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waste. 24 And they glorified vour which was bestowed on God on my account.

me, they gave to me and BarCh. II. 1 Then,within fourteen nabas, the right hand of felyears, I went up again to Jeru- lowship; that we should go to salem, with Barnabas, and took the gentiles, and they to the with me also Titus. 2 And I went circumcision : 10 only desiring up according to a revelation, and that we should remember the made known to them that gos- poor; which very thing I was pel which I preach among the also earnest to do. gentiles; but privately to those 11 But when Peter came to who were of reputation, lest Antioch, I withstood him to his I run, or might have run, in face, because he was to be blamvain. 3 But not even Titus, ed.* 1.2 For before some came who was with me, though a from James, he ate with the Greek, was compelled to be cir- gentiles : but, when they were cumcised : 4 and that because come, he withdrew and separatof false brethren who crept ined himself, fearing those of the by stealth, (who came in privily circumcision. 13 And the other to spy out our freedom which Jews also dissembled with him; we have in Christ Jesus, that so that Barnabas likewise was they might bring us into sla- carried away with them by their very :) 5 (to whom we yielded hypocrisy. 14 But when I saw by subjection, [no not] for an that they walked not uprightly, hour; that the truth of the gos. according to the truth of the pel might continue with you. gospel, I said to Peter in the

6 Butconcerning those who ap- presence of them all, “ If thou, peared to be considerable, what being a Jew, live according to soever they were, it maketh no the manner of the gentiles, and difference to me: (God accept not according to that of the eth no man's person :) those, I Jews, how compellest thou the say, who appeared to be con- gentiles to live like the Jews? siderable, in conference added 15 We, who are Jews by nanothing to me. 7 But, on the ture, and not sinners of the gencontrary, when they saw that tiles, 16 since we know that a the gospel of the uncircumci- man is not justified through the sion was committed to me, as works of the law, but through the gospel of the circumcision faith in Jesus Christ; even was to Peter: 8 (for he who we have believed in Christ Jewrought powerfully, in Peter, sus, that we might be justified to the apostleship of the cir: through faith in Christ, and not cumcision, wrought powerfully through the works of the law : in me also toward the gen- for through the works of the law tiles ;) 9 and when James, and no flesh will be justified. 17 Peter, and John, who appeared But if, while we seek to be justo be pillars, perceived the fa- tified in Christ, we ourselves also

* Gr. XQTEYVWO LLEVOS nv was to be condemned: q. d. his conduct was bighly reprehensible.

be found sinners, is Christ the | And the scripture, having fore. minister of sin? By no means. I seen that through faith, God

18 For if I build again the wouid justify the nations, prothings which I have destroyed, claimed, before to Abraham, the I make myself a transgressor. glad tidings, saying, In thee 19 For I, through the law, all nations s!iall be blessed.” 91 have died to the law, that I So those who are through faith, might live to God. 20 I have are blessed with faithful Abra. been crucified with Christ : ne ham. 10 For they who are vertheless I live; yet not I, but through the works of the law, Christ liveth in me: and the are under a curse : for it is writ. life which I now live in the ten, “Cursed is every one who flesh, I live by faith in the Son continueth not in all the things of God, who loved me, and de. which are written in the book livered himself up for me. 21 of the law, to do them." I do not make void the favour 11 But that no one is justifiof God: for if justificationed by the law in the sight of come through the law, then God, is evident : for “the just Christ died in vain.”

through faith shall live.” 12 Now) Ch. III. 1 O SENSELESS Ga the law is not through faith: 1 latians, who hath deceived you, but he who doth them, shall before whose eyes Jesus Christ live in them.” 13 Christ hath hath been heretofore clearly set redeemed us from the curse of 7 forth among you as crucified ? the law, having been made a 2 This only I desire to learn curse for us : (for it is written, from you: Received ye the “ Cursed is everyone who spirit through the works of the hangeth on a tree:") 14 that law, or through the hearing of the blessing of Abraham might faith ? 3 Are ye so senseless ? | come on the nations through having begun with the spirit, Jesus Christ; that we might reare ye now made perfect by the ceive the promise of the spirit flesh ? 4 Have ye suffered so through faith. many things in vain ? if indeed it 15 Brethren, (I speak acmust even be in vain.

