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and frequent changes and modifications. It is probable that as politics ebiety engross the attention of the nation, the critical notices on new works inserted in the newspapers, which are notoriously dictated by unworthy motives, sordid, party, or personal, satisfy the mass of readers. The Revue Encyclopédique, established by M. Julien de Paris, succeeded during several years, but eventeally fell when its creator passed it to other hands. M. Guizot and the Duke de Broglie tried a fair experiment in 1829: they established the Rerue française, in which their political, critical, and philosophical doctrines were developed and applied with remarkable ability ; but it did not last long; it sunk for want of support, and a recent attempt to revive it received so little encouragement, that it has again ceased to appear. The Revue Trimestrielle was also well conducted, but soon ceased. We are justified in affirming that the only reviews which possess the recommendation of long standing and general popularity, are the Deur Monles and the Revue de Paris, and they are published more in the form of the English magazines than of the great reviews. And yet scarcely a year passes but painful efforts to establish new critical periodicals are witnessed, which invariably prove abortive : the puny productions perish for lack of sustenance after the the most ephemeral of ex. istences. One exception, however, must be noted in favour of the Revue de Progrès, which is elited with powerful energy by M. Louis Blanc; it has drawn the attention of the French public by the strong democratic principles it upholds, the bold tenets it has avowed in the face of the world, and the host of superior men who co-operate in its publication. The Revue de Paris is a weekly journal, containing critical notices, light tales, and worldly chitchat, always elegant and sprightly in tone and matter, and especially calculated to beguile the leisure hours of the bouloir. The Revue de Deux Mondes frequently gives masterly pieces of criticism ; such are the articles of De Carné, Saint-Beuve, Mignet, Marmier, Lerminier, Chasles, Charles Magnin, and others.** With respect to reviews, we have specified the only two that have any standing and permanency of merit. As to the monthly review called Journal des Savants, it would be a gross error to rank it among the ordinary periodicals of any country. It is, in fact, a review of the highest order, but at once private and national; it only notices works of the finest merit and utility ; it is printed by the royal press, and the committee of authors who prepare its articles, is composed of sixteen members belonging to the various sections of the Royal Institute. It is in the Journal des Savants that the admirable classical dissertations of Letronne and Burnouf, the valuable scientific investigations of Biot and Libri, the philosophical literary analyses of Cousin and Villemain, are to be found.“





Abuses of Marriage, remarks on the, 395
Acquiescence and Approbation Contrast-

ed, 3
Adam Clarke, Life and Labours of, 436
Eschines, sketch of, 484
Æschylus, sketch of, 485
Affinity of Nations, tests of, 143
African Lions, notices of, 349
African Travellers, hints for, 206
Ainsworth's Travels, 312
Airth, history of Earldom of, 31
Al Hadhr, notices of ruins of, 320
Alison's History of Europe, 420
Amighty, the Bible the Science of the, 10
Ambitus, meaning of the term, 511
American Antiquities, 141
Amphora, notices of the, 512
Ancient Art and Classic Mythology, 98
Anecdote of Lord Nelson, 384
Anglo-Indian, disposable force of the, 470
Anne-of-Cleves and Katherine Howard, 62
Antiquities, Bradford's American, 141
Arabian Language and Lexicography, 192
Asia Minor, &c., Travels in, 312
Augustus Viscount Keppel, Life of, 323
Autobiography of John Turnbull, 441

Balder, the Mythos of, 452
Banks and Bankers, Hardcastle's, 213
Belgians, King of, Wooings of, 426
Bentham, Memoirs of, 73
Bible, nature of the contents of the, 9
Biographical Dictionaries, 481
Birds of Passage, the, 442.
Bishop Bonner, Life of, 357
Bishop's Daughter, the, a novel, 242
Bonner, life of Bishop, 357
Book of Thought, the, 435
Borderers, the, a tragedy, 279
Bowring's Memoirs of Bentham, 73
Bowyer on the English Constitution, 23
Boyer, Notices of General, 538
Bracelets, Notices of Ancient, 514
Bradford's American Antiquities, 141
Breton Collego, Rio's History of the, 541
Brevity of Scripture Narrative, 11
Brougham on Political Philosophy, 42
Brown and Black Eyes, remarks on, 308

Bulwer's Eva, 375
Burke's Character of Lord Keppel, 324
Burnes's Cabool, 156

Campaign in China, Narrative of the

Second, 183
Candler's Notices of Hayti, 531
Cappadocian Greeks, Notices of, 315
Cattle and Corn, connexion between, 107
Causes of Wealth of Individuals, 213
Celestial Sisters, Tale of the, 149
Chandler's American Criminal Trials, 294
Characteristics of Wordsworth's Poetry.

