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2 What though the spicy breezes
Blow soft o'er Ceylon's isle;
Though ev'ry prospect pleases,
And only man is vile;
In vain with lavish kindness
The gifts of God are strown;
The heathen, in his blindness,

Bows down to wood and stone!

3 Shall we, whose souls are lighted
With wisdom from on high
Shall we, to men benighted,
The lamp of life deny?
Salvation, oh, salvation!

The joyful sound proclaim,
Till earth's remotest nation
Has learn'd Messiah's name.

4 Waft, waft, ye winds, His story,
And you, ye waters, roll,
Till, like a sea of glory,


It spreads from pole to pole;
Till o'er our ransom'd nature
The Lamb for sinners slain,
Redeemer, King, Creator,
In bliss returns to reign!

ORD of the harvest! hear

Thy needy servants' ery:

S. M. D.

Answer our faith's effectual prayer,
And all our wants supply.
On Thee we humbly wait;

Our wants are in Thy view;
The harvest truly, Lord! is great,
The laborers are few.

2 Convert and send forth more Into Thy Church abroad;

And let them speak Thy word of power,
As workers with their God.
Give the pure gospel-word,

The word of general grace;

Thee let them preach, the common Lord,
The Saviour of our race.

3 Oh, let them spread Thy name;
Their mission fully prove;
Thy universal grace proclaim,
Thy all-redeeming love.
On all mankind, forgiven,
Empower them still to call,

And tell each creature under heaven,
That Thou hast died for ail.

223 (888).

OH, that the Lord's salvation

Were out of Zion come,

To heal His ancient nation,
To lead His outcasts home!
2 How long the holy city
Shall heathen feet profane?
Return, O Lord, in pity;
Rebuild her walls again.
3 1et fall Thy rod of terror,
Thy saving grace impart;
Roll back the veil of error,
Release the fetter'd heart.
4 Let Israel, home returning,
Her lost Messiah see;
Give oil of joy for mourning,
And bind Thy Church to Thee.

7s & 68




TRIUMPHANT Zion! lift thy head

Though humbled long, awake at length,
And gird thee with thy Saviour's strength.
2 Put all thy beauteous garments on,
And let thy various charms be known:
Then, deck'd in robes of righteousness,
The world thy glories shall confess.
3 No more shall foes unclean invade,
And fill thy hallow'd walls with dread;
No more shall hell's insulting host
Their vict'ry and thy sorrows boast.
4 God, from on high, thy groans will hear;
His hand thy ruins shall repair;

Nor will thy watchful Monarch cease
To guard thee in eternal peace.

225 (535).

L. M.

B The shades disperse, the dawn appear;

QEHOLD th' expected time draw near,

The barren wilderness assume

The beauteous tints of Eden's bloom.
2 Events with prophecies conspire
To raise our faith, our zeal to fire:
The rip'ning fields, already white,
Present a harvest to our sight.

3 Come, let us with a grateful heart
In this blest labor share a part,
Our prayers and off'rings gladly bring
To aid the triumphs of our King.

4 Our hearts exult in songs of praise
That we have seen these latter days,
When our Redeemer shall be known
Where Satan long has held his throne.


WON, afflicted with Wfort,


no m Whom no man can comfort, whom no man

can save;

With darkness surrounded, by terrors dismay'd, In toiling and rowing, thy strength is decay'd. 2 Loud roaring, the billows now nigh overwhelm, But skilful 's the Pilot who sits at the helm; His wisdom conducts thee, His power defends; In safety and quiet thy warfare He ends. 3 "O fearful! O faithless!" in mercy He cries; "My promise, my truth, are they light in thine eyes?

Still, still I am with thee, my promise shall stand; Through tempest and tossing I'll bring thee to land."

227 (892).

C. M.

Bin latter days shall rise

EHOLD, the mountain of the Lord

Above the mountains and the hills, And draw the wond'ring eyes. 2 To this, the joyful nations round, All tribes and tongues, shall flow: Up to the hill of God," they say, "And to His house, we'll go.”


3 The beam that shines on Zion's hill
Shall lighten ev'ry land:

The King who reigns in Zion's towers
Shall all the world command.

4 No strife shall vex Messiah's reign,
Or mar the peaceful years;

To ploughshares men shall beat their swords,
To pruning-hooks their spears.

5 Come, then, oh, come from ev'ry land,
To worship at His shrine;

And, walking in the light of God,
With holy beauty shine.

[blocks in formation]

Bright o'er the hills dawns the day-star of glad


Rise! for the night of thy sorrow is o'el.

2 Strong were thy foes; but the arm that subdued


And scatter'd their legions, was mightier far; They fled like the chaff from the scourge that pursued them,

Vain were their steeds, and their chariots of


Daughter of Zion, the Power that hath saved thee Extoll'd with the harp and the timbrel should


Shout! for the foe is destroy'd that enslaved


Th' oppressor is vanquish'd, and Zion is free!

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