cording to the manner of men, 5 He, therefore, who minis- though it be but a man's covetered to you the spirit, and nant, yet, if it be confirmed, wrought miracles among you, no one disannulleth it, or addeth did he these things through the I to it. 16 Now to Abraham, and works of the law, or through to his seed, the promises were the hearing of faith? 6 it was made. (It is not said, “ And to through faith : even as “ Abra- seeds," as of many; but as of ham believed God, and it was one ;“ And to thy seed," which counted to him for righteous. one person is Christ.) ness.” 7 Know therefore, that 17 And this I say, that the those who live through faith covenant which God confirmed are the sons of Abraham. 8 before [concerning Christ,] the

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law, which was four hundred there is neither male nor feand thirty years after, doth not male: for ye all are one in disannul, so as to make the Christ Jesus. 29. But if ye be promise of none effect. 18 For Christ's, then ye are the seed of if the inheritance be from law, Abraham, [and] heirs accordit is no more from promise: buting to the promise. God freely gave it to Abraham Ch. IV. 1 Now, I say that by promise. 19 To what pur. the heir, as long as he is a pose then was the law ? It was child, differeth nothing from a added because of transgressions, servant, though he is to be till the seed should come, to master of all; 2 but is under whom the promise was made ; tutors and guardians, until the and it was ministered by mes. | time appointed by his father. sengers through the hand of a 3. So we, likewise, when we mediator. 20 Now a mediator | were childrei, were in serviis not a mediaror of one; but tude under the elements of the God is one.

world: 4 but when the fulness 21 Is the law then against of the time was comie, God the promises of God ? By nosent forth his Son, born of a means : for if a law had been woman,* born under the law, given, which could have be. 5 to redeem those who were stowed life, then truly justifica- under the law, that we might tion would have been from the receive the adoption of sons. law. 22 But the scripture hath 6 And because ye are sons, included all together under sin, God hath sent forth the spirit that the promise, through faith of his Son into our hearts, cryin Jesus Christ, might be given ing, “ Abba, Father. " 7 Whereto those who believe. 23 But before thou art no more a servant, fore faith came, we were kert, but a son; and if a son, then under the law, included to- an heir of God, through Christi. gether to the faith which was 8 At that time, however, afterward to be revealed. 24 So when ye knew not God, ye did that the law was our instructor slavish service to those who by to bring us to Christ, that we nature are not gods: 9 but might be justified through faith. I now, after ye have known God, 25 But now faith is come, we are or rather have been known by no longer under an instructor. Him, why is it ye again turn to 26 For ye are all the sons of God the weak and beggarly elements through faith in Christ Jesus. to which ye desire to be again in

27 For as many of you as servitude ? 10 Ye observe days, have been baptized to Christ, and months, and seasons, and have put on Christ. 28 There years. 11 I fear concerning you, is neither Jew nor Greek, there | lest I have bestowed on you is neither slave nor free-man, | labour in vain.

* * The phrase, born of a woman,' bears no allusion to the supposed miraculous concep tion of Christ. It is a common Jewish phrase to express a proper human being. See Jols. xiv. 1; xy. 14; XXV. 4. Matth. xi. 11. Luke vil. 28." Im. Ver. note,

12 Brethren, I beseech you, 24 Which things are spoken be as I am ; for I also was as by me allegorically : for these ye are: ye have wronged me in women signify the two covenothing. 13 But ye know that nants ; the one from Mount in weakness of the flesh I Sinai, bearing children to serpreached the gospel to you at vitude, which is Agar: 25 (for first : 14 and my trial, which this Agar is Mount Sinai in was in my flesh, ye did not set Arabia, and answereth to the at naught nor scorn: but ye Jerusalem which now is : for received me as a messenger of she is in servitude with her God, or even as Christ Jesus. children :) 26 but the Jerusa15 What then [were your con- lem from above, is the freegratulations ? for I bear you woman, who is our mother. witness that, if it had been pos- 27 For it is written, « Re. sible, ye would have plucked joice, thou barren, who bearest out your own eyes, and have not ; break forth and shout, given them to me.

