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5 May we in faith receive Thy word,
In faith present our prayers;
And, in the presence of our Lord,
Unbosom all our cares.

490 (931).


Thee this temple we devote,
Our Father and our God;
Accept it Thine, and seal it now
Thy Spirit's blest abode.

2 Here may the prayer of faith ascend,
The voice of praise arise;

Oh, may each lowly service prove
Accepted sacrifice.

3 Here may the sinner learn his guilt,
And weep before his Lord;
Here pardon'd, sing a Saviour's love,
And here his vows record.

4 Here may affliction dry the tear,
And learn to trust in God;
Convinced it is a Father smites,
And love that guides the rod.

5 Peace be within these sacred walls,
Prosperity be here,

Still smile upon Thy people, Lord,
And evermore be near.


C. M

8s & 7s.

YOME Thou now, and be among us,
Lord and Maker, while we pray;

Let Thy presence fill the temple
Which we dedicate to-day;

And, Thyself its Consecrator,
Dwell within its walls alway.
2 Grant that all Thy faithful people
May Thy truer temple be;
Neither flesh, nor soul, nor spirit
Know another Lord than Thee;
But, to Thee once dedicated,
Serve Thee everlastingly.

3 Here our souls, as Thy true altars,
Deign to hallow and to bless,
O Thou future Judge of all men,
With Thy grace and holiness:
That Thy gifts, sent down from heaven,
We may evermore possess.

4 Praise and honor to the Father;
Praise and honor to the Son;
Praise and honor to the Spirit,
Ever Three and ever One;
Consubstantial, coeternal,
While unending ages run.


8s & 7s.

HRIST, Thou art the Sure Foundation,
the Head and Corner-stone;

Chosen of the Lord, and precious,
Binding all the Church in one;
Thou Thy Zion's help forever,
And her confidence alone.

2 To this temple, where we call Thee,
Come, O Lord of Hosts, to-day!
With Thy wonted loving-kindness
Hear Thy servants as they pray;

And Thy fullest benediction
Shed within these walls alway.

3 Here vouchsafe to all Thy servants
What they ask of Thee to gain,
What they gain from Thee forever
With the blessed to retain,
And hereafter in Thy glory
Evermore with Thee to reign.

4 Praise and honor to the Father,
Praise and honor to the Son,
Praise and honor to the Spirit,
Ever Three and ever One;
One in might, and one in glory,
While eternal ages run.

493 (646).



L. M.

ITH grateful hearts and tuneful lays, We bow before th' eternal throne, And offer up our humble praise

To Him whose name is God alone.

2 On this auspicious hour draw near, And shed Thy richest blessings down; Fill ev'ry heart with love sincere,

And all Thy faithful mercies crown.

3 Grant now Thy presence, gracious Lord,
And hearken to our fervent prayer;
The nuptial vow in heaven record,
And bless the newly married pair.

4 Oh, guide them safe this desert through,
'Mid all the cares of life and love,
At length, with joy, Thy face to view,
In fairer, better worlds above.


C. M.

E join to pray, with wishes kind,
A blessing, Lord, from Thee,

On those who now the bands have twined
Which ne'er may broken be.

2 We know that scenes not always bright
Must unto them be given;

But over all give Thou the light

Of love, and truth, and heaven.

3 Still hand in hand, their journey through,
Joint pilgrims may they go;
Mingling their joys as helpers true,
And sharing every woe.

4 May each in each still feed the flame
Of pure and holy love;

In faith and trust and heart the same,
The same their home above.



S. M.


OURN for the thousands slain,
The youthful and the strong;

Mourn for the wine-cup's fearful reign,
And the deluded throng.

2 Mourn for the tarnish'd gem

For reason's light divine,

Quench'd from the soul's bright diadem,
Where God had bid it shine.

3 Mourn for the lost- but call,
Call to the strong, the free;

Rouse them to shun that dreadful fall;
And to the Refuge flee.

4 Mourn for the lost-but pray,
Pray to our God above,

To break the fell destroyer's sway,
And show His saving love.



8s, 6s & 7.


Thousands of children stand,

Children whose sins are all forgiven,
A holy, happy band,
Singing glory, glory,

Glory be to God on high.

2 In flowing robes of spotless white
See every one array'd;

Dwelling in everlasting light,
And joys that never fade,
Singing, &c.

3 What brought them to that world above, That heaven so bright and fair,

Where all is peace, and joy, and love;
How came those children there?

Singing, &c.

4 Because the Saviour shed His blood,
To wash away their sin;

Bathed in that pure and precious flood
Behold them white and clean!

Singing, &c.

5 On earth they sought the Saviour's grac
On earth they loved His name;
So now they see His blesséd face,
And stand before the Lamb,
Singing, &c.


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