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ed.* 49 And the word of the I a man who had no use of his Lord was published throughout feet, being lame from his birth, all the country. 50 But the and who had never walked : 9 Jews stirred up the gentile wo-this man heard Paul speaking : men of rank, who worshipped who, having stedfastly looked God, and the chief men of the on him, and perceiving that he city, and raised a persecution had faith to be restored, 10 said against Paul and Barnabas, and with a loud voice, “ Stand updrove them out of their bor-right, on thy feet." And he leapders. 51 But they shook off the ed and walked. 11 And the dust of their feet against them, multitude seeing what Paul and came to Iconium. 52 And had done, lifted up their voices, the disciples were filled with in the Lycaonian dialect, saying, joy, and with a holy spirit. " The gods are come down to

Ch. XIV. 1 And it came to us in the likeness of men.” pass, in Iconium, that they went 12 And they called Barnabas, both together in the synagogue Jupiter; and Paul, Mercury, of the Jews, and so spake that because he was the chief speaka great multitude, both of Jews er. 13 Then the priest of Juand of Greeks, believed. 2 (But piter, whose temple was before the unbelieving Jews stirred up their city, brought bulls and and disaffected the minds of garlands to the gates, and, tothe gentiles against the breth-gether with the multitudes, ren.) 3 They however, staid would have offered sacrifice. there a considerable time,speak- 14 But the apostles, Barnaing freely concerning the Lord, bas and Paul, hearing of it, who gave testimony to his gra- rent their clothes, and rushed cious word, and granted that in among the multitudes, cry. signs and wonders should be ing out, 15 and saying, “ Men, done by their hands. 4 But the why do ye these things? We multitude of the city was divid- also are men of like infirmities ed: and part held with the with yourselves, and proclaim Jews, and part with the apostles. I to you glad tidings, that ye 5 And when there was a de- should turn from these vanities sign, both of the gentiles, and to the living God; who made of the Jews and their rulers, to heaven, and earth, and the sea, assault and stone them, 6 they, and all things in them : lô who, having intelligence of it, fled to in the past generations, sufferthe cities of Lycaonia, to Ly- | ed all the nations to walk in stra and Derbè, and the region their own ways. 17 Neverthearound; 7 and proclaimed there less, he left not himself without the glad tidings.

witness; doing good, giving 8 NOW at Lystra there sat (you) rain from heaven and

• Anotlier import of the words is, 'As many of the gentiles believed, as were inwardly dispos. ed to receive the doctrine of aiunian lifc; i. e, as had an orderly and well-prepared wind for that purpose; as had disposed themselves to it.' Or, as many as were disposed, believed to aionian life. See 1 Tim. 1. 16.

fruitful seasons, and filling your by them; and how he had openhearts with food and gladness." ed the door of faith to the gen18 And by saying this, they with tiles. 28 And they resided there difficulty restrained the multi- with the disciples, a considertudes from offering sacrifice to able time. them.

Ch. XV. 1 NOW certain 19 But certain Jews came persons who had come down thither from Antioch and Ico- from Judea, were teaching the nium; who gained over the brethren, saying, " Unless ye multitudes, and having stoned be circumcised according to the Paul, dragged him out of the custom taught by Moses, ye city, supposing him to be dead. cannot be saved.” 2 Paul and 20 However, the disciples hav- Barnabas, therefore, having ing surrounded him, he rose much dissention [and dispute] up, and entered into the city, with them, the brethren deter

