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2 I love in solitude to shed

The penitential tear,

And all His promises to plead,
Where none but God can hear.

3 I love to think on mercies past,
And future good implore,
And all my cares and sorrows cast
On Him whom I adore.

4 I love by faith to take a view
Of brighter scenes in heaven;
The prospect doth my strength renew,
While here by tempests driven.

5 Thus, when life's toilsome day is o'er,
May its departing ray

Be calm as this impressive hour,
And lead to endless day.


8s & 78

ALWAYS dvi of love;

LWAYS with us, always with us

Thus the risen Saviour whispers,
From His dwelling-place above.

2 With us when we toil in sadness,
Sowing much and reaping none;
Telling us that in the future
Golden harvests shall be won.

3 With us when the storm is sweeping
O'er our pathway dark and drear;
Waking hope within our bosoms,
Stilling every anxious fear.

4 With us in the lonely valley,

When we cross the chilling stream;
Lighting up the steps to glory
With salvation's radiant beam.

397 (377).

HOU Shepherd of Israel divine,
The joy and desire of my heart,
For closer communion I pine,
I long to reside where Thou art:
The pasture I languish to find
Where all, who their Shepherd obey,
Are fed, on Thy bosom reclined,


And screen'd from the heat of the day.

2 Ah! show me that happiest place,
The place of Thy people's abode,
Where saints in an ecstasy gaze,
And hang on a crucified God!
Thy love for a sinner declare,
Thy passion and death on the tree;
My spirit to Calvary bear,

To suffer and triumph with Thee.

3 'Tis there with the lambs of Thy flock, There only I covet to rest,

To lie at the foot of the Rock,

Or rise to be hid in Thy breast;
'Tis there I would always abide,
And never a moment depart;
Conceal'd in the cleft of Thy side,
Eternally held in Thy heart.

398 (379).

OH, could I find, from day to day,

A nearness to my God!

C. M.

Then should my hours glide sweet away
And lean upon His word.

2 Lord, I desire with Thee to live
Anew from day to day,

In joys the world can never give,
Nor ever take away.

3 O Jesus, come and rule my heart,
And make me wholly Thine,
That I may never more depart,
Nor grieve Thy love divine:

4 Thus till my last expiring breath,
Thy goodness I'll adore;

And when my flesh dissolves in death,
My soul shall love Thee more.


H, that I could forever dwell,
Delighted at the Saviour's feet;
Behold the form I love so well,
And all His tender words repeat!

L. M.

2 The world shut out from all my soul,
And heaven brought in with all its bliss,......-
Ah! is there aught, from pole to pole,
One moment to compare with this?

3 This is the hidden life I prize-
A life of penitential love;
When most my follies I despise,

And raise my highest thoughts above;

4 When all I am I clearly see,

And freely own with deepest shame;
When the Redeemer's love to me

Kindles within a deathless flame.
5 Thus would I live till nature fail,
And all my former sins forsake;
Then rise to God within the veil,
And of eternal joys partake.

400 (380).

HOW tedious and tasteless the hours,

When Jesus no longer I see;


Sweet prospects, sweet birds, and sweet flowers
Have lost all their sweetness with me;
The midsummer's sun shines but dim,
The fields strive in vain to look gay;
But when I am happy in Him,
December's as pleasant as May.

2 His name yields the richest perfume,
And sweeter than music His voice;
His presence disperses my gloom,
And makes all within me rejoice;
I should, were He always thus nigh,
Have nothing to wish or to fear;
No mortal so happy as I,

My summer would last all the year.
3 Content with beholding His face,
My all to His pleasure resign'd;
No changes of season or place

Would make any change in my mind.
While bless'd with a sense of his love,
A palace a toy would appear;
And prisons would palaces prove,

If Jesus would dwell with me there.

4 Dear Lord, if indeed I am thine,
If Thou art my sun and my song,
Say, why do I languish and pine,

And why are my winters so long?
Oh, drive these dark clouds from my sky,
Thy soul-cheering presence restore;
Or take me unto Thee on high,

Where winter and clouds are no more.

401 (381).


L. M.

ESUS, Thy boundless love to me No thought can reach, no tongue declare; Oh, knit my thankful heart to Thee, And reign without a rival there.

2 Oh, grant that nothing in my soul
May dwell, but Thy pure love alone!
Oh, may Thy love possess me whole!
My joy, my treasure, and my crown.

3 Unwearied, may I this pursue,

Dauntless to this high prize aspire; Hourly within my soul renew

This holy flame, this heavenly fire.

4 Still let Thy love point out my way; How wondrous things Thy love hath wrought Still lead me, lest I go astray:

Direct my word, inspire my thought.

5 In suff'ring be Thy love my peace,
In weakness be Thy love my power,
And when the storms of life shall cease,
Receive me in the trying hour.

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