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consciences also. 12 [ For] we to God.” 21 [For] God hath commend not ourselves again to made him, who knew no 'sin, you, but give you occasion to a sin-offering for us, that, in boast on our account; that ye him, we may be made the righmay have something to answer iteousness of God. those, who boast in appearance, Ch. VI. 1 Now, fellow-laand not in heart. 13 For, whe-bourers, we also beseech yoil ther we have been transported that ye receive not the favour beyond ourselves, it is to God: of God in vain : 2 (for Isaiah or whether we be sober, it is saith, “ I have heard thee in a for you.*

| time accepted, and in the day 14 For the love of Christ of salvation I have assisted constraineth us, judging this, thee:" behold, now the wellthat, sif7 one died for all, then accepted time : behold, now, the the whole were dead; 15 and day of salvation :) 3 giving no he died for all, that the living one offence in any thing, that should no longer live to them- our ministry be not blamed : 4 selves, but to him who died, and but in all things, recommendwas raised, for them. 16 Where-ing ourselves as the ministers fore, henceforth we know no of God; in much patience, in one according to the flesh : yea, afflictions, in recessities, in though we have known Christ distresses, 5 in stripes, in inaccording to the flesh, yet now prisonments, in disturbances, in we no longer know him. 17 labours, in watchings, in fastWherefore if any one be in ings; 6 in purity, in knowledge, Christ, this is a new creation: in long-suffering, in kindness, the old things are passed away; in a holy spirit, in love unbehold, [all things are become feigned, 1 in the word of truth, new..

in the power of God; yea, 18 But all things are from through the right hand and God; who hath reconciled us left hand armour of righteousto himself through [Jesusness:8 through honour and Christ, and hath given to us disgrace, through evil report the ministry of reconciliation : and good report: as deceivers, 19 namely, that God was in and yet true; 9 as unknown, Christ reconciling the world to and yet well known; as dying, himself, not imputing to them and, behold, we live; as chastheir trespasses, and hath com- tened, and not killed; 10 as mitted to us the doctrine of grieved, yet always rejoicing ; reconciliation. 20 We are there- as poor, yet making many rich; fore ambassadors for Christ, as having nothing, and yet posas though God besought you sessing all things. by us : we, in behalf of Christ, 11 Our mouth is opened to entreat you, “ Be ye reconciled you, O Corinthians, our heart

* So Thomson. + “This is said in allusion to the armour of the ancients." Macknight.

is enlarged. 12 Ye are not, and to live together. 4 Great is straitened in us; but ye are my freedom of speech towards straitened in your own bowels. you, great is my boasting* con

13 Now as a recompense for cerning you: I am filled with this, (1 speak as to my child-comfort, I abound exceedingly ren,) be ye also enlarged. 14 | in joy under all our affliction. Be not unequally yoked to | 5 For when we were come gether with unbelievers : for into Macedonia, our flesh had what fellowship hath righteous- no rest, but we were afflicted on ness with iniquity ? and what every side: without were oppocommunion hath light with sitions, within were fears. 6 darkness? 15 and what concord Nevertheless, God, who comhath Christ with Belial? or what forteth those who are brought part hath a believer with an low, comforted us by the comunbeliever ? 16 and what agree- ing of Titus : 7 and not by his ment hath the temple of God coming only, but by the comwith idols ? For ye are the fort with which he was comtemple of the living God : as forted on your account, when God hath said, “I will dwell he told us your earnest desire, among them, and walk among your lamentation, your zeal for them; and I will be their God, me: so that I rather rejoiced. 8 and they shall be my people. For though I grieved you by my 17 Wherefore come out from letter, I do not repent; though among them, and be ye sepa- indeed I did repent: for I perrated," saith the Lord, "and ceive that my letter hath grievtouch not any unclean thing; ed you for a short time only. and I will receive you, 18 and 9 Now I rejoice, not that ye will be a father to you, and ye were grieved, but that ye were shall be to me sons, and daugh- grieved to repentance: for ye ters,” saith the Lord Almighty. were grieved in a godly manner,

