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SIR THOMAS GRESHAM, KNT., Founder of the original Burse in the Reign of Queen Elizabeth.

In 1 vol. 12mo. with 18 Embellishments, in cloth, 2s.6d.

Commercial works.

Gumersal's Tables of Interest, &c.
Interest and Discount Tables, computed at 2, 3, 3, 4, 4}, and

5 per cent from 1 to 365 days, and from £i to £20,000, that the Interest or Discount on any sum, for any number of days, at any of the above rates, may be obtained by the inspection of one page only. Each Rate occupies eighty pages: the last five of which are devoted to the same number of pounds from 1 to 11 months, and from 1 to 10 years. They are also accompanied with Tables of Time and Brokerage, being altogether a vast im. proveient on Thoinpson and others.

By T. B. GUMERSALL, Accountant, London, This work is pre-eminently distinguished from all others on the same subject by facility of reference, distinctness of type,

and accaracy of calculation. Seventh Edition, in 1 vol. 8vo. (pp.500), price 10s. 6d, bound in cloth.

Tate's Modern Cambist.
The Modern Cambist: forming a Manual of Exchanges in the

various operations of Bills of Excbange and Bullion; with
Tables of Foreign Weights and Measures, with their Equiva.
lents in English, according to the practice of all Trading

Sixth Edition just Published, 12s. cloth.

Chinese Duties.
Schedule Tariff of Duties on the Foreign Trade with China, in

Chinese and Mercantile Currency, Reduced into the Equiya.

lent English Rates in Sterling Money, By W. TATE, Author of The Modern Cambist,' on a large sheet

Price ls,

Transfer Stamp Ready Reckoner; for the use of

Sharebrokers and Investers.
Tables for Speedily Ascertaining the Cost of Transfer Stamps,

w bich are necessary for the conveyance of railway, canal, and
other shares. These Tables show at a glance the amount of
the Stainp required for the Transfer of any number of Shares
at any price.
By HENRY BUTTERWORTH, of the Stock Exchange.
Price 28. 6d., bound in cloth.

No. 11, SouthEast Corner,

Fenn's Guide to the Funds.
A Compendium of the English and Foreign Funds, and the princi.

pal Joint-Stock Companies; forming an Epitome of the various Objects of Investinentnegotiable in London: with soine Account of tbe Internal Debts and Revenues of the Foreign States, and Tables for calculating the Value of the different Stocks, &c.

By CHARLES FENN, of the Stock Exchange.

Third Edition, price 5s, bound in cloth. · This little volume contains a variety of well-arranged information, indispensable to every capitalist, banker, merchant, trader, and agriculturist."-Morning Herald,

" So much useful matter in so small a cumpass is seldom to be met with."-Times.

Information about the British Funds :
Being an accurate Account of the different Funds and Stocks; the
Days of Transfer; and Time of Payment of the Dividends of

Small for the Pocket Price 6d.

Money and its vicissitudes in Value;
As they effect National Industry and pecuniary contracts ; with

a Postscript on Joint Stock Banks. By SAMUEL BAILEY, Esq., Author of “ Essays on the Formation of

Public Opinion” &c. 224 pp. Svo. Price reduced to 6s, bds.

Tuck's Railway Shareholders' Manual;
Or, Practical Guide to all the Railways in the World com.

pleted and in progress; containing Abstracts of the Railway
Acts; Advice to Shareholders; the Laws relating to Share-
holders and Speculators; Brokers' Rates of Commission for
buying and selling Shares; Table to estimate Railway Divi.
dends; Gross Earnings of all the principal Railways; Table
showing the Price of Shares; Railways open; Railways in
course of Construction; Railways which received the Royal
Assent last Session; Foreign Railways; Railway Offices and
Officers, alphabetically arranged. The Accounts and Traffic
corrected to the present time; forming the most complete Rail.
way Synopsis ever compiled.

By HENRY Tuck.
Eighth Edition, greatly enlarged, Price 10s, bound in cloth.

