Nature, Том 11

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Sir Norman Lockyer
Macmillan Journals Limited, 1875

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Стр. 217 - HAECKEL (Prof. Ernst) — THE HISTORY OF CREATION. Translation revised by Professor E. RAY LANKESTER, MA, FRS With Coloured Plates and Genealogical Trees of the various groups of both plants and animals. 2 vols. Second Edition. Post 8vo. cloth, price 32*.
Стр. 165 - ... as now they are ; with other things appertaining to what hath been called the New Philosophy, which from the times of Galileo at Florence, and Sir Francis Bacon (Lord Verulam) in England, hath been much cultivated in Italy, France, Germany, and other parts abroad, as well as with us in England.
Стр. 24 - WELL for him whose will is strong ! He suffers, but he will not suffer long ; He suffers, but he cannot suffer wrong : For him nor moves the loud world's random mock, Nor all Calamity's hugest waves confound, Who seems a promontory of rock, That, compass'd round with turbulent sound, In middle ocean meets the surging shock, Tempest-buffeted, citadel-crown'd. But ill for him who, bettering not with time, Corrupts the strength of heaven-descended Will, And ever weaker grows thro...
Стр. 165 - Chymicks, Mechanicks, and Natural Experiments : with the state of these studies, as then cultivated at home and abroad. We then discoursed of the circulation of the blood, the valves in...
Стр. 165 - Saturn, the spots on the sun and its turning on its own axis, the inequalities and selenography of the moon, the several phases of Venus and Mercury, the improvement of telescopes and grinding of glasses for that purpose, the weight of air, the possibility or impossibility...
Стр. 217 - Volume XV. of The International Scientific Series. VYNER (Lady Mary). Every day a Portion. Adapted from the Bible and the Prayer Book, for the Private...
Стр. 218 - Notes on a Till or Boulder Clay with Broken Shells, in the Lower Valley of the River Endrick, near Loch Lomond, and its Relation to certain other Glacial Deposits.
Стр. 184 - Knocked up quite, and remain — recover — sent to buy milch goats. We are on the banks of the Molilamo.
Стр. 165 - To have been always tossing about some theological question," says the first historian of the Royal Society, Bishop Sprat, "would have been to have made that their private diversion, the excess of which they disliked in the public. To have been eternally musing on civil business and the distresses of the country was too melancholy a reflection. It was nature alone which could pleasantly entertain them in that estate.
Стр. 215 - Oct. 9, 1874.— My dear sir, I have much pleasure in informing you that I have received the commands of his Majesty to request you to inform the Royal Astronomical Society that if it will appoint men of science to observe the total eclipse of April next, his Majesty will be happy to consider them as his private guests during their visit, and will take on himself their entertainment and provide them with transport for themselves and their instruments from Bangkok to the station selected by them and...

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