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3 Oh, when, thou city of my God,
Shall I thy courts ascend,

Where congregations ne'er break up,
And Sabbaths have no end?

4 There happier bowers than Eden's bloom,
Nor sin now sorrow know:

Blest seats! through rude and stormy scenes
I onward press to you.

5 Why should I shrink at pain and woe?
Or feel at death dismay?
I've Canaan's goodly land in view,
And realms of endless day.

6 Apostles, martyrs, prophets, there,
Around my Saviour stand;
And soon my friends in Christ below
Will join the glorious band.

7 Jerusalem! my happy home!
My soul still pants for thee;
Then shall my labors have an end,
When I Thy joys shall see.


ERUSALEM on high

JMy song and city is,

My home whene'er I die,
The centre of my bliss;
Oh, happy place!
When shall I be,
My God, with Thee,
To see Thy face?

2 There dwells my Lord, my King,
Judged here unfit to live;

H. M.

There angels to Him sing,
And lowly homage give:
Oh, happy place!
When shall I be,
My God, with Thee,
To see Thy face?

3 The patriarchs of old

There from their travels cease;
The prophets there behold

Their longed-for Prince of Peace:
Oh, happy place!

When shall I be,
My God, with Thee,
To see Thy face?

4 The Lamb's apostles there
I might with joy behold,
The harpers I might hear
Harping on harps of gold:
Oh, happy place!

When shall I be,
My God, with Thee,
To see Thy face?

5 The bleeding martyrs, they
Within these courts are found,
Clothed in pure array,

Their scars with glory crown'd:
Oh, happy place!

When shall I be,

My God, with Thee,
To see Thy face?

6 Ah me! ah me! that I

In Kedar's tents here stay;
No place like that on high;
Lord, thither guide my way:

Oh, happy place!
When shall I be,
My God, with Thee,
To see Thy face?


592 (560).

LMIGHTY God, Thy word is cast
Like seed upon the ground;

Oh, let the dew of heaven descend,
And shed its influence round.

2 Let not the foe of Christ and man
This holy seed remove;

May it take root in ev'ry heart,
And grow in faith and love!

3 Let not this life's deceitful cares,
Nor worldly wealth and joy,
Nor scorching beam, nor stormy blast,
The rising plant destroy.

1 Where'er the word of life is sown,
A large increase bestow,

That all who hear Thy message, Lord,
Its saving power may know.


RE to the world again we go,


Its pleasures, cares, and idle show, Thy grace, once more, O God, we crave, From folly and from sin to save.

C. M.


2 May the great truths we here have heard, The lessons of Thy holy word—

Dwell in our inmost bosoms deep, And all our souls from error keep. 3 Oh, may the influence of this day, Long as our memory with us stay, And as a constant guardian prove, To guide us to our home above.

594 (752).

8s, 7s & 4.

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LORD, dismiss us with thy blessing
Fill our hearts with joy and peace;
Let us each, Thy love possessing,
Triumph in redeeming grace;
Oh, refresh us!

Trav'ling through this wilderness.
2 Thanks we give, and adoration,
For Thy gospel's joyful sound;
May the fruits of Thy salvation
In our hearts and lives abound;
May Thy presence

With us evermore be found.
3 So, whene'er the signal's given,
Us from earth to call away,
Borne on angels' wings to heaven,
Glad to leave our cumbrous clay,
May we, ready,


Rise and reign in endless day!

OD of our salvation, hear us;

G Bless, oh, blev tis, e re we go

8s, 7s & 4

When we join the world, be near us,
Lest we cold and careless grow:
Saviour, keep us

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Keep us safe from every foe.

2 As our steps are drawing nearer
To our best and lasting home,
May our view of heaven grow clearer,
Hope more bright of joys to come,
And, when dying,

May Thy presence cheer the gloom.

596 (756).

NCE more, before we part,


Great God, attend our prayer,
And seal the gospel on the heart
Of all assembled here.

2 And if we meet no more
On Zion's holy ground,

Oh, may we reach that blissful shore
Whither Thy saints are bound.

597 (753).

S. M.


CHRISTIANS and brethren! ere we part,

Join ev'ry voice and ev'ry heart;

One solemn hymn to God we'll raise,
One final song of grateful praise.

2 Christians! we here may meet no more,
But there is yet a happier shore;
And there, released from toil and pain,
Dear brethren, we shall meet again.

3 Now to our God, the Three in One,
Be everlasting glory done;

Raise ye, His saints, the sound again,
Ye nations, join the loud Amen.

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