Dictionary of European Proverbs

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Routledge, 12 нояб. 2012 г. - Всего страниц: 2200
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This Dictionary contains over 50,000 proverbs, in some 70 European languages and dialects, arranged in 2,500 sets. It is the fruits of over 40 years of collection and research, the only collection of proverbs on anything like this scale ever to be published anywhere in the world. Emanuel Strauss has trawled through innumerable collections of proverbs in all languages, from early printed books and rare items to the latest theses and journals, and grouped together many thousands of proverbs in sets of equivalent meaning. Comprehensive indexes for each language provide access to any proverb by way of its key words. A critical bibliography musters some 500 items, from incunabula to the current decade.

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Emanuel Strauss is a dedicated linguist and amateur paroemiologist who has spent 40 years compiling this extensive collection of proverbs. A polyglot who can read over 20 languages and dialects, he trained at the Jagellonian University of Krakow in his native Poland, and later at Lvov University in the Ukraine. Since then, Strauss has travelled widely in Europe, gathering information for the dictionary along the way.

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