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of his brothers. A fierce contest ensues, trem remains in Cornwall disguised as a in which the giant is worsted, and has a beggar, and manages to communicate foot cut off. Tristrem consents to spare with the queen. Brengwain, who is prehis life on condition of his building a hall sent at one of their interviews, upbraids in honour of Ysonde and Brengwain. him for his precipitate retreat before the This condition he executes in the most forces of Canados in the forest ; and he, magnificent manner, and employs the to vindicate his courage, requests that a most skilful sculptors, when the hall is tournament be proclaimed. This is acerected, to furnish it with the most exqui- cordingly done, and Canados and Meriasite and life-like statues, representing the dok are the challengers. Ganhardin reincidents of the life of Tristrem.

turns from Brittany, and, with Tristrem, Ganhardin, a brother of Ysonde with the takes

up the opposite side. Tristrem White Hand, displeased at Tristrem's be- first attacks Meriadok, against whom he haviour toward his sister, remonstrates bears an old grudge, and wounds him with him, when he is informed by the desperately. Ganhardin is hard put to in knight that he gives up all claims upon his encounter with Canados, but Tristrem her, being previously in love wi a lady now comes to his assistance, and Canados thrice as fair. Instead of resentment, is unhorsed and slain. Tristrem takes this declaration only excites Ganhardin's advantage of the consternation occasioned curiosity to see the lady in question ; and by the fatal issue of the jousts to avenge instead of his foe, he becomes the attached himself on several others of his enemies at friend of Tristrem. After visiting the court. After this the champions return castle of Beliagog together, Ganhardin to Brittany, where Tristrem, while assistfalls in love with Brengwain from seeing ing a young knight, his namesake, to her statue, and the two set out for Eng- recover his lady from a band of fifteen land in quest of their loves.

ungallant knights, receives an arrow in his After Tristrem's last flight from Cornwall, old wound, and his young namesake is Canados, his successor in the stewardship, slain. Tristrem avenges him by putting aspired to succeed him in the affections them all to death. of the queen. He informed her that Tristrem had proved false to her, and married cludes, but Sir Walter Scott finishes the

[Here the Auchinleck MS. abruptly conthe daughter of the Duke of Brittany story as follows, according to a French She, to soothe the melancholy caused by metrical romance in the same style.] this intelligence, rides into the forest in company with Brengwain, and there they Tristrem is carried to his castle, where meet Tristrem and Ganhardin. Ysonde every remedy is tried to heal his wound, is reconciled to Tristrem, and Ganhardin but to no purpose. It daily grows worse is betrothed to Brengwain; but their and worse, and can be cured by none exmovements are watched by Canados, who cept the Queen of Cornwall. Ganhardin employs a spy, and raises a force to take undertakes to acquaint Ysonde of the deshis rival prisoner. They are apprised of perate condition of her lover, and to try their danger by Gouvernayl, but are com- and bring her to his assistance. Tristrem pelled to fly in different directions. The gives him his ring, and desires him to queen and Brengwain return to court, and take two sails with him in the ship, a black Ganhardin returns to Brittany; but Tris- and a white-the black to be hoisted on

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his return should he fail in his mission, and the white in the event of his being successful. Ysonde of the White Hand having overheard the arrangement, resolves to turn it to account in avenging the slight offered to herself through Tristrem's behaviour.

Ganhardin sails for Cornwall in the guise of a merchant, and makes rich presents to King Mark, but to Ysonde he presents a cup containing Tristrem's ring, which token procures him a private interview, in which he acquaints her of the condition of her lover. She undertakes to cure him, and having disguised herself, accompanies Ganhardin to Brittany. As they approach the coast, the white sail is displayed, and is seen by Ysonde of the White Hand, who knows by the token that her rival is on board. She informs Tristrem that the vessel is in sight, whereupon he asks her the colour of the sail. She tells him black; on which, concluding that he is forsaken by Ysonde, he sinks back in despair and dies. The queen, on landing, is informed of his death, and rushing to the castle where his body is laid out in state, she throws herself down besi his body and expires.

Wald Morgan thole no wrong,

Thei Morgan lord wes; He brak his castels strong,

His bold borwes he ches : His men he slough among,

And reped him mani a res ; The wer lasted so long, Til Morgan asked pes

Thurch pine ; For sothe, with outen les, His liif he wende to tine.


Thus the batayl it bigan,

Witeth wele it was so,
Bitvene the Douk Morgan,

And Rouland that was thro; That neuer thai no lan,

That pouer to wirche wo: Thai spilden mani a man, Bitven hem seluen to,

In prise ; That on was Douk Morgan, That other Rouland Rise.


I was at (Erceldoune :]

With Tomas spak Y thare ; Ther herd Y rede in roune,

Who Tristrem gat and bare. Who was King with croun ;

And who him fostered yare ; And who was bold baroun,

As thair elders ware,

V. The knightes that weren wise

A forward fast thai bond,

Bi yere :

Tomas telles in toun, This auentours as thai ware.

* Either greues or grenes ; perhaps a mistake for groues.

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