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To Youth. (C. M.)
1 0, the young tribes of Adam rise,

And through all nature rove,
Fulfil the wishes of their eyes,

And taste the joys they love.
2 They give a loose to wild desires ;-

But let the sinners know,
The strict account that God requires,

Of all the works they do.
3 The Judge prepares his throne on bigh,

The frighted earth and seas,
Avoid the fury of his eye,

And flee before his face.
4 How shall I bear that dreadful day,

And stand the fiery test?
I'd give all mortal joys away,

To be for ever blest. 235. Advice to Youth. Eccl. xii.1,7. Isaiah lxv. 20.

(L. M.)
1 COW in the heat of youthful blood,

Remember your Creator, God;
Behold the months come hastning on,

When you shall say, “ My joys are gone." 2 Behold, the aged sinner goes,

Laden with guilt and heavy woes,
Down to the regions of the dead,

With endless curses on his head. 3 The dust returns to dust again;

The soul, in agonies of pain,
Ascends to God; not there to dwell,
But bears her doom, and sinks to hell.

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4 Eternal King! I fear thy name;

Teach me to know how frail I am;
And when my soul must hence remove,
Give me a mansion in thy love.

236. Christ's Regard to little Children. Mark x. 14.

EE Israel's gentle Shepherd stands,

With all engaging charms;
Hark, how he calls the tender lambs,

And folds them in his arms !

2 “ Permit them to approach, (he cries)

66 Nor scorn their humble name;
For 'twas to bless such souls as these,

“ The Lord of angels came.”
3 We bring them, Lord, in thankful hands,

And yield them up to thee;
Joyful, that we ourselves are thine,

Thine let our offspring be.

237. Children blessed by Jesus. (L. M.) 1 ESUS, upon lay,

Thy gracious hands, and bless them here;
Into their tender hearts convey
A principle of pious fear.
2 Thee, by a life of holy love,

Long may they live to glorify;
Or, say'd by grace, from earth remove,
And to thy tender bosom fly.


Pleading for Children. (L. M.)

REAT Saviour, who didst condescend,

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Still prove thyself the infant's friend,

Baptise them with thy cleansing grace. 2 Whilst in the slippery paths of youth,

Be thou their guardian and their guide,
That they, directed by thy truth,

May never from thy precepts slide.
3 To love thy word their hearts incline,

To understand it, ligbt impart;
O Saviour, consecrate them thine,
Take full possession of their heart.

239. Parents asking Grace to bring up their

Children for God. (L. M.)
TATHER of all, by whom we are,

For whom was made whatever is ;
Who hast entrusted to our care,

These candidates for glorious bliss :
2 Poor worms of earth, for help we cry,

For grace to guide, what grace has given;
We ask for wisdom from on high,
To train our infants up

for heaven. 3 Them may we tend, severely kind,

As guardians of their thoughtless youth;
And plant thou in their tender mind,
The principles of heavenly truth.


240. Encouragement for Young Persons. (C. M.)
Y ,

E bearts, with youthful vigour warm,
And turn from every mortal charm,

A Saviour's voice to hear.
2 He, Lord of all the worlds on high,

Stoops to converse with you;
And lays his radiant glories by,

Your friendship to pursue.
3 “ The soul that longs to see my face,

Is sure my love to gain ;
“ And those that early seek my grace,

“ Shall never seek in vain."
4 What object, Lord, my soul should move,

If once compar'd with thee?
What beauty should command my love,

Like what in Christ I see?
5 Away, ye false delusive toys,

Vain tempters of the mind !
'Tis here I fix my lasting choice,

For here true bliss I find.
241. The Benefit of Early Piety. (C. M.)

N the soft season of thy youth,

In nature's smiling bloom,
Ere age arrives, and trembling waits,

Its summons to the tomb.
2 Remember thy Creator, God,

For him thy pow'rs employ;
Make him thy fear, thy love, thy hope,

Thy confidence and joy.


3 He shall defend, and guide thy course

Through life's uncertain sea,
Till thou art landed on the shores,

Of blest eternity.
4 His service is its own reward,

With peace and pleasure crown'd:
The honey wears no sting, no thorns

Are in the roses found. 5 Then seek the Lord betimes, and choose,

The ways of heav'nly truth:
The earth affords no lovelier sight,

Than a religious youth.

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242. Prayer for Divine Guidance. (S. M.)

Ow, in my early days,

Teach me thy will to know;
O God, thy sanctifying grace

Betimes on me bestow.
2 Make an unguarded youth

The object of thy care ;
Help me to chuse the way of truth,

And fly from ev'ry snare. 3 My heart to folly prone,

Renew by pow'r divine ;
Unite it to thyself alone,

And make me wholly thine. 4 O let thy word of grace,

My warmest thoughts employ ;
Be this through all my following days,
My treasure and my joy.

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