| thou who travailest not; for 16 Am I therefore become the desolate hath many more your enemy, because I speak to children than she who hath an you the truth? 17 Some zealous- husband." ly affect you, but not well : yea,)28 Now, brethren, we, like they desire to exclude you, that Isaac, are the children of proye may zealously affect them. 18 mise. 29 But as then, he who But it is good to be zealously was born according to the flesh, affected towards a good man at persecuted him who was born all times; and not merely when according to the spirit, even so I ani present with you. 19 My it is now. 30 Nevertheless, what dear children, of whom I again saith the scripture? “ Send travail in birth, until Christ be forth the bond-woman and her formed in you; 20 I could wish, son: for the son of the bondindeed, to be present with you woman shall not be heir with now, and to change my voice: the son of the free woman." for I am exeeedingly in doubt 91 [So ther,] brethren, we concerning you.

are not children of the bond21 Tell me, ye who desire woman, but of the free. to be under the law, do ye not Ch. V. 1 Stand firmly, therehear the law ? 22 For it is writ- fore, in the freedom with which ten, that Abraham had two Christ hath made us free,* and sons; one by a bond-woman, be not again put under the yoke and another by a free-woman. of servitude. 23 But he who was of the bond. 2 BEHOLD, I Paul say to you, woman, was born according to that if ye be circumcised, the flesh; whereas he of the Christ will profit you nothing. free-woman was by promise. 3 Yea, I again testify to every man who is circumcised, that 16 Now I say, Walk by the he is a debtor to perform the spirit, and fulfil not the desire whole law. 4 Whosoever of you of the flesh. 17 For the flesh seek to be justified in the law, desireth against the spirit, and to such Christ is become of no the spirit against the flesh : and effect; ye are fallen from the co- these are contrary the one to venant of favour. 5 For we, by the other; so that ye do not the spirit, look for the hope of the things which ye would. 18 justification from faith. 6 For But if ye be led by the spirit, in Christ Jesus, neither cir- ye are not under the law. cumcision availeth any thing, 19 Now the works of the flesh nor uncircumcision; but faith are manifest, which are these ; which worketh by love. fornication, uncleanness, lasci.

* Some copies read, “ we are not children of the bond-woman but of the free, with which liberty Christ hath made us free. Stand firmly, therefore, and be not,” etc. See Griesbach.

7 Once ye ran well : who viousness, 20 idolatry, sorcery, hindered you that ye might not hatred, contentions, rivalries, obey the truth ? 8 This persua- wrath, disputes, divisions, hesion came not from him who resies, 21 envyings, murders, called you. 9 A little leaven drunkenness, revellings, and leaveneth the whole lump. 10 such-like: of which I tell you I am persuaded concerning beforehand, as I have also deyou, in the Lord, that ye will clared before, that those who not think otherwise than I do: do such things will not inherit but he who troubleth you will the kingdom of God. 22 But sustain the condemnation, who- the fruit of the spirit is love, soever he be.

joy, peace, long-suffering, gen11 And as to myself, breth- tleness, goodness, faithfulness, ren, if I still preach circumci- meekness, temperance : 23 sion, why do I still suffer per against such things there is secution ? then indeed would no law. the stumbling-block of the cross 24 Now those who are be done away.

Christ's, have crucified the flesh 12 I could even wish that with its passions and desires. they who disturb you were cut 25 If we live by the spirit, let off. ;

us also walk by the spirit. 26 - 13 For, brethren, ye have Let us not be vain-glorious, been called to freedom : only provoking one another, envying use not freedom for an occasion one another. to the flesh, but by love serve Ch. VI. 1 Brethren, if a man one another. 14 For all the law be even discovered in any ofis fulfilled in one command-fence, ye, who are spiritual, ment, even in this ;“ Thou shalt should restore such an one in love thy neighbour as thyself." the spirit of meekness; consi15 But if ye bite and devourdering thyself, lest thou also be one another, take heed that ye tempted. 2 Bear ye one anbe not consumed by one an- other's burdens; and thus ful· other.

fil the law of Christ. 3 For if

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