CH. VII. 1 Having therefore so that in nothing did ye rethese promises, beloved, let us ceived damage from us. 10 For cleanse ourselves from all de- a godly sorrow worketh repentfilement of flesh and of spirit, ance, to salvation, not to be perfecting holiness in the fear regretted: but the grief of the of God.

world worketh death. 11 For, 2 RECEIVE us: we have behold, this very thing, ([your] wronged no one; we have cor- being grieved in a godly manrupted no one, we have de- ner,) what carefulness it wrought frauded no one. 3 I speak not in you, yea, apologizing, yea, this to condemn you: for I | indignation, yea, fear, yea, earnhave said before, that ye are est desire, yea, zeal, yea, punin our hearts, to die together ishment !t in all things, ye have

* See 1 Cor. xv. 31. + i. e. punishment of the incestuous person. See Macknight, and Parkhurst. Or the word Exdoxnois may be rendered vindication, which, perhaps, is the sense in the text.

proved yourselves to be clear the joint administration of it [in this matter.

I to the saints. 5 And this they 12 Wherefore, though I did, not as we expected; but wrote to you, I did it, not so they first gave themselves to much on account of him who the Lord, and to us, by the had done the wrong, nor on ac- will of God; 6 so that we desircount of him who had suffered ed Titus, that, as he had already the wrong, as that our care for begun to do this, so he would you might be made manifest likewise finish in you also to you, in the sight of God. this work of liberality.

13 We, therefore, were com- 7Now as ye abound in every forted by your comfort : and thing, in faith, and utterance, we rejoiced more exceedingly I and knowledge, and all dilifor the joy of Titus, because gence, and in your love to us; his spirit was refreshed by you see that ye abound also in this all. 14 For if I have boasted to work of liberality. 8 I speak not him in any respect concerning by way of command; but to you, I have not been put to try the sincerity of your love shame: but as we spake all also, by the diligence of others. things to you, in truth, so also our 9 (For ye know the gracious boasting which was before Ti-| goodness of our Lord Jesus tus, is found true. 15 And his Christ, that for you he was tender affection is more abun-poor, being rich,* that ye, dant towards you; while he re- through his poverty, might be membereth the obedience of rich.) 10 And I give my judgyou all, how ye received himment in this matter; for this is with fear and trembling. 16 I expedient for you, who have rejoice that in every thing I already begun, not only to do, have confidence in you.

but also to have a willing mind, Ch. VIII. 1 NOW, we make a year ago. known to you, brethren, the 11 Now then, complete, very liberal* gift bestowed by also, the doing of it; that, as the churches of Macedonia ; there was a readiness to will, 2 that, under a great trial of so also there may be a fulfilment affiction, the abundance of out of what ye possess. 12 For their joy, the depth of their if there be first a ready mind, poverty, hath abounded to the it is accepted according to what riches of their liberality. 3 For any one hath, and not accord. to their power, (I bear witness,) / ing to what he hath not. 13 For yea, and beyond their power, I mean not that others may be they were willing of themselves; eased, and you burdened: 14 4 beseeching us with much in- but that, by an equality, your treaty, concerning their gift, and abundance may be a supply at * Or, the godly gift. Or, the godlike gift. Literally, the favour of God.

* while he was richsee Wakefield-NOUOIOS ww, ETTW XEVOE. The construction requires it to be understood, not of a passage from a preceding state of wealth to a succeeding state of po. verty, but of two contemporary states. He was rich and poor at the same time.

this time, for their want; that of your love, and of our boasts their abundance, also, may be ing on your account. a supply for your want: that Ch. IX. 1 For, concerning there may be an equality, 15 your ministration to the saints, as it is written, “He who had it is superfluous for me to write gathered much, had nothing to you. 2 For I know your rea. over; and he who had gathered diness, for which I boast of you little, had no want."

