Peoples on the Move: Population Transfers and Ethnic Cleansing Policies During World War II and Its Aftermath

Pertti Ahonen
Bloomsbury Academic, 15 sept. 2008 - 272 pages
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World War II and the years following it witnessed the greatest demographic turmoil in the history of mankind. As a result of Nazi genocide, Germany's aggressive territorial expansion, and the vengeance of the occupied peoples after the German defeat, millions of men and women were forced out of their homelands. Central and Eastern Europe were most seriously affected. This book takes a comprehensive look at the whole of humanity displaced by WWII, from POWs to Jewish citizens.

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Pertti Ahonen, University of EdinburghGustavo Corni, University of TrentoKerzy Kochanowski, University of WarsawRainer Schulze, Essex UniversityTamas Stark, Hungarian Academy of Sciences BudapestBarbara Stelzl-Marx, L. Boltzmann Institut fuer Kriegsfolgenforschung Graz.

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