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Corn, Currency, and Consols,

Their Fluctuations from 1790. "Exceedingly useful for reference; the engraving is clear and distinct.”—Times. “The illustration from the eye to the understanding is perfect."-Lit. Gaz.

New edition, price ls. coloured.

Tuck's Railway Directors for 1848.
Containing the Names of the Directors and Principal Officers of
all the RAILWAYS in GREAT BRITAIN. From authentic Sources,

Author of the Railway Shareholder's Manual.'

New and Improved Edition, price is, 60,

Howitt's Priestcraft. New and Improved Edition of the Popular History of Priestcraft, in all Ages and Nations, with large Additions.

By WILLIAM Howitt. Eighth Edition, 12mo., cloth, reduced to 5s. “We spirits are not citizens of the earth, but of the city of God, called the universe; and our life fills not merely a moment, but eternity. In this exalted position, what can we do more worthy of our destination than, like Christ, and by his word, to release spirits from the shackles of error, and to bring them nearer unto God."-Shoberl's Present State of Christianity throughout the World

"This is a book of strong facts and strong opinions. . Such faets have never been blended with such eloquence."--Nonconformist.

Hampden's Aristocracy.
THE ARISTOCRACY OF ENGLAND: a History for the People.

By John HAMPDEN, Jun.
Second Edition, price reduced to 5s., bound in cloth.
Cromwell. What, then, is the great root of all our grievances ?
Pym. The Aristocracy! Give us their true history, and yon unriddle the secret of
very national embarrassment !

De Stain's Phonography.

honography; or Writing of Sounds, divided into Two Parts, viz.

Logography, or Universal Writing of Speech; and
Musicography, or Symbolical Writing of Music:

With a Short-hand for both. By V. D. DE STAINS, Graduate of the University of Paris, “He who cannot say something in sympathy with or in aid of the great move. ments of bumanity, might as well hold his peace.”- William E. Channing.

Second Edition in 1 vol. 8vo., 10s. cloth. “ There is something truly original and interesting in the suggestions the author has set forth, and his plan is very ingenious. It is curious to behold how he has simplified the notation and economized the space in depicting musical sounds: this view of the subject is well worthy attention, --Morning Post.

No. 11, South-East Corner,

The Railway Pioneer.
Observations on a General Iron Railway, or Land Steam Con-

veyance; to supersede the necessity of Horses in all public
Vehicles, Sbowing its vast superiority in every respect, over
all the present pitiful methods of conveyance by Turnpike
Roads, Canals, and Coasting Traders. Containing every
species of information relative to Railroads and Locomotive

By Thomas GRAY, the Original Inventor of Railways.

A Catechism of the Currency.
By the Author of " The Catechism of the Corn Laws.”

Price 4d. ; or free by Post, 6d.

A Letter to the Congestive Bankerhood of Great

With a Proposition for a New Currency.

By a TRAVELLER (not from Geneva).

Price 6d.; or free by Post, 8d.

Free-Trade, and the Cotton Question with reference to India. By FRANCIS CARNAC Brown, of Tellicherry.

Price Is.; or free by Post, Is. 6d.

The Risk of Life Assurance, Suggested by a History of the Case of Geach v, Ingall, in which the Imperial Life Assurance Company, by the Verdicts of three different Special Juries, was defeated in an Attempt to evade the Payment of a Policy.

Second Edition. Price 6d ; or free by Post, 10d.

De l'Influence des Capitaux Anglais
Sur l'Industrie Europenne, depuis la Revolution de 1688, jusqu'en

Chevalier de l'Ordre du Lion Neerlandais.

Price 48.; or free by Post, 49, 6d.

Royal Exchange

The Importance of a Right Study of the Principles of Arithmetic.

By GEORGE Hutton,
Author of "The Manual of Arithmetic.”

Price Is.; or free by Post, Is. 4d.

A Comparative Table of French and English Measure.

