Eastern Orthodoxy in a Global Age: Tradition Faces the Twenty-first Century

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Victor Roudometof, Alexander Agadjanian, Jerry G. Pankhurst
Rowman Altamira, 2005 - Всего страниц: 290
Despite over 200 million adherents, Eastern Orthodox Christianity attracts little scholarly attention. While more-covered religions emerge as powerful transnational forces, Eastern Orthodoxy appears doggedly local, linked to the ethnicity and land of the now marginalized Eastern Europe. But Eastern Orthodoxy in a Global Age brings together new and nuanced understandings of the Orthodox churches--inside and outside of Eastern Europe--as they negotiate an increasingly networked world. The picture that emerges is less of a people stubbornly refusing modernization, more of a people seeking to maintain a stable Orthodox identity in an unstable world. For anyone interested in the role of Eastern Orthodoxy in the 21st century, this volume provides the place to begin.

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Introduction Eastern Orthodoxy in a Global Age Preliminary Considerations
PART East European Experiences
Globalization and Identity Discourse in Russian Orthodoxy
From Hot War to Cold Integration? Serbian Orthodox Voices on Globalization and the European Union
Orthodoxy As Public Religion in Post1989 Greece
Church Identity Politics Ecclesiastical Functions and Expectations toward Churches in Post1989 Romania
Globalization Nationalism and Orthodoxy The Case of Ukrainian Nation Building
PART Comparative Perspectives and Transnational Connections
Orthodox Christianity Rationalization Modernization A Reassessment
A Transnational Religious Community Gathers around an Icon The Return of the Tsar
Living Eastern Orthodox Religion in the United States
The Greek Orthodox Church in the United States Private Crisis or Transition?
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\Victor Roudometof is assistant professor of Sociology at the University of Cyprus. Alexander Agadjanian is teaching at the Center for the Study of Religion, Russian State University of Humanities, Moscow. Jerry Pankhurst is professor of Sociology at Wittenberg University.

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