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191 (148).

S. M.

EE what a living stone

Yet God hath built His Church thereon,
In spite of envious Jews.

2 The work, O Lord, is Thine,
And wondrous in our eyes;
This day declares it all divine,
This day did Jesus rise.

3 Hosanna to the King

Of David's royal blood!

Bless Him, ye saints, He comes to bring
Salvation from our God.

4 Oh, come the happy hour

When all the world shall own
Thy Son, O God, declared with power,
And worship at Thy throne!

5 We bless Thy holy word

Which all this grace displays;
And offer on Thine altar, Lord,
Our sacrifice of praise.


C. M

EHOLD the sure foundation stone

B which God in Zion lays,

To build our heavenly hopes upon,
And His eternal praise.

2 Chosen of God, to sinners dear,
Let saints adore the name;

They trust their whole salvation here,
Nor shall they suffer shame.

3 The foolish builders, scribe and priest,
Reject it with disdain;

Yet on this Rock the Church shall rest,
And envy rage in vain.

4 What though the gates of hell withstood; Yet must this building rise: "Tis Thine own work, Almighty God, And wondrous in our eyes.


193 (533).

8s & 7s.

YLORIOUS things of thee are spoken,


He, whose word cannot be broken,
Form'd thee for His own abode:
On the Rock of Ages founded,

What can shake Thy sure repose?
With salvation's walls surrounded,
Thou may'st smile at all thy foes.
2 See, the streams of living waters,
Springing from eternal love,
Well supply thy sons and daughters,
And all fear of want remove:
Who can faint while such a river
Ever flows thy thirst t' assauge?
Grace which, like the Lord, the Giver,
Never fails from age to age.

3 Round each habitation hov'ring,
See the cloud and fire appear!

For a glory and a cov'ring,
Showing that the Lord is near:
Thus deriving from their banner
Light by night and shade by day;
Safe they feed upon the manna
Which He gives them when they pray.


C. M.

H, where are kings and empires now,
of old that went and came?
But, Lord, Thy Church is praying yet,
A thousand years the same.

2 We mark her goodly battlements,
And her foundations strong;

We hear within the solemn voice
Of her unending song.

3 For not like kingdoms of the world
Thy holy Church, O God!

Though earthquake shocks are threat'ning her, And tempests are abroad;

4 Unshaken as eternal hills,

Immovable she stands,

A mountain that shall fill the earth,
A house not made by hands.




L. M.

ITH heavenly power, O Lord, defend

Thy faithful messenger secure,

And make him to the end endure.


2 Gird him with all-sufficient grace,
Direct his feet in paths of peace;
Thy truth and faithfulness fulfil,
And arm him to obey Thy will.

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HOLY Lord, our God,
By heavenly hosts adored,
Hear us, we pray;

To Thee the cherubim,

Angels and seraphim,
Unceasing praises hymn-
Their homage pay.

2 Here give Thy word success,
And this Thy servant bless,
His labors own;

And while the sinuer's Friend
His life and words commend,
Thy Holy Spirit send,

And make Him known.

3 May ev'ry passing year
More happy still appear
Than this glad day;
With numbers fill the place,
Adorn Thy saints with grace,
Thy truth may we embrace,
Ŏ Lord, we pray.

197 (567).

6s & 4s.

ET Zion's watchmen all awake,

C. M.

Now let them from the mouth of God
Their solemn charge receive.

2 'T is not a cause of small import
The pastor's care demands;

But what might fill an angel's heart,
And fill'd a Saviour's hands.

3 They watch for souls, for which the Lord Did heavenly bliss forego;

For souls which must forever live
In raptures or in woe.

4 All to the great tribunal haste,
Th' account to render there;
And shouldst Thou strictly mark our faults,
Lord, how shall we appear?

5 May they that Jesus, Whom they preach, Their own Redeemer see;

And watch Thou daily o'er their souls,
That they may watch for Thee.

198 (351).


S. M.

TOW beauteous are their feet


Who stand on Zion's hill!
Who bring salvation on their tongues,
And words of peace reveal.

2 How charming is their voice!
How sweet the tidings are!
Zion, behold Thy Saviour King;
He reigns and triumphs here."

3 How happy are our ears
That hear this joyful sound,

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