The Evolution of Hinduism

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Printed at the M.E. Publishing House, 1903 - Всего страниц: 129

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Стр. 14 - Beyond the senses there are the objects, beyond the objects there is the mind, beyond the mind there is the intellect, the Great Self is beyond the intellect. 11. 'Beyond the Great there is the Undeveloped, beyond the Undeveloped there is the Person (purusha). Beyond the Person there is nothing - this is the goal, the highest road.
Стр. 40 - The truth doth he proclaim, both in its letter and its spirit, lovely in its origin, lovely in its progress, lovely in its consummation; the higher life doth he proclaim, in all its purity and in all its perfectness.
Стр. 108 - From thy propitious gaze, 0 mighty goddess, men obtain wives, children, dwellings, friends, harvests, wealth. Health and strength, power, victory, happiness are easy of attainment to those upon whom thou smilest. Thou art the mother of all beings; as the god of gods, Hari, is their father: and this world, whether animate or inanimate, is pervaded by thee and Vishnu.
Стр. 71 - The transgression of virtue, and the daring acts which are witnessed in superior beings, must not be charged as faults to those glorious persons, as no blame is imputed to fire, which consumes fuel of every description.
Стр. 20 - thou,' and ' it,' who apprehends no person, or thing, nor is apprehended of any : who is neither parviscient nor omniscient, neither parvipotent nor omnipotent: who has neither beginning nor end; immutable and indefectible — is the true entity. All besides himself, the entire universe, is false, that is to say, is nothing whatsoever.
Стр. 39 - He, by himself, thoroughly understands, and sees, as it were, face to face this universe — the world below with all its spirits, and the worlds above, of Mara and of Brahma — and all creatures, Samanas and Brahmans, gods and men, and he then makes his knowledge known to others.
Стр. 39 - So be it, Lord !' said the young Brahman Vasettha, in assent, to the Blessed One. 46. Then the Blessed One spake, and said : 'Know, Vasettha, that (from time to time) a Tathagata is born into the world, a fully Enlightened One, blessed and worthy, abounding in wisdom and goodness, happy, with knowledge of the world, unsurpassed as a guide to erring mortals, a teacher of gods and men, a Blessed Buddha.
Стр. 106 - Brahmana would be (caused) by a declaration of the truth, a falsehood may be spoken; for such (falsehood) is preferable to the truth. 105. Such (witnesses) must offer to Sarasvati oblations of boiled rice (karu) which are sacred to the goddess of speech, (thus) performing the best penance in order to expiate the guilt of that falsehood.
Стр. 41 - ... practised, accumulated, and ascended to the very heights of the four paths to saintship, and so mastered them as to be able to use them as a means of (mental) advancement, and as a basis for edification — he, should he desire it, could remain in the same birth for a kalpa, or for that portion of a kalpa which has yet to run.
Стр. 10 - Ahankara proceed the five senses (indriya — both the faculty and the bodily organ), which are the senses of hearing, touching, smelling, seeing, and tasting; and the five organs of action, the voice, the hands, the feet, and the organs of excretion and generation.

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