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19 Circumcision is nothing, i joice, as those who rejoice not; and uncircumcision is nothing; and those who buy, as those but the keeping of the com- who possess not; 31 and those mandments of God is every who use this world, as those thing. 20 Let every one remain who use it not: for the fashion in that calling wherein he was of this world is passing away. called. 21 Wast thou called 32 But I would have you being a servant ? care not for it: without anxious care. He who but if thou canst be made free, is unmarried, careth for the use it rather. 22 For he who things of the Lord, how he is called in the Lord, though may please the Lord : 33 but a servant, is a free-man of the he who is married, careth for Lord : in like manner also, he the things of the world, how who is called, though a free- he may please his wife. man, is a servant of Christ. 23 34 There is this difference Ye have been bought with a also between a wife and a virprice; do not become servants to gin: The unmarried woman men. 24 Brethren, let every one careth for the things of the remain with God in that state Lord, that she may be holy wherein he was called.

both in body and in spirit : but 25 Now concerning single she who is married, careth for persons, I have no conimand- the things of the world, how ment of the Lord: but I give she may please her husband. 35 my judgment, as having ob- Now I speak this for your own tained mercy from the Lord, advantage; not that I may cast that I might be faithful. 26 Ia snare upon you, but for the think therefore that this is sake of decency, and for a right good, because of the present attendance on the Lord without distress ;* I say, that it is good distraction. for a man to continue as he is. / 36 But if any one think that

27 Art thou bound to a wife? | he behaveth himself unbecomseek not to be loosed. Art thou ingly towards his virgin, if she loosed from a wife? seek not pass the flower of her age, and á wife. 28 But if thou marry, it ought so to be; let him do thou hast not sinned : and if a what he pleaseth, he sinneth virgin marry, she hath not not: let such virgins marry. 37 sinned. Nevertheless, such will | But he who standeth (firmin have trouble in the flesh : but his heart, having no necessity, I spare you. 29 However, this but hath power over his own I say, brethren, The time which will, and determineth thus in remaineth is but short, when his heart, that he will keep his those who have wives, will be virgin, doth well. 38 So that he as those who have none ; 30 and who giveth her in marriage, doth those who weep, as those who well; but he who giveth her weep not; and those who re-l not in marriage, doth better.

* i. e. the present persecution of the church.

39 The wife is bound, as I eat, are we better than others, long as her husband liveth ; nor, if we eat not, are we worse. but if her husband be dead, 9 But take heed, lest by any she is at liberty to be married means this your liberty become to whom she pleaseth ; only in a stumbling-block to those who the Lord. 40 But she is hap- are weak. pier if she remain as she is, 10 For if anyone see thee, according to my judgment:who hath knowledge, placed at and I also seem to have the meat in an idol's temple, will spirit of God.

not the conscience of him who CH. VIII. 1 NOW concern- | is weak be encouraged to eat ing things offered to idols, we things offered to idols ? 11 and know (for we all have know-through thy knowledge will not ledge : knowledge puffeth up, thy weak brother, for whom but love edifieth : 2 [however,] | Christ died, perish? 12 But if any one think that he know when ye thus sin against your eth any thing, he knoweth yet brethren, and wound their weak nothing as he ought to know: conscience, ye sin ayainst 3 but if any one love God, such Christ. 13 Wherefore if food an one is known by him :) 4 cause my brother to offend, I concerning therefore the eating will not eat flesh to the age, of things offered to idols, we lest I cause my brother to of. know that an idol is nothing fend. in the world, and that there is Ch. IX. I AM I not a freeno (other] God but one. man? am I not an apostle?

5 For though there be those have I not seen Jesus Christ who are called gods, whether our Lord ? are not ye my work in heaven or on earth, (as there in the Lord ? 2 If I be not an are gods many, and lords many,) apostle to others, yet doubtless 6 yet to us, here is one God, I am to you : for ye are the the Father, from whom all seal of mine apostleship in the things are, and we for him; and Lurd. 3 My defence to those one Lord Jesus Christ, through who examine me, is this: 4 whom are all things, and we Have we not a right to eat and through him. 7 However, ail to drink? 5 have we not a right have not this knowledge : but' to take about with us a sister, some, with a consciousness of, or a wife,* as well as other the idol, to this hour eat meat, apostles, and as the brethren of as a thing offered to an idol; the Lord, and Peter?6 or and their conscience, being have I only, and Barnabas, no weak, is defiled.

į right to forbear working? 8 But food recommendeth us 7 Who ever servet in war not to God: for neither, if we at his own charge ? who plant*“A wife, being a sister, Geneva version. Or, a wife who is a sister in Cbrist.” Im. Ver. + Gr. Céphas?

