A Companion to Latin American Literature and Culture

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Sara Castro-Klaren
John Wiley & Sons, 21 мар. 2013 г. - Всего страниц: 712
A Companion to Latin American Literature and Culture reflects the changes that have taken place in cultural theory and literary criticism since the latter part of the twentieth century.

Written by more than thirty experts in cultural theory, literary history, and literary criticism, this authoritative and up-to-date reference places major authors in the complex cultural and historical contexts that have compelled their distinctive fiction, essays, and poetry. This allows the reader to more accurately interpret the esteemed but demanding literature of authors such as Jorge Luis Borges, Mario Vargas Llosa, Octavio Paz, and Diamela Eltit. Key authors whose work has defined a period, or defied borders, as in the cases of Sor Juana Inés de la Cruz, César Vallejo, and Gabriel García Márquez, are also discussed in historical and theoretical context. Additional essays engage the reader with in-depth discussions of forms and genres, and discussions of architecture, music, and film.

This text provides the historical background to help the reader understand the people and culture that have defined Latin American literature and its reception. Each chapter also includes short selected bibliographic guides and recommendations for further reading.


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Editors Acknowledgments
Writing Violence
The Repositioning and Survival of Mayan
Modernity and Ladinization
The Cole io lm erial de Santa Cruz de Tlatelolco and
The Struggles of the Colegio Imperial de Santa Cruz
The End of Sixteenth
The Cultural Politics of Empire
The Meaning of Sardonic
The Mexican Revolution and the Plastic Arts
Anthropology Pedagogy and the Various Modulations
Lispector and the Brazilian Difference
From ueiroz and Castellanos
Caribbean Philosophy
CrossCultural Poetics

Memory and Writing in the Andes
The Secularization
The Haitian Revolution
The Gaucho and the Gauchesca
Andres Bello Domingo Faustino Sarmiento Manuel
Reading National Subiects
Of Potboilers and Precautions
Amerindian Epistemologies
Testimonio Subalternity and Narrative Authority
On the NonTragic
Postmodern Theogi and Cultural Criticism in Spanish
Narrating Uncertainty
Film Indigenous Video and the Lettered Citys Visual
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Sara Castro-Klaren is Professor of Latin American Culture and Literature at The Johns Hopkins University. She has been the recipient of several teaching awards. Most recently the Foreign Service Institute conferred upon her the title of "Distinguished Visiting Lecturer" (1993). She was appointed to the Fulbright Board of Directors by President Clinton in 1999. Her publications include El mundo magico de Jose Maria Arguedas (1973), Understanding Mario Vargas Llosa (1990) and Escritura, Sujeto y transgresion en la Literature latinoamericana (1989), Latin American Women Writers (1991) edited with Sylvia Molloy and Beatriz Sarlo and The Narrow Pass of Our Nerves: Writing Coloniality and Postcolonial Theory Frankfurt/Madrid, Vervuert, 2011

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