seed and leaven ib.

Coming of the Magi 26 explanation of the darnel ib.

Flight to Egypt ib. treasure in a field 45

Herod being deluded, is enraged ; pearls and net ið.


Return from Egypt

Jesus teaches in the synagogue ib.

John enters on his ministry ib.

Jesus is baptized 28

tried and overcometh ib.

withdraws to Capernaum ib.

calls Peter, Andrew, James

and John 29

teaches and heals in Galilee ib.

his sermon on the mount ib.

cleanseth a leper 34

healeth a centurion’s ser-
want #b.

heals Peter’s mother-in-law 35

shows how he is to be fol-

lowed ib.

has dominion over the

winds ib.

casts out demons iö.

cures a paralytic 36

calls Matthew the publican ib.
answers concerning fasting ib.
restores the daughter of
Jairus ib.

cures a diseased woman £b.

gives sight to two blind men 37

gives speech to a dumb
man ab.
an epitome of his conduct ib.
commissions and gives in-
struction to his disciples ib.

declares John his forerun-

nel" 39

speaks of a day of judg-

ment 40

defends his disciples’ con-
duct - ib.

heals a withered hand 41

cures a blind and dumb de-
moniac ib.

speaks of blasphemy ib.

refuses to give a sign 42

declares who are his rela-
tions ib.

Parable of the sower 43

John imprisoned and beheaded ah.

Jesus feeds five thousand 46

walks on the sea - ið.

shows what defileth a man 47

casts out a demon 48

feeds four thousand ió.

reproves the Pharisees ib.

explains what he meant by

the leaven of the Pharisees 49

declares the soundation of his

church i5.

foretells his death and resur-
rection ib.

declareth his coming in glory 50

is transfigured on the moun-

tain i5.

shows that John came in the
spirit of Elijah ið.

expels a demon iö.

pays the didrachma 51

recommends humility ið.

warns against falling into sin 52

declares the purport of his
coming ib.
gives directions how to re-
prove sh.

teaches to forgive injuries

treats on divorce and celibacy

shows his affection for chil-


gives instruction to a rich


shows the danger of riches ib,

speaks of a reward to his fol-

lowers £h.

Parable of the labourers ib.
Jesus foretells his death and resur-
rection 55
teaches humility ib.

gives sight to two blind men
his entrance into Jerusalem ió.
his conduct in the temple ib.
condemns the barren fig-tree ió.

- Page.
Jesus silences the chief-priests 57

The parable of the two sons
- of the vineyard
The head stone of the corner
Parable of the marriage feast
Jesus silences the Pharisees
teaches to observe what the
• Pharisees teach, rather
than what they do
reproves them for their hy-
hints at the rejection of the
indicates his second coming
foretells the destruction of
the temple, and the cala-
mities which should follow
Parable of the ten virgins
sheep and goats
Conspiracy of the chief-priests
A woman anoints Jesus’ head
Judas sells him for money
Jesus points out the traitor
institutes the supper
tells his disciples that they
would all be offended be-
cause of him
his agony and prayer in the
is delivered up by Judas
is accused and condemned
Peter denies his master
Jesus is delivered to Pilate
Judas repents, and is choked
with anguish
Pilate delivers Jesus to be crucified
Jesus is crucified between two
his burial
his resurrection
his commission to his dis-

John enters on his ministry
Jesus is baptized by John
is tried : angels minister
to him
enters on his ministry
calls Peter, Andrew, James
and John
teaches in the synagogue
expels an impure spirit

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heals Peter’s mother-in-law i

preaches through all Ga-

cleanseth a leper
heals a paralytic


Jesus justifies his intercourse with
gives instruction
vindicates his disciples
heals a withered hand
teaches out of a ship
elects the twelve apostles
speaks against blasphemy
tells who are his relations
Parable of the sower
of seed cast into the earth
of the grain of mustard
Jesus stills the tempest
expels a legion of demons
cures a diseased woman
cures the daughter of
is contemned by his own
sends out his disciples to
John the baptist beheaded
Jesus feeds five thousand
walks on the sea
his disciples eat with un-
washed hands
heals the daughter of a Sy-
rophenician woman
cures a deaf and dumb
feeds four thousand
refuses to give a sign

cautions his disciples against

the leaven of the Phari-
cures a blind man
rebukes Peter
inculcates self-denial
is transfigured on the mount
heals an epileptic boy
foretells his death and re-
teaches his disciples humi-
speaks of Gehenna
answers concerning divorce
his affection for little chil-
instructs the rich man
speaks of the danger of
foretells his death and re-
instructs the sons of Zebe-
restores a blind man
enters Jerusalem
condemns the barren fig-

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Parable of the sower ib.

Gospel light not to be hid 121

Jesus declares his relations ib.
rebukes the wind and sea ib.
casteth out a legion of de-
mons ib.

heals a diseased woman 122

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approves the widow’s mites ib.

foretells the destruction of

Jerusalem ib.

conspiracy against him 149

institutes the supper 150

his agony in the garden 151

is betrayed, tried, condemn-

ed, and crucified 152-155

his burial and resurrection 155

appears to his disciples 156

ascends to heaven 157


Introduction 158

The mission of John 1.59

John bears testimony of Jesus ib.

Jesus manifests himself 160

turns water into wine iö.

purges the temple 161

teaches the new birth 162

declares the love of God to
the world ib.

discourses with a Samaritan

Woman 163

heals a nobleman's son 165

heals a lame man at Be-

thesda 166

declares that of himself he

can do nothing ib.


Jesus shows from various testi-

mony who he is 167

feeds five thousand 168

walks on the sea ib.

offends the Jews by his dis-

course 169

is forsaken by some of his

disciples 170

reproves his kinsmen 171

teacheth in the temple 172

the chief-priests seek to ap-
prehend him ib.

dismisses the adultress 173

is the light of the world ib.

warns the Jews against un-

belief 174,

argues with the Jews and

asserts his authority 175

cures a man born blind 176

contrasts the good shep-

herd with an hireling 177

proves himself to be the

Messiah 179

raiseth Lazarus 181

the chief-priests are en-
raged at him £6.

retires to Bethany 182

is at a supper with Lazarus
and Mary ib.

rides into Jerusalem ib.

teaches in presence of

Greeks 183

upbraids the blindness of

the Jews 184

washeth his disciples’ feet ió.

foretells the conduct of Ju-

das and Peter 185-186

instructs and comforts his

disciples 186

prayeth for himself—for

his disciples—his follow-

ers—and for the world 190-191

is delivered up by Judas 192

is led bound to Annas and
Caiaphas ið.

is denied by Peter #6.

is taken to the governor 193

is scourged—is taken toGol-

gotha-is crucified 194-195

recommends his mother to

the care of John ib.

expires on the cross ið.

his burial and resurrection 196

visits his disciples , , 197

appears again at the sea of


gives charge to Peter ib.

Conclusion 190

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