A Colonial Reformer

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Macmillan and Company, 1891 - Всего страниц: 471

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Стр. 471 - We have nothing but praise for this story. Of adventure of the most stirring kind there is, as we have said, abundance. But there is more than this. The characters are drawn with great skill. Every one of the gang of bushrangers is strongly individualised.
Стр. 208 - another illustration of the ' fitness of things.' It would seem as if the present were perpetually to be damned for the benefit of the future. I should be sorry to have to explain to Hutkeeper's tribe, after we have killed him, the meaning of the words, ' If thine enemy smite thee on the right cheek, turn to him the left also.
Стр. 257 - In one of these lightning flashes of self-accusation with which conscience favours erring man. he realised the difference of his position from what it would have been if...
Стр. 314 - I play'd them one as frank — For time at last sets all things even — And if we do but watch the hour, There never yet was human power Which could evade, if unforgiven, The patient search and vigil long Of hun who treasures up a wrong.
Стр. 92 - I should say that buckjumping was produced in this country by bad breaking,
Стр. 202 - ... Mr. Brandon to conclude his deeply interesting tale. I wouldn't miss it for anything.' Sparks murmured something about the Tract Society, and affected to compose himself "-to sleep. Brandon having compounded a restorative, then proceeded. ' When Will Lorton arrived at the camp day was just breaking. There were a dozen " goondies " to be visited, and the inmates started to their work.
Стр. 184 - I do not know what I should have done if I had had to wait another day here.
Стр. 222 - The correct thing, on first arriving at a drafting yard, is to 'cockatoo,' or sit on the rails, high above the tossing horn-billows, and discuss the never-ending subject of hoof and horn. Many of the captive ' ragers ' had personal histories. Heroes of many a camp, they had gradually been driven back to the outside boundaries of their respective runs, and though, each of fattening qualities and contumacious conduct, finally outlawed. The cattle-brand of Cain was now affixed to them.

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