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4 Christ of all our hopes the seal,

Peace divine in him we feel;
Everlasting life is won,
Glory is on earth begun.

5 Christ to laud in songs divine,

Angels and archangels join :
We with them our voices raise,
Echoing thy eternal praise.

6 Holy, holy, holy Lord,

Live by heav'n and earth ador’d;
Full of thee, they ever cry,
Glory be to God on high.


Praise to God. (P. M.)

1 MT

IGHTY God! while angels bless thee,

May an infant lisp thy name?
Lord of men as well as angels,
Thou art ev'ry creature's theme.

Hallelujah, Hallelujah, Amen.
2 Lord of ev'ry land and nation,

Ancient of eternal days!
Sounded thro' the wide creation

Be thy just and lawful praise. Hal. 3 For the grandeur of thy nature,

Grand beyond a seraph's thought;
For created works of power,

Works with skill and kindness wrought:

4 For thy providence that governs,

Through thine empire's wide domains ;
Wings an angel, guides a sparrow:
Blessed be thy gentle reign.

Hal. 5 But thy rich, thy free redemption,

Dark, through brightness all along;
Thought is poor, and poor expression,

Who dare sing that awful song? Hal. 6 Brightness of the Father's glory,

Shall thy praise unutter'd lie?
Fly my tongue, such guilty silence;

Sing the Lord who came to die. Hal. 7 Did archangels sing thy coming ?

Did the shepherds learn their lays ?
Shame would cover me ungrateful,
Should my tongue refuse to praise.

Hal. 8 From the highest throne in glory,

To the cross of deepest woe;
All to ransom guilty captives:

Flow my praise, for ever flow! Hal. 9 Go, return, immortal Saviour!

Leave thy footstool, take thy throne;
Thence return, and reign for ever,

Be the kingdom all thine own. Hal.

163. The same. (L. M.)
1 A WAKE, my soul, in joyful lays,

To sing thy great Redeemer's praise ;
He justly claims a song from me,
His loving kindness, O how free!


2 He saw me ruin'd in the fall,

Yet lov'd me notwithstanding all ;
He sav'd me from my lost estate,

His loving kindness, O how great!
3 Though num'rous hosts of mighty foes,

Though earth and hell my way oppose,
He safely leads my soul along,

His loving kindness, O how strong. 4 When trouble, like a gloomy cloud,

Has gather'd thick, and thunder'd loud,
He near my soul has always stood,

His loving kindness, O how good! 5 Often I feel my sinful heart,

Prone from my Jesus to depart ;
But though I have him oft forgot,

His loving kindness changes not.
6 Soon shall I pass the gloomy vale,

Soon all my mortal pow'rs must fail :
O may my last expiring breath,

His loving kindness sing in death, ng Then let me mount and soar away,

To the bright world of endless day;
And sing with rapture and surprise,
His loving kindness in the skies.

164. Praise for Spiritual Blessings. (L.M.)

OW in a song of grateful praise,

my dear Lord my voice I'll raise ;
With all his saints I'll join to tell,
My Jesus has done all things well.

2 All worlds his glorious pow'r confess,

His wisdom all his works express ;
But O his love what tongue can tell !

My Jesus has done all things well.
3 How sov'reign, wonderful, and free,

Has been this love to sinful me!
This pluck'd me from the jaws of hell,

My Jesus has done all things well. 4 And, since my soul has known his love,

What mercies has he made me prove! Mercies which do all praise excel ;

My Jesus has done all things well. 5 Whene'er my Saviour and my God,

Has on me laid his gentle rod,
I know in all that me befell,

My Jesus has done all things well. 6 Soon shall I pass the vale of death, And in his arm shall lose


breath; Yet then my happy soul shall tell, My Jesus has done all things well,

7 And, when to that bright world I rise,

And join the anthems in the skies,
Above the rest this note shall swell,
My Jesus has done all things well.




Christ reigning. (S. M.)



Thy providence confirms thy word,

And answers thy decrees.
The things so long foretold

By David are fulfill'd,
When Jews and Gentiles join'd to slay

Jesus, thine holy child. 3

Why did the Gentiles rage,

And Jews, with one accord,
Bend all their counsels to destroy

Th' anointed of the Lord ? 4

Rulers and kings agree,

To form a vain design;
Against the Lord their powers unite,
Against his Christ they join.
The Lord derides their rage,

And will support his throne :
He that hath rais'd him from the dead,

Hath own'd him for his Son.


Now he's ascended high,

And asks to rule the earth;
The merit of his blood he pleads,

And pleads his heavenly birth,

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