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She hath avenged the blood of Isidore !
I stood in silence like a slave before her,
That I might taste the wormwood and the gall,
And satiate this self-accusing heart
With bitterer agonies than death can give.
Forgive me, Alvar!

Oh! couldst thou forget me! Dies. [Alvar and Teresa bend over the body of Ordonio. Alh. (to the Moors). I thank thee, Heaven! thou

hast ordain'd it wisely, That still extremes bring their own cure. That point In misery, which makes the oppressed Man Regardless of his own life, makes him too Lord of the Oppressor's—Knew I a hundred men Despairing, but not palsied by despair, This arm should shake the Kingdoms of the World; The deep foundations of iniquity Should sink away, earth groaning from beneath them; The strong-holds of the cruel men should fall, Their Temples and their niountainous Towers should


Till Desolation seem'd a beautiful thing.
And all that were, and had the Spirit of Life,
Sang a new song to her who had gone forth,
Conquering and still to conquer !
Alhadra hurries off with the Moors; the stage fills

with armed Peasants and Servants, Zulimez and
valdez at their head. Valdez rushes into Alvar's

arms. Alv. Turn not thy face that way, my father! hide, Oh hide it from his eye! Oh let thy joy Flow in unmingled stream through thy first blessing.

[Both kneel to Valdez. Val. My Son! My Alvar! bless, Oh bless him,




Wallenstein, Duke of Friedland, Genrealissimo of the Imperial Forces

in the thirty years' war.
Octavio Piccolomini, Lieutenant General.
Max. Piccolomini, his Son, Colonel of a Regiment of Cuirassiers.
Count Tertsky, the Commander of several regiments, and Brother

in-law of Wallenstein.
Mo, Field Marshal, Wallenstein's Confidant.
Isolani, General of the Croats.
Butler, an Irishman, Commander of a Regiment of Dragoons,
Don Marudas,

Generals under Wallenstein.
Neumann, Captain of Cavalry, Aide-de-camp to Tertaky.
The War Commissioner Von Questenberg, Imperial Envoy.
General Wrangle, Swedish Envoy.
Baptisia Seni, Astrologer.
Duchess of Friedland, Wife of Wallenstein.
Thekla, her daughter, Princess of Friedland.
The Countess Tertsky, sister of the Duchess.
A Cornet.
Several Colonels and Generals.
Pages and Attendants belonging to Wallenston,
Attendants and Hoboists belonging to Tertaky.
The Master of the Cellar to Count Tertsky.
Valet de Chambre of Count Piccolomini,

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