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eth a vineyard, and eateth not upon me; for woe is to me if of its fruit ? or who feedeth a I preach not the gospel. 17 flock, and eateth not of the Now if I do this willingly, I milk of the flock? 8 Say I these have a reward: but if unwillingthings according to the manner ly a dispensation of the gospel of men ? or doth not the law is committed to me, I have no also say the same ? 9 For it is rewarii. 18 What then is my written in the law of Moses, reward ? That, when I preach “ Thou shalt not muzzle the the gospel, I may make the gosmouth of the ox that is treading | pels of Christ) without charge, out the corn." Doth God take so as not to use my right in the care for oxen only? 10 Or doth gospel. he certainly say this for our 19 For though I be free from sakes also ? For our sakes, no all men, yet I have made mydoubt it was written: for he self a servant to all, that I who ploweth ought to plow in might gain the more. 20 And hope; and he who thresheth to the Jews, I became as a Jew, ought to partake of his hope that I might gain the Jews; to

11 If we have sown to you those who are under the law, spiritual things, is it a great as under the law, (not being mything if we shall reap your self under the law,) that I might worldly things ? 12 If others gain those who are under the law; partake of this right over you, 21 to those who are without the ought not we rather? Neverthe- law, as without the law, (being less, we have not used this not without law to God, but unright; but we endure all things, der law to Christ,) that I might lest we should give any hind- / gain those who are without the rance to the gospel of Christ. law. 22 To the weak, I became as 13 Know ye not, that those who weak, that I might gain the weak: minister about holy things eat I become all things to all men, of that which is holy? and that that I may by all means save those who attend at the altar, some. 23 And this I do for the are partakers with the altar? sake of the gospel; that I may 14 So likewise the Lord hath / be a joint-partaker of it. appointed to those who preach | 24 Know ye not that those the gospel, that they should who run in a race, run all, but live by the gospel. .

one receiveth the prize ? So 15 But I have used none of run, that ye may obtain. 25 these things. Nor have I writ- Now every one who contendeth ten these things, that it should in the games, is temperate in be thus done to me: for it were all things. They indeed do it to better for me to die, than that obtain a corruptible crown, but any one should make my boast-we an incorruptible. 26 I thereing void. 16 For if I preach fore so run, as not uncertainly ; the gospel, I have nothing to I so fight, as not striking the hoast of: since necessity is laid air : 27 but I bruise my body,

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every one that of another also. Christ; and that the head of the 25 Eat whatsoever is sold in woman is the man; and that the shambles, asking no ques- the head of Christ is God. 4 tion on account of conscience. Every man, praying or prophe26 For the earth is the Lord's, sying having his head covered, and the fulness of it. 27 (And] dishonoureth his head. 5 But if any of those who believe not, every woman, praying or proask you to a feast, and ye bephesying with her head uncovdisposed to go; eat whatsoever ered, dishonoureth her head: is set before you, asking no for that is one and the same question on account of con- thing as if her head were science. 28 But if any one say shaven. to you, “ This hath been offered! 6 For if a woman be not to idols;" eat not, on account covered, let her head even be of him who told thee, and on shorn: but if it be shameful account of conscience. 29 I that a woman should have her mean not thine own conscience, head shorn or shaven, let her but that of another: for why be covered. 7 For a man indeed should my liberty be condemned ought not to cover his head, by another man's conscience? since he is the image and glory

30 If I partake with thanks- of God: but the woman is the giving, why should I be evil- glory of the man. 8 For the man spoken of on account of that is not from the woman; but the for which I give thanks ? 31 woman from the man. 9 Nor inWhether therefore ye eat, or deed was the man created for whether ye drink, or whatever the woman ; but the woman for ye do, do all to the glory of the man. 10 For this cause the God. 32 Give no cause of of woman ought to have a veil* fending to the Jews, or to the on her head, on account of Greeks, or to the church of the messengers. God: 33 as I also please all 11 Nevertheless, neither is men in all things ; not seeking the woman without the man, mine own profit, but the profit nor the man without the woman, of many, that they may be sav- | in the Lord. 12 for as the woed.

man is from the man, so is the Ch. XI. 1 Be ye imitators man also by the woman : but all of me, even as I also am of things are from God. 13 Judge Christ.

| among your own selves : is it 2 NOW I praise you, breth- | becoming that a woman pray ren, because ye remember me to God uncovered ? 14 [Orl in all things, and keep my tra- doth not even nature (itself ditions as I delivered them to teach you, that, if a man have you. 3 But I wish you to know, long hair, it is a dishonour to that the head of every man is him ; 15 but that, if a woman

* Gr. power. “ The veil, being the sign or token of the man's power, is called . See Whitby for the agreement of the ancient interpreters in this.” Newcome.

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