Zoological Journal of the Linnean Society, Том 5

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Стр. xxxiv - The Culture of the Grape-vine and the Orange in Australia and New Zealand ;' and it is not improbable that Mr.
Стр. lii - Address delivered at the Anniversary Meeting of the Geological Society of London by William John Hamilton, Esq., President of the Society : — " The Geological Map of India by Mr.
Стр. 311 - In some instances this plan succeeds entirely. " Secondly. The above method is rendered more effectual when the. feather is previously steeped in some medicated solution which will destroy the worms. Mr. Bartlett employs salt for this purpose, or a weak infusion of tobacco; and he informs me that the simple application of turpentine externally is sufficient to kill the worms. It should be borne in mind that the bird itself may be injuriously affected by these dnigs if they are carelessly employed.
Стр. 304 - ... farms. Chicks and poults, in a few days after they are hatched, are found frequently to open their mouths wide and gasp for breath, at the same time frequently sneezing and attempting to swallow. At first the affection is slight, but gradually becomes more and more oppressive, and it ultimately destroys.
Стр. xlv - Collection des orchidées les plus remarquables de l'archipel indien et du Japon parts i.
Стр. xxix - No other explorer of the botany of North America has, personally, made more discoveries ; no writer on American plants, except perhaps Professor Asa Gray, has described more new genera and species.
Стр. 305 - This parasite has been found and recorded as occurring in the trachea of the following birds, namely, the turkey, domestic cock, pheasant, partridge, common duck, lapwing, black stork, magpie, hooded crow, green woodpecker, starling, and swift. I do not doubt that this list might be very much extended if ornithologists would favour us with their experience in the matter.
Стр. 222 - ... but they are unlike these in their microscopic, structure, and differ from any known dental apparatus in the class of fishes, in the modifications of the working surface which at once adapt them for piercing, cutting, and crushing.
Стр. 160 - ... half its length from the border, and by less than its length from the flexure of the praebrachial ; alula; white ; haltères testaceous.

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