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2 Exert thy energy divine,

And sprinkle the atoniug blood ;
May Father, Son, and Spirit join,

To seal this child, a child of God. 73.

The same. (L. M.) 1 TERNAL God, in whom we live,

From whom all blessings we receive; Ourselves and ours we owe to thee,

And thine we would for ever be.
2 To thee our infant babe we bring,

As a most cheerful offering ;
Accept him, Lord, as henceforth thine,

While we our right to thee resign.
3 Lord, in that cov'nant which we share,

O may he have his intrest there;
And to the outward seal bere giv’n,

Do thou annex his seal in heav'n.
4 Now let the whole assembly here,

Find thee the God of Israel near ;
Thy choicest blessings, Lord, impart,

And cheer and quicken ev'ry heart, 74.

The same. (P. M.)
1 OLY Child, our children take

With thyself on us bestow'd,
Partners of thy nature make,

Bless and bring them up for God.
9 Give them in thy grace to grow,

Favourites of the Deity,
Favourites of thy saints below,
Perfectly conform d to thee,

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The same. (P. M.)
WHO is this tender-hearted. Friend,

That doth for helpless children care,
That doth my little ones defend,

And in his gentle bosom bare ?
The arms, within whose soft embrace

With joy my sleeping babes I see,
They measure uncreated space,

And comprehend eternity.
2 Thy hands upon our children lay,

And bless them in thy service here;
Into their tender hearts convey

A principle of pious fear;
Thee, by a life of holy fear,

Long may they live to glorify,
Or, innocent from earth remove,

And spotless to thy bosom fly. 76.

The same. (P. M.)
1 JESUS, kind, inviting Lord,

We with joy obey thy word,
In their earliest infancy

Bring our little ones to thee. 2 Born they are, like us, in sin,

Touch th' unconscious lepers clean ;
Purchase of thy blood they are,

Save them by thy dying prayer.
77. The same. (C. M.)
I BEHOLD what condescending love
To babes and sucklings he extends

The riches of his grace.

2 He still the ancient promise keeps,

To our forefathers givp:
Young children in his arms he takes,

And calls them heirs of heav'n.

3“ Permit them to approach,” he cries,

“ Nor scorn their humble name:
“ For 'twas to bless such souls as these,

“ The Lord of angels came.” 4 We bring them, Lord, with thankful hands,

And yield them up to thee:
Joyful that we ourselves are thine,

Thine let our offspring be.
5 Kindly receive this tender branch,

And form his soul for God,
Baptize him with thy Spirit, Lord,

And wash him in thy blood.

6 Thus to the parents and their seed,

Let thy salvation come:
And num'rous households meet at last

In one eternal home.


78. The Passion and Exaltation of Christ. (C. M.) ' NOW

OW let our lips with holy fear,

And mournful pleasure sing,
The sufforings of our great High-Priest,

The sorrows of our King.

2 He sinks in floods of deep distress;

How high the waters rise !
While to his heavenly Father's ear,

He sends perpetual cries.

3 “ Hear me, O Lord ! and save thy Son,

“ Nor hide thy shining face;
Why should thy fav’rite look like one
“ Forsaken of thy grace ?

4.“ With rage they persecute the man,

That groans beneath thy wound; " While for a sacrifice I pour

My life upon the ground.

5 “ They tread my honour to the dust,

“ And laugh when I complain;
“ Their sharp insulting slanders add

“ Fresh anguish to my pain.

6 “All my reproach is known to thee,

“The scandal, and the shame; Reproach has broke my bleeding heart, And lies defiled my name.

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7 “ I look’d for pity, but in vain ;

“ My kindred are my grief :
“I ask my friends for comfort round,

“ But meet with no relief.

8“ With vinegar they mock my thirst ;

They give me gall for food :
" And, sporting with my dying groans,

"They triumph in my blood.

9 “ Shine into my distressed soul,

“ Let thy compassion save; And though my flesh sink down to deatli,

“ Redeem it from the grave. 10 “ I shall arise to praise thy name,

“ Shall reign in worlds unknown; And thy salvation, O my God,

“ Shall seat me on thy throne.”


79. Christ's Passion, and Sinners Salvation. (L. M.)

EEP in our hearts let us record 1 DEEP in our hearts let us record

The deeper sorrows of our Lord ;
Bebold! the rising billows roll,

To overwhelm his holy soul.
2 In long complaints he spends his breath,

While hosts of hell, and pow'rs of death,
And all the sons of malice join,

To execute their curst design.
3 Yet, gracious God, thy pow'r and love

Has made the curse a blessing prove;
Those dreadful suff'rings of thy Son,

Aton'd for sins which we had done. 4 The pangs of our expiring Lord,

The honours of thy law restor'd ;
His sorrows made thy justice known,

And paid for follies not his own.
5 0! for his sake, our guilt forgive,

And let the mourning sinner live;
The Lord will hear us, in his name,
Nor shall our hope be turn'd to shame.

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