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Ch. X. 1 Brethren, the de- , of all is rich unto all who call sire indeed of my heart, and upon him. 13 For whosoever my prayer to God for them is, shall call on the name of the that they may be saved. 2 For Lord, shall be saved.”. I bear them witness that they ! 14 How therefore shall they have a zeal towards God, but call on him, in whom they have not according to knowledge. 3 not believed ? and how shall For being ignorant of God's they believe in him, of whom method of justification, and seek they have not heard ? and how ing to establish their own, they shall they hear without a have not submitted themselves preacher ? 15 and how shall to the justification of God. 4 they preach, unless they be For Christ is the end of the law, sent? as it is written, “How for justification, to every one beautiful are the feet of those who believeth. 5 For Moses who bring glad tidings of peace, describeth the justification who bring glad tidings of good which is by the law, " That the [things] !" 16 But all have not man who doth these things, hearkened to the good news: for shall live in them.”

Isaiah saith, “Lord, who hath 6 But the justification which believed our report ?" 17 (Faith is by faith speaketh thus : “Say then indeed cometh from hear. not in thy heart, who will ing; but the report, is through ascend into heaven?” (that is, the word of God.).. to bring Christ down from 18 But I say, Have not all above :) 7 Or, “ Who will de- heard? Yes, truly; "their sound scend into the abyss p" (that is, hath gone forth into all the to bring up Christ again from earth, and their words to the the dead.) 8 But what saith it? / ends of the world.” 19 But I The word is nigh thee, even in say, Hath not Israel known thy mouth, and in thy heart :" |this ? First, Moses saith, “I will (that is, the word of faith provoke you to jealousy by which we preach.) 9 For if | those who are not a people, and thou shalt confess with thy by a nation void of understandmouth the Lord Jesus, and ing I will vex you.” 20 But shalt believe in thy heart that Isaiah useth great boldness, and God hath raised him from the saith, “I was found by those dead, thou shalt be saved. 10 who soughi me not: I was (For with the heart, man believe made manifest to those who eth to justification ; and with asked not after me.” 21 But to the mouth, confession is made Israel he saith, “All the day to salvation.) 11 For the scrip- long I have stretched forth my ture saith, « Whosoever be hands to a disobedient and lieveth in him, shall not be gainsaying people." ashamed.” 12 For there is no Ch. XI. i I say then, Hath difference between the Jew and God cast off his people? By the Greek : but the same Lord no means. For I am also an

Israelite; of the race of Abra- | riches of the world, and their ham, of the tribe of Benjamin. failure, the riches of nations ; 2 God hath not cast off his how much more their fulness? people whom he foreknew. 13 (For I speak to you genKnow ye not what the scripture tiles : and indeed, as I am the, saith by Elijah ? how he ad- | apostle of the gentiles, I hodressed God against Israel, say-nuur my ministry ; 14 if by any ing, 3 “ Lord, they have killed means I may provoke to jeathy prophets, [and] digged lousy those who are my flesh, down thine altars ;, and I only and may save some of them.) am left, and they seek my life.” 15 For if the rejecting of them 4 But what saith the answer of be the reconciling of the world, God to him? “I have left to what will the receiving of them myself seven thousand men, be, but life from the dead ? 16 who have not bowed the knee to Now if the first fruits be holy, Baal. 5 In like manner then, so likewise is the lump: and if at this present time also a part the root be holy, so likewise are is left, according to the choice the branches, of the favour of God. 6 (And if 17 And if some of the branches by favour, then it is no more have been broken off, and thou, through works; otherwise fa- being a wild olive-tree, have vour is no more favour.)

been grafted upon them, and 7 What then? Israel hath with them have become partak not obtained that which he seek er of the root and the fatness of eth for: but the chosen have the olive-tree; boast not against obtained it, and the rest have the branches : 18 For why been blinded : 8 as it is written, shouldst thou boast; thou bearest "God hath given them the spi- not the root, but the root thee. rit of slumber, eyes that they 19 Thou wilt s:ty then, “ The should not see, and ears that branches have been broken off, they should not hear,” even to that I might be grafted in." 20 this day. 9 And David saith, Well: because of unbelief, they “ Let their table be made a have been broken off, and thou snare, and a trap, and a stumb- standest by faith. Be not highling block, aud a recompense minded, but fear. 21 For if to them. 10 Let their eyes be God spared not the natural darkened, that they may not branches, (perhaps] he may not see; and bow down their back spare thee. 22 Behold therealways."