And on the morrow, he and mined that Paul and Barnabas, Barnabas departed 10 Derbè. and some others of them, should 21 And when they had preach- go up to the apostles and elders ed the gospel to that city, and at Jerusalem, concerning this had made many disciples, they question. 3 And, having been returned to Lystra, and Ico- conducted on their way by the nium, and Antioch; 22 strength- church, they passed through ening the minds of the disci. Phenicia and Samaria, declarples, and exhorting them to ing the conversion of the gencontinue in the faith; and say- tiles; and caused great joy to ing that we must enter into the all the brethren. 4 And having kingdom of God through many come to Jerusalem, they were afflictions. 23 And having ap- received by the church, and by pointed to them elders in every the apostles, and the elders; church, they prayed with fast- and they related what God had ing, and commended them to done by them. 5 But that some the Lord, on whom they had of the sect of the Pharisees, believed. 24 And after they had who believed, had risen up, passed through Pisidia, they saying, “ It is necessary to circame to Pamphylia. 25 And cumcise them,* and to comhaving preached the word at mand them to keep the law of Perga, they went down into Moses." Attalia: 26 and from thence 6 Then the apostles and the they sailed to Antioch, whence elders came together, to consithey had been recommended to der of this matter. 7 But much the favour of God for the work, debate having arisen, Peter which they had fulfilled. 27 rose up, and said to them, Having arrived, and gathered “ Men, brethren, ye know that together the church, they re-in former days God made lated what things God had done choice among us, that the gen

* The gentiles.

tiles by my mouth should hear my judgment is, that we disthe word of the gospel, and quiet not those who from among should believe. 8 And God, the gentiles turn to God; 20 who knoweth the heart, bare but write to them, that they them witness, and gave to them abstain from the polluted offerthe holy spirit, even as to us; ings to idols, and from fornica9 and made no difference be- tion,* (and from things strantween us and them, having pu- gled) and from blood. 21 For rified their hearts through faith. from ancient generations Moses, 10 Now therefore why do ye in every city, hath those who try God, to put a yoke upon preach him ; being read in the the neck of the disciples, which synagogues on every sabbath.” neither our fathers nor we were 22 Then it seemed good to able to bear? 11 But we be- the apostles and the elders, and lieve that we shall be saved the whole church, to choose through the favour of the Lord men from amongst themselves, Jesus, in like manner as they and send them to Antioch with also."

Paul and Barnabas; namely, Ju12 Then all the multitude das surnamed Barsabas, and kept silence, and hearkened to Silas, leading men among the Barnabas and Paul, while they brethren : 23 having written a related what miracles and won letter by them to this effect : ders God had wrought among “ The apostles and the elders, the gentiles by them. .

I sand the brethren, send greet13 And when they were ing to the brethren who are of silent, James spake, saying, the gentiles in Antioch, and “Men, brethren, hearken to me. Syria, and Cilicia. 24 Whereas 14 Simon Peter* hath declared we have heard, that some who how God first regarded the gen. I went out from us, have troubled tiles, to take out of them a peo- you with words, unsettling your ple [for] his name. 15 And to minds, [saying that ye must be this the words of the prophets circumcised and keep the law ;] agree; as it is written, 16 •After to whom we gave no such inthese things I will again build struction : 25 it hath seemed up the fallen tabernacle of Da good to us, being assembled vid ; and I will build up its with one mind, to choose men ruins, and will restore it: 17 | and send them to you, together that the residue of men may with our beloved Barnabas and seek after the Lord, and all the Paul, 26 men who have hazardnations over which my name is ed their lives for the name of called, 18 saith the Lord, who our Lord Jesus Christ. 27 We doth the things known to him have therefore sent Judas and from the age. 19 Wherefore Silas ; who will tell you the

* Gr. Simeon. * Conj. Woexelas 8. Zoipelas sovine's fresh; instead of fogveia5 fornication: so also, in ver. 29. See Gricsbach, note.

same things in words also. 28, a sharp dispute, so that they For it hath seemed good to the separated from each other; and holy spirit and to us, to lay Barnabas took Mark, and sailupon you no greater burdened to Cyprus. than [these] necessary things ; 140 But Paul chose Silas, 29 that ye abstain from things and departed; having been reoffered to idols, and from blood, commended by the brethren to and from things strangled, and the favour of God. 41 And he from fornication : from which, went through Syria and Cilicia, if ye keep yourselves, ye will strengthening the churches. do well. Fare ye well.”