to those of Macedonia, that 16 But thanks be to God, | Achaia was prepared a year who hath put the same dili- ago : and your zeal hath stirred gent care for you, into the heart up very many. 3 Yet I have of Titus. 17 For he respected sent the brethren, lest our indeed my exhortation ; but, be-boasting of you in this resing very earnest, he went to pect, should be in vain ; that, as you of his own accord. 18 And I said of you, ye may be preparwe sent with him a brother, ed : 4 lest, if those of Macedo. whose praise in the gospel is nia, come with me, and find you throughout all the churches ; unprepared, we (that we say 19 and not thet only, but who not ye) should be put to shame was also appointed by the for this confidence. 5 I have churches, our fellow-traveller, therefore thought it necessary with this liberal gift, which is to exhort the brethren, that to be administered by us to the they would go before to you, glory of the Lord Shimself, and make up beforehand your and to the declaration of our bounty, before spoken of by me, ready mind : 20 we avoiding that it might be ready, as a this, that no one should blame matter of bounty, and not as of us in this abundance which is covetousness. to be administered by us ; 21 6 However, this I say, He and providing things which are who soweth sparingly, will also good, not only in the sight of reap sparingly; and he who the Lord, but also in the sight soweth bountifully, will also of men.

reap bountifully. 7 Let every 22 And we have sent with one give, according as he them, our brother, (whom we chooseth in his heart; not with have often found diligent in pain, or by constraint : for inany things, but now much God loveth a cheerful giver. 8 more diligent,) because of the And God is able to make every great confidence which we have gift abound towards you ; that, in you. 23 If any inquire of Ti- having always all sufficiency in tus, he is my partner, and fel- all things, ye may abound to low-labourer towards you: or if every good work: 9 (as it is our brethren be inquired of, they written, “He hath dispersed are the messengers of the chur- abroad; he hath given to the ches, and the glory of Christ. poor: his righteousness re24 Wherefore show ye to them, maineth to the age.”) Before the churches, the proof

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10 Now may he who sup- false reasonings, and every high plieth seed to the sower, and thing which exalteth itself bread for food, supply and inul. against the knowledge of God, tiply your seed sown, and in- and bringing every thought crease the fruits of your righte-into captivity, to the obedience ousness; 11 ye being enriched of Christ; 6 and being ready to in all things to all liberality, avenge all disobedience when which causeth thanksgiving by your obedience is complete. us to God. 12 For the ministra-| 7 Do ye look on things action of this service not only cording to the outward appearsupplieth the wants of the i ance ? If any one trust in him. saints, but aboundeth also in self that he is Christ's, let him many thanksgivings to God; 13 of himself think this also, that, (for through the proof of this as he is Christ's, so are we ministry, they glorify God for likewise. 8 For though I should your professed subjection to the boast in a somewhat extraordigospel of Christ, and for your nary manner of our authority, Jiberal contribution to them, which the Lord hath given to us and to all ;) 14 and in their for your edification, and not for prayer for you, ardently loving your destruction, I should not you for the exceedingly bounti: be ashamed : 9 but I forbear, ful gift bestowed by you. 15 that I may not seem as if I [Now] thanks be to God for his would terrify you by my letters. unspeakable gift.*

10 For his letters, it is said, Ch. X. 1 NOW I, the same are weighty and powerful; but Paul, who, when present, in- i his bodily presence is weak, and deed, am humble among you,, his speech contemptible. 11 Let but when absent am bold to such an one think this, that as wards you, beseech you by we are in word, by letters, the mildness and clemency of when absent, such we will be Christ, 2 and I request, that, in deed also, when present. when present, I may not be' 12 For we dare not place bold, with that confidence, ourselves in the same rank, or wherewith Iconclude to be compare ourselves, with some bold against some, who con- who commend themselves : but clude us to be really persons they, measuring themselves by who walk according to the themselves, and comparing flesh. 3 For though we walk themselves with themselvest, in the flesh, we do not war are not wise. 13 But we will according to the flesh; 4 (for boast not of things without the weapons of our warfare are measure; but according to the not carnal, but mighty, through measure of the line which God God, to the casting down of hath allotted to us, that we strong holds ;) 5 casting down should reach even to you.

* This applies to Christ, who " may well be called God's unspeakable gift.Macknight.

+ Or, they measure themselves by themselves, and compare themselves with themselves. (But we will] not (boast) of things, but, eto. See Newcome's note.

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