fore the kindness and severity 11 I say then, Have they of God: severity indeed, to stumbled so as to fall ? By no those who have fallen; but means : but rather, on occa- | kindness towards thee, if thou sion of their falling off, salva- continue to improve that kind. tion is come to the gentiles, 10 ness: otherwise, Thou also provoke them to jealousy. 12 shalt be cut off. Now if their falling off be the 23 And they also, if they

continue not in unbelief, shall I ways not to be traced ! 34 For be grafted in : for God is able who hath known the mind of to graft them in again. 24 For the Lord ? or who hath been if thou hast been cut out of the his counsellor ? 35 Or who hath olive-tree, which is wild by na- first given to him; and it shall ture, and, contrary to nature, be given to him again? 36 For grafted into a good olive-tree; in him, and through him, and to how much more shall these, him, are all things. To him be that are branches by nature, be glory to the ages. Amen. grafted into tlieir own olive- Ch. XII. 1 I BESEECH you, tree? 25 For I would not, breth- therefore, brethren, by the merren, that ye should be ignorant cies of God, that ye present of this mystery, (lest ye be wise your bodies a living, holy, wellin your own conceits,) that pleasing sacrifice to God, for blindness in part hath happened such is your rational religious to Israel, until the fulness of service, 2 and be not conformthe gentiles be come in. 26 ed to this age: but be transformAnd so at length all Israel willed, by the renewing of [your] be saved: as it is written, “A mind, so that ye may search out deliverer shall come out of what is the good, and wellSion, and shall turn away un-pleasing, and perfect will of godliness from Jacob.” 27 And, 1 God. " This is my covenant with 3 For I say, by the favour them, when I shall take away bestowed on me, to every one their sins."

that is among you, not to think 28 In relation to the gospel, of himself more highly than he they are enemies on your ac- ought to think ; but to think count: but in relation to the soberly, according as God hath choice of God, they are objects dealt to every one his measure of love on account of the fathers. of faith. 4 For as we have many 29 But the free gifts, and the members in one body, and all choice of God, are unchanged. the members have not the same 30 For as ye, though formerly office; 5 so we, being many, without faith in God, have now are one body in Christ, and obtained mercy though their un- every one members one of anbelief; 31 so they also now be- other. lieve not, because of the mercy 6 Now having free gifts, difshown to you, that they like-| fering according to the favour wise may be objects of mercy. bestowed on us, whether pro32 For God hath included ali phecy, let us prophecy according together in unbelief, that he to the proportion of our faith; might have mercy upon all. | 7 or ministry, let us attend on 330 the depth of the riches our ministry; or he who teachboth of the wisdom and know-eth, on teaching; 8 (or] he who ledge of God! how unsearch- exhorteth, on exhortation. He able arc his judgments, and his who giveth, let him do it with

liberality; he who presideth, authority : for there is no pow. with diligence; he who showeth er but from God; and those pity, with cheerfulness

which exist are placed under 9 Let love be without dissi- | God. 2 He therefore who remulation : abhor that which is sisteth the power, resisteth the evil; cleave to that which is appointment of God; and those good: 10 in brotherly kindness who resist will receive to thembe tenderly affectioned one to selves condemnation. 3 For ruanother: in showing honour lers are not a terror to good prefer one another : 11 be not works, but to evil. Wouldst slothful in business : be of anthou therefore not be afraid of active mind : rendering true the power ? do that which is service in the time : 12 rejoic- good, and thou wilt have praise ing in hope: patient in affliction: from it. 4 For he is a minister persevering in prayer : 13 con- l of God to thee for good. But if tributing to the necessities of thou do that which is evil, be the saints: seeking occasions afraid: for he beareth not the for hospitality.