By JAMES Emson. Showing at One View the Length in Yards from One Metre to One Thousand Metres

Price ls.

The Right of the Aristocracy to the Soil Considered.

Fifth Edition. Price 3d.; or free by Post, 4d.
Texas :
A Brief Account of the Soil, Climate, and Natural Productions of

Texas, and the Advantages offered to Emigrants by the Texas
Emigrating and Land Company.

Price 1s.; or free by Post, ls. 4d.

Public Opinion ;
Or, Safe Revolution, tbrough Self Representation.

By Hewett COTTRELL Watson,
Author of “The Cybele Britannica,” “New Botanist's Guide,” &c.

" There are two quite opposite modes of understanding the representative system: in the oue, power of what kind soever is conformable to the decisions of the majority: in the other, power creates for itself a factitious majority."... Lamartine.

Price 60.

Latest from the Gold Region.

THE GUIDE TO CALIFORNIA, with a Map, containing the latest Accounts from the Gold Region derived from the Official Reports of Adjutant-Paymaster Richard Commodore Jones, and Mr. Larkins, Agent of the United States Navy, and from other authentic Sources.

Second Edition, price 6d.

The Land for the Labourers,
And the Fraternity of Nations. A Scheme for a new Industrial

System, just published in Paris, and intended for Proposal to
the National Assembly.

Author of " The Purgatory of Suicides."
Price 3d. ; or free hy Post, 5d.

No. 11, South East Corner,

Financial Reform Imperative; Or, Remarks relative to the possibility of an Equitable Adjustment of the National Debt.

Price 6d.; or free by Post, 8d.

The Principles of Insurance
Applied to Mercantile Debts; a Letter to the Right Honourable
Lord Ashburton.

Price 6d.; or free by Post: 8d.

The Author's Guide.
A Guide to Authors; showing how to correct the press, according

to the mode adopted and understood by Printers. price 6d.

The National Debt and Public Funds Simplified.

By JUSTIN BRENAN, Author of " Composition and Punctuation familiarly explained."

This is the cleverest exposition of these otherwise complicated matters ever published,”... The Critic Second Edition, price 1s., or Post free on receipt of 16 Queen's


Dr. Yeoman on Comsumption and Diseases of the
CATARRH, The Cause, Symptoms and Rational Treatment.

By T. H. Yeoman, M.D.
Just Published, price 2s, or Post free on receipt of 30 Queen's Heads

Also, by the same Author, CONSUMPTION OF THE LUNGS. The Causes,

Symptoms, and Rational Treatment, with the Means of Preven

tion. " We most cordially recommend the work to the heads of families.”..Bell's Weekly Messenger.

Price 29 ; or, Post free on receipt of 30 Queen's Heads.

“ Retrenchment, Peace, Reform !"-Whig Pledges. This Day (300 pp ), 28. 60, or Post free, to any part of the kingdom,

on receipt of 3ô Queen's Heads, UNREFORMED ABUSES IN CHURCH AND STATE; with a Preliminary Tractate on the CONTINENTAL REVOLUTIONS.

By John WADE, Author of “History and Political Philosophy of the Productive

Classes, &c.

Royal Exchange.




This Day is Published, Emigrants Guides


By J. C. BYRNE, Esq., Author of Twelve Years' Wanderings in the British Colonies.'





Seventh Edition.

“ This small hand-book, written by a man practically acquainted with the Colonies of which he writes, is one of the best arranged, most economical and useful Guides that we have seen. Every point of real and general importance to the emigrant seems to be touehed upon briefly but tersely-from the qualities of the Colony which should determine the choice of bis location to the management of colonial property when it is obtained. There are not many Guide-books to Australia which we could recommend to the labouring classes in preference to this one by Mr. Byrne.-Atheneum.


Second Edition, with a Map. “ These clever little books contain all the information an Emigrant can require.


Published by Effingham Wilson, No. 11, South-East Corner, Royal Exchang

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