Charles the Wise, Character of, 519
Children's Employment Commission, Re-

port of, 178
China, Narrative of the Second Campaign

in, 183
Chouannerie, Rio's La Petite, 541
Chinese as Warriors, Character of, 185
Christian Africaner, Notices of, 345
Christianity and Civilisation, 119
Christian Pilgrim, Peelis, 476
Chronicle of the Rhine, Knox's, 491
Chronicles of England, Raymond's, 57
Church of Rome, the, and Painting, 506
City of the Dead in China, Notices of,

Claessen, Dr., his Account of the Cold

Water Cure, 239
Classic Mythology, remarks on, 91
Classical Poets, Garston's Vindication of

the, 221
Coal Mines, Report on Labour in the, 171
Cæna, Notices of the Roman, 513
Cold Water Cure, the, 226
Colonel Scott's Travels, 202
Constantia Philips and Bentham, 75
Constantinople, Lord Londonderry's

Voyage to, 566
Constitutional Law, what meant by the

terms, 28
Continental Notions about England, 39
Convents the Schools in Olden France,

Copenhagen, Nelson at, 382
Copyright, Raumer on, 41
Corbet on Wealth of Individuals, 213

guages, 381

Corn, Supply of, and English Soil, re- Girls in coal-mines, employment of, 177
marks on, 105

Godiva's story, new version of, 371

Good breeding, character of, 43
Death of Lord Nelson, Scott's account,387 Greece Revisited by Mr. Garston, 219
Denton on Drainage, 104

Green on the Grammar of the Greek
Dey of Algiers, the, and Lord Keppel, 328 New Testament, 137
Dialects of the Arabic Language, 199 Griffin's Tales of the Jury Room, 249
Dictionary, Biographical, Requisites of,


Hahnemann's Disciples, account of bio-
Dr. Scott's genius for Acquisition of Lan- meopathy by one of, 228

Hardcastle's Banks and Bankers, 213
Doctrine of Inspiration, Summary of, 14 Hayti, Candler's Notices of, 531
Domesticated Animals in England, num- Haytian church, notices of the, 536
ber of, 107

Health of the eyes, how to be preserved,
Domingo, Candler's Notices of St., 531 306
Dost Mahomed, Notices of, 159

Henry VIII. in his youth, 61
Doubt the Parent of Incredulity, 4 Heraldic bearings, history of, 332
Drainage, Denton on, 104

Heraldry of Fish, the, 332
Duelling in France, Notices of, 525 Herberts, the, a novel, 85

Hindley's Inferno of Dante, 574
Earldom of Airth, History of, 31

Hints to Students on the Use of the
Earthquake, Devastation of an, 539 Eyes, 297
Edwin the Fair, a drama, 410

History of Arabic literature, 197 ; of
Ellis on Horse-training, 289

Europe, Alison's, 420
Employment of children in coal mines, Homeopathy, by a Disciple of the sys-
nature of, 173

tem, 226
England in 1841, Raumer's, 37

How was America peopled ? 153
English Constitution, Bowyer on the, 33; Hine on Bees, 435
Surnames, Lower on, 439

Hunt's Palfrey, 472
Errors in the scriptural narrative, are IIurrying in coal-mines, 'nature of the
there ? 8

employment, 176
European obligations to Arabic litera- Hydropathy, notices of the system, 239
ture, 195

Eva, Bulwer's, 375

Ibrahim Pacha as an agriculturist, 222
Expectant, the, a novel, 88

Icelandic poety, notices of, 445
Eyes, Reynolds on the use of the, 297 Indecent employment in coal-mines, no-

tices of, 176
Factory children, wrongs of, and Sad- Indus, notices of the commerce on the,

Fate, ideas of, 99

Inspiration, Gaussen on, I
Feather-beds, Lady Vavasour, 486 International Law, remarks on, 115
Female Vagrant, the, a poem, 281 Intolerance towards the Jews, notices of,
Feudal laws and the Normans, 26

Fish, Moules' Heraldry of, 332

Irish informers, character of, 454
Fitzgerald, Lord Edward, notices of, 454 Iscardo, Vigne's account of, 461, 466
Flintoff on English Laws, 33

