Gazetteer of the Bombay Presidency ..., Том 20

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Government Central Press, 1884

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Стр. 114 - Ganges water, and the five cow gifts are dropped into the dying mouth. When all is over relations gather round the dead and weep. A bamboo bier is made, and the body is brought out of the house and laid on the house steps.
Стр. 11 - May, is agreeable and free from extremes of heat or of cold. The year may be roughly divided into three nearly equal seasons ; the cold season from November to February, the hot season from March to mid-June, and the rainy season from mid-June to the end of October.
Стр. 405 - It is said that during the four or five days when Mukarrab Khan was known to be coming with his prisoners, the rejoicings were so great among all classes, from chaste matrons to miserable men, that they could not sleep at night, and they went out two kos to meet the prisoners, and give expression to their satisfaction.
Стр. 451 - On awaking Narayan went to the Badva named by Vithoba who welcomed him under orders from the god who had also visited the Badva. It happened that the offering of food which the Badva carried on behalf of Narayan could not, on account of the crowds of pilgrims, be laid before the god. Narayan was unhappy, but Vithoba again appeared to him in a dream and told him not to be distressed saying that he would be well pleased if Narayan built a temple of Vishnu and the four other deities that make the panchayatan.
Стр. 103 - ... one on the first day, two on the second, and so on to five lamps on the fifth day.
Стр. 142 - They have a caste council and settle social disputes at caste meetings. A few send their boys to school but their calling is poorly paid and they are badly off.
Стр. 37 - Pandharpur, and Tuljapur. They believe in sorcery, witchcraft, soothsaying, omens and lucky and unlucky days, and consult oracles. They are bound together by a strong caste feeling, and settle social disputes at meetings of...
Стр. 46 - They are beggars and some make and sell sacred threads. They are religious and are chiefly Smarts or followers of Shankaracharya, the apostle of the doctrine that the soul and the universe are one. They worship all Brahman gods and goddesses, and their family-gods are Jagadamba and Vyankoba whose shrines are in the Telangana country.
Стр. 440 - The temple was originally limited to the shrine and is supposed to be very old. It is said to have been repaired and improved by one Narhar a Lingayat goldsmith and a devotee of Mahadev.
Стр. 196 - They are Sunnis of the Hanafi school, and are religious and careful to say their prayers. They respect and obey the kdzi and keep no Hindu customs.

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