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3 Form'd by Thy hand, and form'd for Thee, I would be ever Thine:

My Saviour, make my spirit free,
With beams of mercy shine.

4 Fain would my soul with rapture dwell On Thy redeeming grace;

Oh for a thousand tongues to tell
My dear Redeemer's praise.

51 (393).

C. M

HILE Thee I seek, protecting power!

W Be my vain wishes still'd;

And may this consecrated hour

With better hopes be fill'd.

2 Thy love the powers of thought bestow'd;
To Thee my thoughts would soar:
Thy mercy o'er my life has flow'd;
That mercy I adore.

3 In each event of life, how clear
Thy ruling hand I see!

Each blessing to my soul more dear,
Because bestow'd by Thee.

4 In ev'ry joy that crowns my days,
In ev'ry pain I bear,

My heart shall find delight in praise,
Or seek relief in prayer.

5 When gladness wings my favor'd hour,
Thy love my thoughts shall fill:
Resign'd, when storms of sorrow lower,
My soul shall meet Thy will.

6 My lifted eye, without a tear,
The lowering storm shall see;

My steadfast heart shall know no fear:
That heart will rest on Thee!

52 (490).

L. M.

MAR from my thoughts, vain world, begone,


Fain would my eyes my Saviour see;
I wait a visit, Lord, from Thee.

2 My heart grows warm with holy fire,
And kindles with a pure desire;
Come, my dear Jesus, from above,
And feed my soul with heavenly love.
3 Bless'd Jesus, what delicious fare!
How sweet Thine entertainments are!
Never did angels taste above
Redeeming grace and dying love.
4 Hail, great Immanuel, all divine!
In Thee Thy Father's glories shine;
Thou brightest, sweetest, fairest One
That eyes have seen, or angels known.


SWEET the time, exceeding sweet!
When the saints together meet,
When the Saviour is the theme,
When they joy to sing of Him.

2 Sing we then eternal love,
Such as did the Father move:
He beheld the world undone,
Loved the world, and gave His Son.

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3 Sing the Son's amazing love;
How He left the realms above,
Took our nature and our place,
Lived and died to save our race.

4 Sing we, too, the Spirit's love;
With our stubborn hearts He strove,
Filled our minds with grief and fear,
Brought the precious Saviour near.

5 Sweet the place, exceeding sweet,
Where the saints in glory meet;
Where the Saviour's still the theme.
Where they see and sing of Him.

54 (769).

H My friends devoutly say,

OW did my heart rejoice to hear

"In Zion let us all appear,

And keep the solemn day!"

2 I love her gates, I love the road;
The Church, adorn'd with grace,
Stands like a palace built for God,
To show His milder face.

3 Peace be within this sacred place,
And joy a constant guest;

With holy gifts and heavenly grace
Be her attendants blest.

4 My soul shall pray for Zion still,
While life or breath remains;

C M.

Here my best friends, my kindred dwell,
Here God, my Saviour, reigns.

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Let the whole race of creatures bow
And pay their praise to Thee.

2 Thy throne eternal ages stood,
Ere earth or heaven was made;
Thou art the ever-living God,
Were all the nations dead.

3 Nature and time all open lie
To Thine immense survey,
From the formation of the sky
To the last awful day.

4 Eternity, with all its years,
Stands present to Thy view;
To Thee there's nothing old appears,
To Thee there's nothing new.

C. M.

5 Our lives through various scenes are drawn, And vex'd with trifling cares;

While Thine eternal thought moves on
Thine undisturb'd affairs.

6 Great God, how infinite art Thou!
How frail and weak are we!
Let the whole race of creatures bow
And pay their praise to Thee.

56 (21).


L. M.

LL-POWERFUL, self-existent God,
Who all creation dost sustain !
Thou wast, and art, and art to come,
And everlasting is Thy reign.

2 Fix'd and eternal as Thy days,
Each glorious attribute divine,
Through ages infinite, shall still'
With undiminish'd lustre shine.

3 Fountain of being! Source of good!
Immutable dost Thou remain;
Nor can the shadow of a change
Obscure the glories of Thy reign.
4 Earth may with all her powers dissolve,
If such the great Creator's will;
But Thou for ever art the same;
"I Am" is Thy memorial still.

57 (26).

LORD, all I am is known to Thee;

In vain my soul would try

To shun Thy presence, or to flee
The notice of Thine eye.

2 Thine all-surrounding sight surveys
My rising and my rest,

My public walks, my private ways,
And secrets of my breast.

3 My thoughts lie open to Thee, Lord,
Before they're form'd within;

And ere my lips pronounce the word
Thou know'st the sense I mean.

C. M.

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