Italian painting, notices of, 504
Flower on Gas-meters, 573

I Watched the Heavens ; a poem, by V.
Fourteenth century, Paris in the, 530 49
France Daguerrotyped, 432

Izedis, notices of the, 321
Frances, Miss, her Josephine, 365

French monarch, state and splendour of James's Morley Ernstein, 246

a, 519 ; Poems, notices of old, 472 Jay on War and Peace, 114
Frithiof's Saga, 437

Jeffrey's Poems, 435

John Chinaman, notice of, 462
Gaberlunzie Wallet, the, 140

Johnson's Cottage Farmer's Assistant,
Garston's Greece Revisited, 219

Gaussen on Inspiration, 1

Josephine, and other Poems, 365
Geiger on Northern Mythology, 451 ; on Journal of a Tour to Waterloo, 296
the Poor-laws, 134

Gentleman, what makes an English, 30 Kashmir, Vigno's Travels in, 460
Gessenius on Arabic language and lexi- Katherine of Arragon and the House of
cography, 192

Tudor, 59

ler, 21


Keppel, Life of Augustus Viscount, 323 Naturalist's Library, the, 293
Keshen's memorial, 191

Nelson's Chaplain, Life of Lord, 579
Kilhwch and Olwen, tale of, 284

New Copyright Bill, remarks on, 66
King of Bokhara, despotism of, 169 Newmans, the elder and younger com-
Knowles's Rose of Arragon, 398

pared, 359
Knox's Softness, a novel, 245

New Zealand, Ritter's Colonization of,
Knox's Chronicle of the Rhine, 491

Kuzuman, progress of civilization at, 353 Ney, remarks on the execution of, 425

Nicoll's Poems, 251
Lady Londonderry's visit to the Sultan, Nizib, notices of the battle of, 315

Noor Mahomed, notices of, 158
Language a key to history, 146

Normans and feudal laws, 26
Last Tour, Lady Vavasour's, 486

Northern Mythology, notices of, 446
Lectures on Paley, 389

North, the old poetry of the, 439
Leigh, Lord, his Poems, 436

Norton, Mrs., her Breton Mother, 545
Legend of Frithiof, the, 437

Leper, superstitious abjuration of a, 522 Olden Times, France in, 517
Lexicons, Arabic, notices of, 197

Old River, the, 491
Life of Dr. Scott, 379

Opium-Smuggling, anecdote of, 190
Light and the eyes, how to be regulated, Oral Tales of the Red Indians, 142

Orderson's Creoleana, 138
Lions in Africa, notices of, 203

Literary Property, remarks on, 66 Palestine, Peel's Poem of, 476
Literature of the cavaliers of the desert, Paley, Lectures 389

Palfrey, the, by Leigh Hunt, 472
Lives of the Queens of England, 57 Panopticon and Bentham, 77
Lockhart's Spanish Ballads, 427

Paris, notices of prostitution in, 392
Locksley Hall, a poem, 370

Partiality and English Judges, 44
Londonderry's Tours, Lord, 466

Peel, Ed., his Christian Pilgrim, 467
Longman's Catalogue of Books, 296 Periods of Spanish Poetry, 427
Lord Burleigh, a ballad, 373

Personal Narrative, Sir A Burnes's, 156
Nelson's habits, 383

Peter, St., and the fish of heraldry, 340
Love story of old times, the, 472

Phrenology and the Affghans, 166
Lower on English Surnames, 439

Pickering, Miss, and the Expectant, 88
Luther; a poem, by R. Montgomery, 50 Pictorial Painting, Miller on, 502

Plenary Inspiration, Gaussen on, 1
Mabinogion, the, Part IV., 284

Poems, by Robert Nicoll, 251 ; from
Mackay of Scowry, Life of, 292

Eastern Sources, 47
Mackintosh and Sadler, 21

Poems, written chiefly Abroad, by M. 140
Mackenzie's Narrative of Campaign in Poets and Poetry of America, the, 477
China, 183

Political Philosophy, Brougham on, 42
Madame D'Arblay's Diary and Letters, Precedence of the Royal Family, 29

Prince Albert's accomplishments, list of,
Madden's United Irishmen, 453

Menteith, character of Earl, 33

Printing and the eye-sight, 298
Mexicans and Etruscans, 154

Professor Gaussen, notices of his life, 17
Military equipment of the Chinese, 187 Proofs of the doctrine of Inspiration, 16
Miller on Pictorial Painting, 502

