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Preacher, the training of the, by Prof. Roman Education, 21.

Day, responsibilities of the preach Society, the progress of, as indicated
er 71; doctrinal knowledge and by the condition of women, 91.
tender sensibility essential 73; Sterling, John the poetical works
the art to be superinduced is elo- of, noticed 244.
quence 74; her noblest fruit the Stowe, Prof. Calvin E., D. D., re-
products of rhetoric 75; formative

marks on prayer, 1.
as well as corrective 76 : the Stuart, Prof. M., examination of,
process of training difficult 77; its on Heb. ix. 16-18, by Rev. A.
neglect inexcusable 78; its attain- Barnes 51; his examination of
ment a duty 79; not the arts of Mr. Barnes on the same passage
display 81; the idea of eloquence 356.
to be awakened 81; enthusiasm Sturtevant, Prof. J. M., on the law
and ready thought 82; command of incest, 423.
of feeling-method 83; language Summerfield, Rev. John, A. M.,
84; a pleasing delivery 85; the sermons of, noticed 250.
expression of thought and feeling Thirty-Nine Articles, an exposition
is the preacher's peculiar work of the, noticed 252
86; its effects 87.

Tracy, Rev_Joseph, history of the
Progress of Society as indicated by A. B. C. F. M. noticed 248.

the Condition of Women, by Prof. Training of the Preacher, by Prof.
Sanborn 91.

Day, 71.

Transcendentalism, by Rev. N. Por-
Religious Sentiments of Thomas ter, Jr., defined 195; classes of
Carlyle, 382.

transcendentalists—the pantheis.
Review of Schmucker's Mental Phi- tic 196; those in the Unitarian
losophy, by Dr. Krauth, 142.

communion 199; those who are
Richards, Rev. John, on music, 463. strenuous for evangelical Christi-
Richardson, Rev. Merrill, on the re- anity 301; their philosophy 202;

ligious sentiments of Thomas they claim the necessity of taking
Carlyle, 382.

sides with Plato or Aristotle 203;
Robinson, Rev. Edward, D. D., Bib- this necessity disputed 203; these

lical researches in Palestine, first masters contrasted 206; the lan-
supplement, 219.

guage of their schools 206; the
Robinson's Edition of Hahn's style of the spiritualists 207; of

Novum Testamentum Græce, no. the opposite school 209; dangers
ticed, 256.

of the spiritualists and their ad--
Rockwell, Rev. Charles, Travels and

vantages 210; natural theology
Life at Sea, noticed 259.

211; strictures on some views
Roman Education, Greek and, by recently published 212; a reason-
Prof. A. Smith, 21.

ing church desirable 213; the ten-

dency of spiritualism 214, its in-

fluence on scientific theology 216;
Sanborn, Prof. E. D., on the pro- it raises expectations which it is

gress of society as indicated by sure to disappoint 217.

the condition of women 91. Turner, Prof. J. B , Mormonism in
Scape-goat, the Levitical, by Prof. all ages, noticed 262.
Bush 116.

Twin Sisters, the, noticed 251.
Schmucker, Rev. S. S., D. D., Men-
tal Philosophy reviewed.

Science, Literature, and the Arts, a
dictionary of, noticed 251.

Watson's Bible and the Closet, no-
Shimeall, Red. R. G., age of the ticed 246.
world, noticed 263.

Whately, Richard, D. D., kingdom
Smith, Prof. Albert, on Greek and of Christ, noticed 261.

Women, the progress of society as 110; the condition of women a

indicated by the condition of, in- true index to that of society ill;
fluence of Christianity 91; the the best course of female disci.
family and the state compared 92;

pline 112.
amony ancient nations woman Woolsey, Prof. Theodore D., on an ex.
was respected most where virtue pression in Acts 27: 17, 405.
was most cultivated 93; exam-
ples 95; women in Egypt 96;

in Rome 97; their occupations Zaxapiov vinù Bapagiov, Matt. 23: 35,
98; their social usages 99; influ- explanation of, from the German
ence of despotism 101; European by Müiler. The latest expositors
civilization 103 ; marriage in disputed 136; the oldest interpret-
Greece 105; seniales of superior avion makes Zachariah the father
intellect 107 ; Koman women of Juhn the Baptist 138; tradition
more free 108; in the early days favors this view 139; other proois
of Rome no divorce 109; after- 140; the parallel passage in Luke
wards marriage less respected 141.



" 32,


Page 25, line 37, for vãyv read veiv-for ipáppara read ypáupara,

29, “ 27, “ study read state.

32, “ 39, insert der before Erziehung.
4 34, " 7, for Greek read Greeks.

34, “ really read nearly.
35, the first note is from Plato.
38, line 40, for plain read plane.

“ in read fur.

* 18,
16 40,

" officius read officiis.
" 356,

“ 15, insert, at least, before usually.
4357, « 20, for απηθεύειν read αληθεύειν.

“ 10, insert of, after meaning.
\ 36%,

6, for read

4 from bottom, dele the.
• 369,

6, after Ovoia insert ?
" 370,

for ení read ¿mi.
"" 375, “ 12, from bottom, for New read now.

« 361,

" 364,


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