Fynn's British Consul's Handbook.
British Consuls Abroad; their Origin, Rank, and Privileges, Du.

ties, Jurisdiction, and Emoluments; including tbe Laws, Orders
in Council, and Instructions by which they are governed, as well
as those relating to Shipowners and Merchants in their con-
nexion with Consuls.

By ROBERT FYNN, Esq., Barrister-at-Law “This work is written with manifest care and judgment ; its contents are not only of vital importance to Consuls, but to Merchants, Shipowners, Captains, and Travellers. "--Moi ning Chronicle. New Edition. Price 6s., neatly bound, dedicated (by permissio:2

to the General Shipowners' Society. Royal Exchange.

Jackson's Book-keeping.
A New Check-Journal; combining the advantages of the Day.

Book, Journal, and Cash.Book; forming a complete System of
Book-keeping by Double Entry: with copious illustrations of
Interest Accounts, and Joint Adventures; and a New Method of
Book-keeping, or Double Entry by Single.

By GEORGE JACKSON, Accountant, London.
Seventh Edition, with the most effectual means of preventing

Fraud, Error, and Embezzlement, in Cash Transactions, and in the Receipt and Delivery of Goods, &c. price 6s. bound in

cloth. "We can conscientiously add our meed of approval to that of the many who have already preceded us in the same task, and strongly recommend it to general adoption.'


Walton's Calculator's Guide. Calculator's Sure Guide; or, the most comprehensive Reckoner ever published : applicable to all Business Transactions.

By WILLIAM WALTON, Accountant. DIVIDENDS ON BANKRUPTS' AND INSOLVENTS' ESTATES.-It will readily be perceived that the amount of dividends on such estates may be easily found, by considering the numbers as pounds sterling, and the price as the dividend per pound; and the fractional parts in every page are exclusively calculated for that purpose. In the Introduction to the work it will be seen that the author considered this branch of paramount importance.

1 large volume 8vo. (600 pages), bound in cloth.

America compared with England : The respective Social Effects of the American and English Systems of Government and Legislation, and the Mission of Democracy. This is the only book ever published in this country explaining and contrasting the effects of the Institutions and Laws of the United States and England upon the social con. dition of the people. To Emigrants to the United States, who are expicted to possess some acquaintance with the Institutions

of their adopted country, this work will be of great service. “This is an admirable book. How its impartial and truthful exposures make us blush for our native land ! " Weekly Dispatch.

“The book should have been called 'a text book of present and future politicians,' for truly it will be.".--Weekly Times.

" While we differ totally from many of the doctrines of the book, we must give the author credit for much diligence and much reading Travellers, political writers, philosophers, are all brought to illustrate the comparative advantages of the Government of the United States. Probably all that can be collected on the subject of any value he has collected. The style is as neat and perspicuous as the arrangement is convenient."...The Economist,

" He compares in a very masterly manner the respective systems of Government and Jegislation in England and the United States. "...The Law Times.

" Those who are curious upon the subject will find in his 25th chapter some remark. able accounts of the experiments already made by Socialists and Communists within the territory of the United States,"...The Times,

“This is an admirably written and excellently well-timed book.--We would especially recommend the publication before us to the general reader, because it is composed in a calm, fair and most impartial spirit.”. Standard of Freedom, In 12mo. (pp 313), closely printed, price 4s., or Post free on receipt

of 54 Queen's Heads.

No, 11, South-East Corner,

Tate's Bankers' Clearing-House.
The System of the London Bankers' Clearances, and their Effects

upon the Currency, explained and exemplified by Formulæ of
the Clearing-house Accounts.
By W.TATE, Author of“ The Modern Cambist,” &c. 29. 6d.

Drabwell's Coal Tables,
Improved Coal-Market Tables, for ascertaining the Value of any
quantity of coals at any price; also, Discount and Scorage
By WILLIAM DRABWELL, Accountant. 12mo. bs.bdg.

Models of Gommercial Letters for

Douth. Anderson's Mercantile Letters.

