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Schönberg's Chain Rule, A Manual of brief Commercial Arithmetic, being an easy, simple, and efficient auxiliary in the working of difficult and complica. ted Problems; applied to Proportion, simple and compound, djrect and Inverse; Discount; Barter; Interest, simple or compound; Profit and Loss; Fractional Numbers; Exchange ; Tare, &c. For the use of Schools, Counting-houses, and Self-Tuition.

By CHARLES Louis SCHÖNBERG. "The Chain-Rule is a simple, easy, and clever system of arithmetical computation, only requiring to be known to be generally adopted, to the total exclusion of Ready Reckoners and the rule of Thumb. There is a fascination in the very arrangement of the figures; in fact, it is an amusing as well as a most useful study, and we strongly recommend the Chain-Rule as arranged and applied by Mr. Schonberg."-Lit. Gaz.

Fourth Edition Neatly bound in cloth, price Is. 6d.

The Story Without an End,

The Story without an End. From the German of F. W. CAROVé, by Mrs. AUSTIN “This is a delightful fairy tale; we are all indebted to Mrs. Austin for one literary work or another, but our children's children will thank her for this. The book altogether is a literary gem."-Atheneum. Appropriately embellished with 18 Wood Engravings, in the first

style of the art, from the pencil of Harvey, price 25. 6d. neatly bound.

A New Tale for Young People.
THE VOICE OF MANY WATERS. A Tale for Young People.

In small 4to., with Illustrations by A. Cooper, R.A., and

A. W. Cooper. Price 5s. bound in cloth.

New English Grammar.
An Elementary English Grammar, upon an entirely new prin-

ciple, especially adapted by its simplicity and its numerous
exercises, for the junior classes in schools, for private tuition,
or for self-instruction.


New Edition. Price Is. bound in cloth, “This little cheap volume is at once instructive and amusing, comprising exercises on natural and everyday objects, especially adapted to the youthful capacity, and well deserving of universal adoption by ihe enlightened teachers of youth.".- Atlas.

History in Rhymes.
Rhymes for Youthful Historians : designed to assist the Memory

in retaining the most important Dates in Ancient History, and
the principal Events in the History of England.
"How many are there of the common affairs of human life, which have been

taugbt in early years by the help of rhyme, and have been like nails lasteped in a sure place. . . . It is from this principle that moral rules have been cast into a poetic mould from all antiquity." - Dr. Watts Inwr oremen!

of the Mind. "You must not laugh at tbis, for chronologists do not pique themselves on their

poetry; they make use of numbers and rhymes merely as assistants to me.

mory, being so easily learned."-Mrs. Chapone. Fifth Edition, with 35 Portraits of Sovereigns, price Is. 60.

Miss Iselin's Poems,
My Dream Book: Poems.

Price 8s. 6d. in cloth, or 59. in silk, with gilt edges.
Royal Exchange.

A complete Course of Instruction


French Language,
Which obviates entirely all necessity for leaving England to

learn French.
New French School by M. Le Page,

PROFESSOR OF FRENCH IN LONDON. * Tbe sale of many thousands, and the almost universal adoption of these clever vittle Books, by Mons. LE PAGE, sufficiently prove the public approbation of his plan of teachine Freuch, which is in accordance with the natural operation of a child learn. ing its native language." The French School_Part 1.

L’ECHO DE PARIS; being a selection of Familiar Phrases wbich a person would hear daily if living in France,

With a Vocabulary of the Words and Idioms. “Mons. Le Page's excellent little work has, we are happy tc perceive, run througb several editions with all the celerity it deserved. His book is decidedly the best we have seen for aiding the instruction of English children in the rudiments of the French language; inasmuch as it approaches nearest to tbat best of all possible methods, familiar conversation.---Murning Post. Fifteenth Edition, with Additions, and numerous Woodcuts.

In 12mo. neatly bound in cloth, price 4s.

The French School-Part 2.

a Set of Exercises for the Learner of the French Language, cal.
culated to enable bim, by means of practice, to express himself
fluently on the ordinary Topics of Life. With Notes.