Prostitution in the city of Paris, notices
Mishap in the Life of Lord Keppel, 226

of, 392
Missionary Labours, Moffat's, 343 Protection of the Queen's Person Bill,
Monteil's France in Olden Times, 517 549
Montgomery, R., his Luther, 50

Prudence of the Sacred Writers, 12
Morley Ernstein, a novel, 246

Public characters, Bentham's, 79
Moselekatse ; an African Napoleon, no Puseyism, notices of the rise and progress
tices of, 355

of, 361
Mother, the Manouvring, a novel, 494

Moule's Heraldry of Fish, 332

Quæstiones Mosaicae, 293
Mythology of Greece and Rome, remarks Queen's Person Bill, Protection of the,


Napoleon, shameful desertion by his Rambles in Thuringia, by J. F Stanford,
servants, 423


on, 91

Raumer's England in 1841, 37
Raymond's Chronicles of England, 54
Reade's Record of the Pyramids, 402
Record of the Pyramids, a Drama, 402
Rector, the, and his terrier, 244
Reeve's Characteristics of Painting, 294
Religion of Greece and Rome compared,

Researches in Asia Minor, &c., 312
Reynolds on the Use of the Eyes, 297
Rhine, the, 486
Rio's History of the Breton College, 541
Rise and Progress of English Laws, 23
Ritter's Colonization of New Zealand,

Robert Nicoll, biographical sketch of, 251
Romish Church, the, and international

law, 122; Pries hood, Bonner and

the Authority of the, 398
Rose of Arragon, the, 398
Royal Family, Precedence of, 29
Russia and China, 463
Russian Eastern policy, 468

Sadler, Memoirs of M. T., 18
Salic Law, remarks on the, 58
Scandinavian Literature, 437
Schoolcraft on the Red Indians, 142
Scott, Life of Dr, 379
Scottish coal-mines, horrors of, 179
Scott's travels, 202
Shameful desertion, instances of, 423
Sheareses, notices of the, 455
Sight, causes of weakness of, 300
Smith's Greek and Roman Antiquities,

Softness, a novel, 245
Spanish Poetry, progress of, 427
Stagnelius as a poet, character of, 439
Stanford's Rambles in Thuringia, 219
Statute-law and Charles the Second's

reign, 27
Strickland's Lives of the Queens of

England, 37
Symbols of names, piscatory, 338

Tales of the Red Indians, characteristics

of, 148; of the Jury-room, 249
Taylor's Edwin the Fair, 410
Taxation, principles of, 391
Tegner's Legend of Frithiof, 137
Tennyson's Poems, 369
Tertulian, remarks on a passage in, 397
Testimony, Laws relating to, 396

Teutonic Nations, Notices of, 444
Theatricals in Olden Times, French, 528;

Raumer on English, 40
Theodore Körner's Lyre and Sword, 47
Theologians of England, and the question

of Inspiration, 7
Tory Notions, Raumer on, 38
Trafalgar, Dr. Scott's Account of the

Battle of, 386
Théopneustia, meaning of the word,5, 133
Torches, Notices of Ancient, 515
Tragedy, Ancient and Modern, difference

between, 100
Trappers in Coal Mines, their Employ-

ment, 175
Treasonable Attempts, remarks on, 549
Trench's Poems, 47
Trevor Hastings, a novel, 81
Trial by Ordeal, Notices of, 25
Trollope's Belgium in 1830. 437
Turkish Retreat, sketch of, 318
Turnbull, John, his Autobiography, 441
Two Admirals, the, 82
Tytler's History of Scotland, 291

United Irishmen, Madden’s, 453
University of Paris, Notices of, 528
Uzbacks, Matrimony among the, 165
Useful Knowledge, Biographical Diction-

ary of the Society for the Diffusion of,

Use of the Eyes, Reynolds on the, 297
Uses of Heraldic Studies, 337; of Sacred
Criticism, 13

Vavasour, Lady, her Last Tour, 486
Vericour's Modern French Literature,

Vigne's Travels, 460
Vincent Priessnitz, Notices of, 238

War in Syria, Napier's, 210
Wellington at Waterloo, Conduct of, 422
Wheat-growing Lands, Denton on, 106
White Feather, Tale of the, 150
Whitefield and Garrick, 243
Whytehead's Poems, 558
Wordsworth's New Poems, 270
Worship of Mind, Establishment of, 98
Works of William Jay, the, 140
Wright's Biographia Britannica, 287

Zachary Cobble, 140
Zoolus, Notices of a Division of, 354


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