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And send the echo round

The globe on which you dwell.
With Christ we rise,

With Christ we reign,
And empires gain

Beyond the skies.



AIL the day that sees Him rise
To His throne above the skies!
Christ, the Lamb for sinners given,
Enters now the highest heaven.
2 There for Him high triumph waits;
Lift your heads, eternal gates!
He hath conquer'd death and sin;
Take the King of Glory in!

3 Lo! the heaven its Lord receives,
Yet He loves the earth He leaves;
Though returning to His throne,
Still He calls mankind His own.
4 See' He lifts His hands above;
See! He shows the prints of love;
Hark! His gracious lips bestow
Blessings on His Church below
5 Still for us He intercedes,
His prevailing death He pleads,
Near Himself prepares our place,
He the first-fruits of our race.

6 Lord, though parted from our sight
Far above the starry height,
Grant our hearts may thither rise,
Seeking Thee above the skies.


244 (152).

ESUS, our triumphant Head,

To the realms of glory's gone,
To ascend His rightful throne.

2 Cherubs on the Conq'ror gaze,
Seraphs glow with brighter blaze;
Each bright order of the sky
Hails Him as He passes by.
3 Sinners! join the heavenly powers,
For redemption all is ours.
Humble penitents shall prove
Blood-bought pardon, dying love.

4 Hail, thou dear, thou worthy Lord!
Holy Lamb! incarnate Word!
Hail, Thou suff'ring Son of God!
Take the trophies of Thy blood.

245 (155).



UR Lord has risen from the dead;

OUR Lord has from a high!

The powers of hell are captive led,
Dragg'd to the portals of the sky.

2 There His triumphal chariot waits,
And angels chant the solemn lay:
"Lift up your heads, ye heavenly gates!
Ye everlasting doors, give way!"

3 Loose all your bars of massy light,
And wide unfold the radiant scene;
He claims those mansions as His right:
Receive the King of Glory in.

4 Who is the King of Glory, who?

The Lord that all His foes e'ercame, The world, sin, death, and hell o'erthrew; And Jesus is the Conq'ror's name.

246 (793).


So Thee for help we cry,
PIRIT of truth, on this Thy day,

To guide us through the weary way
Of dark mortality.

2 We ask not, Lord, the cloven flame,
Or tongues of various tone;
But long Thy praises to proclaim,
With fervor in our own.

3 We mourn not that prophetic skill
Is found on earth no more:
Enough for us to trace Thy will
In Scripture's sacred lore.

C. M.

4 When tongues shall cease, and power decay, And knowledge empty prove,

Do Thou Thy trembling servants stay
With faith, and hope, and love.


PIRIT of mercy, truth, and love,



Oh, shed Thine influence from above;
And still from age to age convey
The wonders of this sacred day.

2 In ev'ry clime, by ev'ry tongue,
Be God's surpassing glory sung;

Let all the list'ning earth be taught
The wonders by our Saviour wrought.

3 Unfailing Comfort, heavenly Guide,
Still o'er Thy holy Church preside;
Still let mankind Thy blessings prove;
Spirit of mercy, truth, and love.

4 O Holy Father, Holy Son,
And Holy Spirit, Three in One;
Thy grace devoutly we implore,
Thy name be praised for evermore.



ORD God, the Holy Ghost!
In this accepted hour,
As on the day of Pentecost,
Descend in all Thy power.

2 We meet with one accord
In our appointed place,
And wait the promise of our Lord,
The Spirit of all grace.

3 Like mighty rushing wind

Upon the waves beneath,

S. M.

Move with one impulse ev'ry mind;
One soul, one feeling breathe.

4 The young, the old inspire
With wisdom from above;

And give us hearts and tongues of fire,
To pray, and praise, and love.


249 (3).



ATHER of mercies, in Thy word
What endless glory shines!

For ever be Thy name adored
For these celestial lines.

2 Here may the wretched sons of want
Exhaustless riches find;

Riches above what earth can grant,
And lasting as the mind.

3 Here the Redeemer's welcome voice
Spreads heavenly peace around;
And life and everlasting joys
Attend the blissful sound.

4 Oh, may these heavenly pages be
My ever dear delight;

And still new beauties may I see,
And still increasing light!

5 Divine Instructor, gracious Lord!
Be Thou forever near;

Teach me to love Thy sacred word,
And view my Saviour there.



C. M.

L.M. 6 I.

LOVE the volume of Thy Word:
What light and joy those leaves afford
To souls benighted and distrest!

Thy precepts guide my doubtful way;
Thy fear forbids my feet to stray;
Thy promise leads my heart to rest.

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