The Course of Time: A Poem

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Leavitt & Company, 1849 - Всего страниц: 328

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Стр. 113 - Of wretchedness. Drank every cup of joy, heard every trump Of fame ; drank early, deeply drank ; drank draughts That common millions might have quenched — then died Of thirst, because there was no more to drink.
Стр. 129 - Our meeting spots, our chosen sacred hours ; Our burning words, that uttered all the soul; Our faces beaming with unearthly love ; — Sorrow with sorrow sighing, hope with hope Exulting, heart embracing heart entire. As birds of social feather helping each His fellow's flight, we soared into the skies, And cast the clouds beneath our feet, and earth, With all her tardy, leaden-footed cares, And talked the speech, and ate the food of heaven.
Стр. 112 - And seemed to mock the ruin he had wrought As some fierce comet of tremendous size, To which the stars did reverence, as it passed, So he through learning and through fancy took His flight sublime, and on the loftiest top Of Fame's dread mountain sat ; not soiled and worn, As if he from the earth had laboured up ; But as some bird of heavenly plumage fair, He looked, •which down from higher regions came, And perched it there, to see what lay beneath.
Стр. 127 - With glory crowned of righteous actions won, The sacred thorn, to memory dear, first sought The youth, and found it at the happy hour, Just when the damsel kneeled herself to pray. Wrapt in devotion, pleading with her God, She saw him not, heard not his foot approach, All holy images seemed too impure To emblem her he saw.
Стр. 110 - ... born, And reputation, and luxurious life : Yet, not content with ancestorial name, Or to be known because his fathers were, He on this height hereditary stood, And, gazing higher, purposed in his heart To take another step. Above him seemed, Alone, the mount of song, the lofty seat Of canonized bards; and thitherward, By nature taught, and inward melody, In prime of youth, he bent his eagle eye. No cost was spared. What books he wished, he* read; What sage to hear, he heard ; what scenes to see,...
Стр. 125 - Hail, love ! first love, thou word that sums all bliss ! The sparkling cream of all Time's blessedness, The silken down of happiness complete ! Discerner of the ripest grapes of joy, She gathered and selected with her hand, All finest relishes, all fairest sights, All rarest odours, all divinest sounds, All thoughts, all feelings dearest to the soul ; And brought the holy mixture home, and filled The heart with all superlatives of bliss.
Стр. 92 - Who, finally, in strong integrity Of soul, midst want, or riches, or disgrace, Uplifted, calmly sat, and heard the waves Of stormy folly breaking at his feet, Now shrill with praise, now hoarse with foul reproach, And both despised sincerely ; seeking this Alone, the approbation of his God, Which still with conscience witnessed to his peace.
Стр. 24 - ... Upright, and persevered in holiness ; But stood by grace, by grace we persevered. Ourselves, our deeds, our holiest, highest deeds Unworthy aught ; grace worthy endless praise. If we fly swift, obedient to His will, He gives us wings to fly ; if we resist Temptation, and ne'er fall, it is His shield Omnipotent that wards it off; if we With love unquenchable before Him burn, Tis he that lights and keeps alive the flame.
Стр. 130 - Nor meant to think ; but ran, meantime, through vast Of visionary things, fairer than aught That was ; and saw the distant tops of thoughts, Which men of common stature never saw, Greater than aught that largest words could hold, Or give idea of, to those who read.
Стр. 69 - ... In dreams and visions, sleep instructed much. Day uttered speech to day, and night to night Taught knowledge. Silence had a tongue ; the grave, The darkness, and the lonely waste, had each A tongue that ever said, Man ! think of God ! Think of thyself ! think of eternity...

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