A Collection of Modern Letters of Business ; with Notes, Critical

and Explanatory; an Analytical Index; and an Appendix, containing pro forma Invoices, Account Sales, Bills of Lading, and Bills of Exchange. Also, an Explanation of the German ChainRule, as applicable to the Calculations of Exchanges: with a Nomenclature of Technicalities not to be found in any Dictionary.

By W. ANDERSON. " Youth designed for mercantile pursuits cannot be better occupied than in copying these letters "-Standard.

* The style of these letters is simple, clear, concise, and correct,-saying much in a little compass : the author is evidently a man of business, and his book may be regarded as an intermediate step between the school and the counting-house, and is the only work of its kind in existence. There are also forms of invoices, bills of lading, bills of exchange; in fact, we have rarely, if ever, seen so much useful matter in so small a compass. To young men just entering counting-houses, this book will be a very great assistant indeed: we have heard several elderly merchants of great respectability and influence say, that if they had but possessed such a book in their youthful days, it would have saved them a world of trouble."-London Mercantile

Journal. " A most comprehensive and complete guide to commercial transactions, the examples being taken from genuine commercial letters; and the whole work bring directed to objects of practical utility and matters of genuine business, it forms a most useful assistant in all branches of trade and commerce."-Courier.

"The New Edition is not merely valuable as examples of commercial style, but as introducing the reader and student, in the most familiar and intelligible manner, to the system of commercial dealings in all its branches, as carried on between tbis and other countries; in fact, it is a book which should be found in every counting-house and school, as the general mercantile information which it communicates and familiarises cannot fail to render it interesting to all classes of readers."--Examiner.

"We have only to announce a second edition of this excellent work. Of its merits, as being the first of its class, we have already spoken. We perceive that in this edition much has been inserted which tends to add to its previous utility. We would especially notice Australian correspondence.' This is novel and striking, and speaks much for the growing commerce of that rising colony. These letters are models for tbe man of business and the counting-house. Further commendation would be super fluous."-Atlas.

Fifth Edition, in a neat 12mo. volume, bound in cloth, price 59.

* . * In addition to the foregoing, every COMMERCIAL Work of REPUTE

is constantly on Sale,

Royal Exchange.

Rew and approved School Books, With full Allowance to Schools and Private Teachers.

Tate's Elements of Commercial Arithmetic.
Containing a Minute Investigation of the Principles of the Science,

and their General Application to Commercial Calculations, and in accordance with the present Monetary System of the world.

By W.TATE. "Its execution equals any. The rules are clear and more precise than usual, The Exercises are neatly composed, and have a greater relation to the actual busi. ness of the world than is customary with elementary books; whilst, to every branch that will admit of it, rules for mental calculations or short cuts to answers, are added."-Spectator. Fifth Edition, improved and corrected, in 1 vol. 12mo. neatly

bound, price 28. 6d.

Recently Published, A Key to the Elements of Commercial Arithmetic. Continuing the exposition of the principles of the science and of

the more intricate portions of their application; exhibiting
variations in the modes of performing arithinetical operations ;
and conveying still further information respecting those com-
mercial regulations, by which the pupil must hereafter be
guided in his Commercial calculations.

Neatly bound, price 8s. 6d.

Just Published. Tate's Counting-House Guide to the Higher Branches of Calculations.

PART THE FIRST. Forming an Appendix to the Elements of Coinmercial Arithmetic.

By W.TATE. A new and enlarged Edition, in 1 vol. 12mo. bound in cloth, 4s.

Tate's Counting-House Guide to the Higher Branches of Calculations.

PART THE SECOND Forming a Supplement and Key to the new and enlarged Edition of the Appendix to tbe Elements of Commercial Arithmetic.

In 1 vol. 12mo. bound in cloth, 6s.

1 he two parts, bound in one, 9s. 60. “A work of great excellence." Times. “ Mr. Tate has spared no pains to furnish himself with the best practical data. The Royal Mint, the Bank of England, Lloyd's, the Stock Exchange, as well as the leading Mercantile Establisbments, have been bad recourse to. The work may be safely referred to, as a standard authority on the various matters treated upou."-Morning Post.

No. 11, South-East Corner,

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