Fifth Edition, improved. 12mo. neatly bound in cloth, price reduced to Ss. “Mons. Le Page's Elementary works are already well known and highly appreciated, no books are better adapted to give the pupil a complete command of words and phrases, and a correct knowledge of the language, the arrangement is natural and judicious.".- Atlas.

The French School-Part 3.
THE LAST STEP TO FRENCH; or, the Principles

of French Grammar displayed in a series of Sbort Lessons, each
of which is followed by Questions and Exercises : with the Ver-

sification. Fifth Edition, 12mo, neatly bound in cloth, price reduced to 39.

The TAREE PARTS bound in ONE VOLUME, price reduced to 99. “M. Le Page's tabulation of the verbs is as complete as it is good : his syntax is lucid and scholarlike, and his Exercises are well graduated, and likely to exercise the student's mind with his memory."- Gent's Mag.

• The first of the works comprised in this collection is so well known to the pube lic, and has met with so large a sale, that we need ont further notice it. To the utility of the two latter works we beg to offer our unqualified testimony of praise. In THE LAST STEP TO FRENCH'we have a grammar of the language, superior, in our opinion, to any that has preceded it, both in sound etymological research, and in the simplicity of its arrangement; whilst the collection of M. l.e Page's three works into a single volume furnishes a complete library for the student in French, and at the same time a manual of conversation, enabling bim at once both to learn and to speak che language."-Parthenon. "To schools and private te schers these volumes must be invaluable."-Mon. Rer.

No. 11, South East Corner,

** Mons. LE PAGE, encouraged by a liberal public, bas also published for the use of Junior Classes, The French Master for the Nursery; Or, First Lessons in French. Roy. 18mo, neatly bound; 8s. 6d. cloth.

" This little work is marked with the usual good sense and acumen for tuition which distingnish the works of Mons. Le Page.

He is the best idiomatic instructor we know of. His Jialogues on the sound of French letters, and the parts of speech, are of first-rate excellence."--Court Magazine. A Key to the Gift of French Conversation,

By Mons. LE PAGE, author of 'L'Echo de Paris,' &c. This little book, intended to assist those ladies and gentlemen who, after having left school, are desirous of being able to converse in French, and the tutors and governesses who wish to teach it, will, it is presumed, be found very desirable; as, while the original work supplies them with a large stock of English words and phrases of daily use in familiar conversation, the key to it gives them the correct translation of the same into French, thereby showing them which is the proper expression for every topic of life.

Price Eighteen-pence. Mons. Le Page's French Prompter; HAND-BOOK FOR TRAVELLING ou the Continent

and STUDENTS IN FRENCH. A complete Manual of Conversation, arranged in Alphabetical

order, so as to obviate all difficulty of reference, each English word is followed by the phrases and idiomatic French in constant use, forming a perfect English and French dictionary, and a sure Hand-Book of Conversation, as it gives at each word all the pbrases relating to it which are beard daily in polite families, Second Edition. In a neat Pocket Volume, pp. 380, price 5s.

Petit Musee de Litterature Française.
ELEGANT EXTRACTS from the most Eminent Writers

of France, in Prose and Verse; with chronological and critical
Notices of French Literature, from the Fourteenth to the Nine.

teenth Centuries. By M, LE PAGE, Professor of the French Language in London,

Author of L'Echo de Paris,' &c. ** The selections have been carefully made, and show at once the style and the power of the writer. We strongly recommend the Petit Musée' to all those desirous of becoming acquainted with the literature of France."- Argus.

In One Volume, 12mo., handsomely bound, price 5s. 6d. This Work is kept in Elegant Binding, suitable for Presents, at 8s. 6d.

Ready Guide to French Composition. FRENCH GRAMMAR BY EXAMPLES; giving Models as Leading Strings throughout Accidence and Syntax; and presenting a Comparative View of the English and French

Idioms in their principal Differences. By Mons. LE PAGE, Professor of the French Language, Author of

L'Echo de Paris,' . The French Prompter,' &c. “ We should not think of describing an object to make it known, when we can show it at once. Why should we think of teaching by precepts and rules when a model can be set forth ?"

Chervelle's First Step to French.