Ch. XVI. 1 Then he came 30 So, being dismissed, they to Derbè and Lystra. And bewent to Antioch: and, when hold, a certain disciple was they had gathered the multi- there, named Timothy, (the son tude together, they delivered of a believing Jewess, but his the epistle: 31 which, being father was a Greek :) 2 who read, they rejoiced at this com was well reported of by the fort. 32 And Judas and Silas, brethren at Lystra and Iconium. being themselves also prophets, 3 Paul was desirous that this comforted the brethren with man should go forth with him; many words, and strengthened and he took and circumcised them. 33 And after they had him, because of the Jews that remained there for some time, were in those parts: for they they were dismissed with wishes all knew that his father was a of peace by the brethren, to Greek. 4 And as they went those who sent them. 34 Not- through the cities, they deliverwithstanding, it pleased Silas to ed to them for their observance continue there still.] 35 But Paul the ordinances which had been and Barnabas abode in Antioch, | made by the apostles and elders teaching and preaching, with at Jerusalem. 5 The churches many others, the glad tidings therefore were becoming conof the word of the Lord.

firmed in the faith, and increas36 And after some days, Paul / ing in number every day. said to Barnabas, “Let us go 6 Now when they had gone again, and visit our brethren, through Phrygia, and the counin every city where we have try of Galatia, and were forbidpreached the word of the Lord, den by the holy spirit to preach and see how they are.” 37 Then the word in Asia; 7 after they Barnabas advised to take with came to Mysia, they attempted them John, whose surname was to go into Bithynia: but the Mark. 38 But Paul thought it spirit of Jesus would not permit not proper to take with them, them. 8 So when they had passhim who had departed from ed by Mysia, they came down them in Pamphylia, and had to Troas. 9 And a vision appearnot gone with them to the ed to Paul in the night: a man work. 39 There was therefore of Macedonia stood and be.

sought him, saying, “ Come | days. But Paul being grieved, over into Macedonia, and help turned, and said to the spirit, us.” 10 And after he had seen “ I command thee in the name the vision, we immediately en- of Jesus Christ, to come out of deavoured to go into Mace. her.” And it came out that indonia; concluding that the stant. 19 And when her masters Lord had called us to preach saw that the hope of their gain the gospel to them.

was gone, they seized Paul and 11 WE loosed therefore from Silas, and dragged them into the Troas, and came with a straight market-place, to the rulers. 20 course to Samothracia, and the And when they had brought next day to Neapolis; 12 and them to the magistrates, they thence to Philippi, which is a said, “ These men, being Jews, chief city [of that part] of greatly trouble our city; 21 and Macedonia, and a colony. And teach customs which it is not we abode in that city some days. lawful for us to receive, or ob13 And on the sabbath day we serve, being Romans.” 22 And went out of the city by a river, the multitude rose up together where prayer was accustomed against them: and the magisto be made: and we sat down, trates tore off their clothes, and and spake to the women who commanded to beat them with resorted thither. 14 And a cer- rods. 23 And having laid tain woman heard us, named many stripes on them, they cast Lydia, a seller of purple, of the them into prison, and chargcity of Thyatira, a Greek whoed the gaoler to keep them worshipped God: whose heart safely : 24 who, having receive the Lord opened, so that she ed such a charge, cast them attended to the things which into the inner prison, and made were spoken by Paul. 15 And their feet fast in the stocks. when she had been baptized, 25 And at midnight, Paul and and her household, she besought Silas prayed,and sang praises to us, saying, “If ye judge me to God : and the prisoners heard be faithful to the Lord, come them. 26 And suddenly there into my house, and remain was a great earthquake, so that there.” And she constrained us. the foundations of the prison

16 And it came to pass, as we were shaken; and immediately went to prayer, that a certain all the doors were opened, and damsel, having a spirit of di. the bands of all were loosed. vination, met us; who brought 27 And the gaoler awaking - her masters much gain by di- out of his sleep, and seeing the

vining. 17 She followed Paul prison-doors open, drew out and us, and cried out, saying, his sword, and was about to « These men are the servants kill himself, supposing that the of the most high God, who de prisoners had escaped. 28 But clare to us the way of salvation.” Paul cried with a loud voice, 18 And she did this for many saying, “Do thyself no harm ;

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