sword in vain : for he is a mi. 14 Bless those who persecute nister of God, an avenger (to you: bless, and curse not. 15 Re- execute wrath] upon him who joice with those who rejoice, and doth evil. weep with those who weep. 16 Be 5 Wherefore it is necessary of the same mind one towards that ye be subject, not only be. another: mind not high things, cause of punishment, but also but accommodate yourselves to because of conscience. 6 For the humble. Be not wise in your on this account ye pay tribute own cor.ceits. 17 Recompense also: for they are God's ministo no one evil for evil. Be atten- ters, attending continually to tive to what is good in the sight this matter. 7 Render thereof all men, 18 If it be possible, fore to all their dues: tribute, to as much as lieth in you, live whom tribute is due ; custom, to peaceably with all men. 19 Be- whom custom ; fear, to whom loved, avenge not yourselves, fear; honour, to whom honour: but rather give place to the 8 Owe no one any thing, exwrath of God: for it is written, cepting this, to love one another: « Vengeance is mine; I will re- for he who loveth another ful. pay,” saith the Lord. 20 If | filleth the law. 9 For instance, therefore thine enemy hunger,“ Thou shalt not commit adul. feed him; if he thirst, give him tery, Thou shalt not commit drink: for in so doing thou murder, Thou shalt not steal, wilt heap coals of fire on his Thou shalt not covet;" and if head. 21 Be not overcome by there be any other commandevil; but overcome evil with ment, it is summed up in these good.

words, namely, “Thou shalt CH. XIII. 1 LET every man love thy neighbour as thyself.” be subject to the powers in 10 Love worketh no ill to our

neighbour: love therefore is the He who eateth, eateth to the fulfiling of the law.

Lord; for he giveth God thanks: 11 And we should do this, and he who eateth not, to the knowing the time, that already Lord he eateth not, and giveth it is the hour to awake out of God thanks. 7 For no one of us sleep : (for now our salvation is liveth to himself, and no one nearer than when we first be- dieth to himself; 8 but whether lieved : 12 the night is far spent, we live, we live to the Lord : the day approacheth :) let us and whether we die, we die to therefore lay aside the works the Lord: whether we live, of darkness, and let us put on therefore, or die, we are the the attire of light. 13 l.et us Lord's. 9 For to this end walk becomingly, as in the day; Christ [both] died, and lived not in revelings and drunken- again, that he might have doness, not in debauchery and minion both over the dead and wantonness, not in strife and the living envying. 14 But put ye on the 10 But why dost thou conLord Jesus Christ ; and make demn thy brother? or why dost not provision for the Aesh, to thou despise thy brother? for we fulfil its desires.

| shall all stand before the judg. Ch. XIV. 1 NOW receive ment seat of Christ. 11 For it to yourselves him who is weak is written, “ As I live, saith the in the faith ; but not for doubt- Lord, every knee shall bow to ful disputings. 2 One believeth me, and every tongue shall that he may eat all things : but praise God." 12 So then every another, who is weak, eateth one of us must give account of herbs. 3 Let not him who eateth, himself to God. 13 Let us not despise him who eateth not; and therefore condemn one another let not him who eateth not, con- any more: but judge this rather, demn him who eateth; for God that no one put a stumbling. hath received him to himself. 4 block, or an occasion to fall, in Who art thou that condemnesta brother's way, 14 I know, the servant of another? to his and am persuaded in the Lord own master he standeth or fall-Jesus, that nothing is unclean eth. But he shall be establish- l in itself: but if any one esteem ed; for God is able to establish any thing to be unclean, to him him.

it is unclean. 15 But if thy 5 One man esteemeth one brother be disquieted becaus: day above another: while an- of thy food, thou no longer other man esteemeth every day walkest according to love. Dealike. Let every man be fully stroy not him by thy food, for persuaded in his own mind. 6 | whom Christ died. (He who regardeth the day, re- 16 Let not then your good gardeth it to the Lord; and he be evil-spoken of. 17 For the who regardeth not the day to kingdom of God is not meat the Lord he regardeth it not.] land drink; but righteousness,

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