New and Improved Edition (in the Press).
Royal Exchange,


Railway Share and Stock Calculator.
Tables for Calculating Shares in Railway, Canal, Gas, Mining,

Insurance, and other Companies, at any Price from 1-16th of a Pound Sterling, or ls. 3d. per Share, up to £310 in value; and from 1 Share to 500. Applicable also to oreign or English Stocks, or Bonds, and for other purposes; to which is annexed a Comprehensive Table of Income Tax.

By R. EDWIN ROBINSON, Stock Exchange. Third Edition, with Scale of Commissions, as agreed by authority of the Committee of the Stock Exchange, London.

Price Ts. 60. 16 This work will be found essential to Stock Brokers, Bankers, Merchants, and all parties having transactions in Stock or Shares, or having to pay or receive dividends, annuities, &c..

A Narrative of the Treatment Experienced by a Gen

tleman, during a state of Mental Derangement; Designed to explain the causes and the nature of Insanity

expose the injudicious conduct pursued towards many unfortu-
nate sufferers under that calamity.

By John PERCEVAL, Esq.
In 1 vol. 8vo., 8s.; ditto vol, 2, 10s. 6d.

Consumption Curable.
Consumption of the Lungs and Asthma arrested and cured in the
majority of cases, by Inhalation and other rational means.

In one volume, 12mo., price 8s. 6d., bound in cloth.

Dr. Fraser Halle's Philosophy.
Exact Philosophy. Books First and Second.

Author of Critical Letters,' and of the Articles on "Hume's Essay,'
Schism,' in the Britannic Censor of European Philosophy, &c.

This day, in 1 vol. post 8vo. Price 6s. cloth.

Time and tide wait for no man." The Importance of Punctuality enforced, With an Emblematical Border on wood. For the use of COUNTINGHOUSES, WAREHOUSES, SHOPS, &c. Price, on card-board, 8d. ;

on paper, 6d. Composition and Punctuation Familiarly explained, for those who have neglected the study of Grammar; and wherein FOREIGNERS, WHO MAY BE LEARNING ENGLISH, will also find information calculated to facilitate their progress in the understanding of the Language.

By JUSTIN BRENAN Sixth Edition, considerably augmented, price 28. 6d., bound in cloth.

No. 11, South East Corner,

Eccles on Ulcers of the Leg.
Observations on the Treatment and Cure of Ulcers, particularly
Ulcers of the Leg.

By WILLIAM Eccles, Surgeon, Old Broad Street. "A useful book.”- Lancet. " A little volume of considerable practical utility."--Medico-Chirurgical Review.

Second Edition, price 29. 60.

Jeremy Bentham's Remains. A Lecture delivered over the Remains of Jeremy Bentham, Esq. in the Webb-street School of Anatomy and Medicine, on the 9th of July, 1832

By SOUTHWOOD SMITH, M. D. Physician to London Fever Hospital ; Teacher of Physiology & Forensic Medicine, &c.

With a Representation of the Body. Price 29. 6d.

Exercises, Political and Others,

Law Catechism, &c.
Consisting of matter previously published with and without the
Author's name, and of some not published before.

In 6 vols. small 8vo., price 15s, in boards.

Tuck's Map of the Railways ;
Distinguishing the Lines for Traffic, the Lines in course of Con-
struction, and the Lines projected, their Termini, Length,
Capital, &c.;

Showing the Lines leased and amalgamated; the wbole forining

Price 5s., mounted on canvass, bound, cloth.

Railway Earthwork.
CONCISE TABLES, to facilitate the Calculation of Earth work and

Land required in the Construction of Railways, Canals, and other Public Works, adapted to the practice of the Engineer, Architect, and Surveyor,

By John HUGHES, Civil Engineer.

Price 2s. 6d. bound in cloth.

A Short and Sure Guide to Permanent Investments in

Railways. A few Plain Rules how to invest and speculate with Safety and

Profit in Railway Shares. With some Remarks on the Mone.
tary Effect of Deposits and Calls.

Ninth Edition, price ls.; by post 16 Queen's Heads.
Royal Exchange.

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