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Стр. 266 - I've a bag for meal, and a bag for malt, And a bag for barley and corn; A bag for bread, and a bag for beef, And a bag for my little small horn." "I have a horn in my pocket, I got it from Robin Hood, And still when I set it to my mouth, For thee it blows little good.
Стр. 266 - The first loud blast that he did blow, He blew both loud and shrill ; A hundred and fifty of Robin Hood's men Came riding over the hill.
Стр. 265 - Now Robin Hood is to Nottingham gone, With a link a down and a down, And there he met with the proud sheriff, Was walking along the town.
Стр. 262 - THERE are twelve months in all the year, As I hear many say, But the merriest month in all the year Is the merry month of May. Now Robin Hood is to Nottingham gone, With a link a down and a day, And there he met a silly old woman, Was weeping on the way. " What news ? what news, thou silly old woman ? What news hast thou for me ? " Said she, " There's three squires in Nottingham town, To-day is condemned to die.
Стр. 311 - I'll let flee ; And where this arrow is taken up, There shall my grave digg'd be. Lay me a green sod under my head, And another at my feet ; And lay my bent bow by my side, Which was my music sweet ; And make my grave of gravel and green, Which is most right and meet.
Стр. 309 - Will you please to sit down, Cousin Robin," she said, " And drink some beer with me ? " " No, I will neither eat nor drink, Till I am blooded by thee.
Стр. 144 - Many a woman sayd alas, And many theyr handes dyd wryng. The mayre of Caerlel forth com was, 145 And with hym a ful great route ; These thre yemen dred him full sore, For of theyr lyues they stode in great doute. The mayre came armed a full great pace, With a pollaxe in hys hande ; iso Many a strong man with him was, There in that stowre to stande.
Стр. 164 - And Robin thou soone shalt see : But first let us some pastime find Under the greenwood tree. First let us some masterye make Among the woods so even, 110 We may chance to meet with Robin Hood Here att some unsett steven.
Стр. 1 - In somer, when the shawes be sheyne, And leves be large and long, Hit is full mery in feyre foreste To here the foulys song: To se the dere draw to the dale, And leve the hilles hee, And shadow hem in the leves grene, Under the grene-wode tre. Hit befel on Whitsontide, Erly in a May mornyng, The son up feyre can shyne, And the briddis mery can syng. "This is a mery mornyng...
Стр. 165 - Till thou have told me thine. I dwell by dale and downe, quoth hee, And Robin to take Ime sworne; And when I am called by my right name I am Guye of good Gisborne. My dwelling is in this wood...

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