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RENEES. By the Author of “ The Women of England." Post 8vo., with a View of the Town and Castle of Pau. Published at 98. is now reduced to 58. cloth gilt, or 108. 6d. morocco very elegant. SECOND EDITION.

“ The work is full of interest.”_" Vivid, graphic, forcible, and fervid.”—“ Displays no ordinary faculties of observation."_" Read it through.”—From various Magazines.


PEARE, small 8vo., New Edition, (published at 78.) cloth gilt, 38.

TRANSLATIONS (literal and otherwise) of the CLASSICS,

for the use or STUDENTS, &c.

Æschylus. Translated by POTTER, Juvenal, Gifford's Translation,

45. 6d., now reduced to 2s. 6d. with Memoirs, crown 8vo.cloth, 3s. Aristophanes — The Comedies, - Another, with the Latin

Text, accompanied by Linear litranslated by Wheelwright, with a

teral Translation, 9s. crown 8vo. Dissertation, &c., from the German

cloth, reduced to 45. 6d. of Wachmuth, 2 vols. 8vo., 11. 45., Ovid. Translated by DRYDEN, , reduced to 88. 6d.

POPE, CONGREVE, ADDISON, &c. ; Cicero – Tusculan Disputa

2 vols., 9s., reduced to 5s. tions, a literal Translation, with

ith Pindar and Anacreon, by

WHEELWRIGHT; 48. bd., now re. an Introduction ; new edition,

duced to 2s, 6d. small 8vo., 3s. cloth lettered.

Plutarch. Translated by the Hesiod, by Elton; Bion and LANGHORNES; 7 vols., 11.11s. 6d.,

Moschus, Sappho, aud Mul now reduced to 18s. sæus, by Fawkes ; Lyco- Sophocles. Translated by T. pbron, by Royston; 45. 60.,

by ROYSTON: 45. 6d., FRANCKLIN, D.D., 4s. 6d., now now reduced to 2s.

reduced to 3s.

Sophocles, a new literal TranslaHomer, by Pope, 3 vols., pub.

tion of the whole of his Plays, lished at 133, 6d., is reduced to 6s.

from Wunder's edition, 12mo.,

cloth lettered, 8s. Horace, by Francis and others,

Tacitus, by MURPHY, 5 vols., with Phædrus, by SMART, 2vols.

22s. 6d., reduced to 10s, 6d. Is., reduced to 4s.

Thucydides. Translated by W. Horace, a literal Translation in SMITH, D.D.; 3 vols., 135. 6d.,

English Prose, by SMART, 18mo. | now reduced to 8s. 6d. 3s, cloth.

Virgil, a literal Translation of the Juvenal, by BADHAM; Persius' Georgics, Bucolics, and by DRUMMOND; 43, 6d., now re.

Æneid, by Davidson, new ediduced to 2s. 6d.

1 tion, small 8v0., 45., cloth lettered.

Sir Walter Scott's Life, Novels, and Tales,

Poetical and Prose Works. THE WORKS OF SIR WALTER SCOTT, compris

ing his Novels and Tales, POETICAL and MISCELLANEOUS Prose Works, with his Life by Lockhart, forming 98 vols., illustrated by nearly 200 engravings, ALL EARLY PROOFS on INDIA PAPER-by TURNER and our first Artists; published at 351., is now offered at 201. cloth, very elegant.

-The Waverley Novels, the best Cabinet Edition, with 96 engravings after Turner, &c., 48 vols, small 8vo. cloth lettered, published at 121.

-The Poetical Works, complete (with the Author's last Introduction and Notes), uniform with the above, contain. ing 25 engravings from Turner's designs, 12 vols. small 8vo. cloth lettered, published at 31. is now offered at 21. 58.

The same, with 35 LANDSCAPE ILLUSTRATIONS by Finden, &c., in addition, making 60 engravings : 12 vols. cloth lettered, is offered at 21. 108.

-The Miscellaneous Prose Works, 28 vols. cloth lettered, with 56 engravings ; published at 71., is now offered at 51. 108., cloth and lettered.

- Life of Sir Walter Scott, by Lockhart, with 20 engravings : 10 vols. small 8vo. published at 21. 108., is now offered at 21. cloth and lettered. THE WAVERLEY NOVELS, complete, with the last

Introductions by the Author, together with the wbole of his Notes and additions, with VIGNETTES and fine ENGRAVING from Greensbields' Statue of Sir WALTER Scort, and a Glossary ; 25 vols. ELEGANTLY BOUND IN CLOTH, richly and emblematically gilt, with the ARMORIAL BEARINGS of SIR WALTER, and other suitable DEVICES : published at 51.

The same, ELEGANTLY HALF-BOUND MOROCCO, full gilt backs, in the same style as the above, with marbled edges. FINDEN'S LANDSCAPE AND PORTRAIT ILLUSTRA

TIONS TO Sir Walter Scott's Works, 160 Engravings, early impressions, with Descriptions, 3 vols. royal 8vo. cloth,

gilt, 21. 158. Published at 81. 88. LANDSCAPE HISTORICAL ILLUSTRATIONS of

the WAVERLEY NOVELS, containing 108 beautiful enGRAVINGS, with Descriptions, Historical and Anecdotical ; in 2 vols. imperial 8vo. (published at 21. 2s.) is now reduced to 11. 5s., very handsomely bound in cloth, gilt (a very few copies.)


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