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504 (654).

L. M.

D'From any secure enclosure's bound,

EAR Saviour, if these lambs should stray

And, lured by worldly joys away,

Among the thoughtless crowd be found: 2 Remember still that they are Thine, That Thy dear sacred name they bear; Think that the seal of love divine, The sign of cov'nant grace they wear. 3 In all their erring, sinful years,

Oh, let them ne'er forgotten be;
Remember all the prayers and tears
Which made them consecrate to Thee.
4 And when these lips no more can pray,
These eyes can weep for them no more,
Turn Thou their feet from folly's way,
The wand'rers to Thy fold restore.



L. M.

(REAT Saviour, who didst condescend Young children in Thine arms t' embrace, Still prove Thyself the infants' friend,

Baptize them with Thy cleansing grace.
2 Whilst in the slippery paths of youth,
Be Thou their Guardian and their Guide,
That they, directed by Thy truth,

May never from Thy precepts slide.
3 To love Thy word their hearts incline,
To understand it, light impart;
O Saviour, consecrate them Thine,
Take full possession of their heart.

506 (949).

OD of mercy, hear our prayer,

G For the children Thou hast given,

Let them all Thy blessings share,

Grace on earth and bliss in heaven. 2 Cleanse their souls from ev'ry stain, Through the Saviour's precious blood; Let them all be born again,

And be reconciled to God.

3 For this mercy, Lord, we cry;
Bend Thine ever-gracious ear;
While on Thee our souls rely,
Hear our prayer, in mercy hear.

507 (951).

B'How sweet the lily grows;

Y cool Siloam's shady rill


C. M. D.

How sweet the breath beneath the hill
Of Sharon's dewy rose;

And such the child whose early feet
The paths of peace have trod,
Whose secret heart with influence sweet,
Is upward drawn to God.

2 By cool Siloam's shady rill

The lily must decay;

The rose that blooms beneath the hill

Must shortly fade away;

And soon, too soon, the wintry hour

Of man's maturer age

May shake the soul with sorrow's power,
And stormy passion's rage.

3 O Thou, whose infancy was found
With heavenly rays to shine,

Whose years, with changeless virtue crown'd,

Were all alike divine

Dependent on Thy bounteous breath,

We seek Thy grace alone;

In childhood, manhood, and in death,
To keep us still Thine own.



508 (616).

C. M.

may Thy praise

Employ my noblest powers,

Whose goodness lengthens out my days,
And fills the circling hours!
2 Preserved by Thine Almighty arm,
I pass the shades of night,
Serene and safe from ev'ry harm,
And see returning light.

3 Oh, let the same Almighty care
My waking hours attend;
From ev'ry trespass, ev'ry snare,
My heedless steps defend.

4 Smile on my minutes as they roll,
And guide my future days;
And let Thy goodness fill my soul
With gratitude and praise.

509 (942).

C. M.

LORD, in the morning Thou shalt hear
My voice ascending high;

To Thee will I direct my prayer,
To Thee lift up mine eye;

2 Up to the hills, where Christ is gone
To plead for all His saints,
Presenting at His Father's throne
Our songs and our complaints.

3 Thou art a God, before whose sight
The wicked shall not stand;
Sinners shall ne'er be Thy delight,
Nor dwell at Thy right hand.

4 But to Thy house will I resort,
To taste Thy mercies there;
I will frequent Thy holy court,
And worship in Thy fear.

5 Oh, may Thy Spirit guide my feet
In ways of righteousness;
Make ev'ry path of duty straight
And plain before my face.

510 (618).

EE how the rising sun


Pursues his shining way,

S. M

And wide proclaims his Maker's praise,
With ev'ry bright'ning ray.

2 Thus would my rising soul
Its heavenly parent sing,
And to its great Original
The humble tribute bring.

3 Serene I laid me down

Beneath His guardian care;
I slept, and I awoke, and found
My kind Preserver near!

4 My life I would anew
Devote, O Lord, to Thee,

And in Thy blesséd presence spend
A long eternity.

511 (622).


E lift our hearts to Thee,
O Day-star from on high!
The sun itself is but Thy shade,
Yet cheers both earth and sky.

2 Oh, let Thy rising beams

The night of sin disperse,
The mists of error and of vice
Which shade the universe!

• S. M.

3 How beauteous nature now!
How dark and sad before!
With joy we view the pleasing change,
And nature's God adore.

4 Oh, may no gloomy crime
Pollute the rising day;

May Jesus' blood, like morning dew,
Wash all our stains away.

5 To God, the Father, Son,
And Spirit, One in Three,
Be glory, as it was, is now,
And shall for ever be.

512 (612).


Y God, how endless is Thy love!
Thy gifts are ev'ry ev'ning new,
And morning mercies from above
Gently descend like early dew.

L. M.

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