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SCENE 1.The Sea Shore on the Coast of Granada. Don ALVAR, wrapt in a Boat-cloak, and ZULIMEX

(a Moresco), both as just landed. Zul. No sound, no face of joy to welcome us !

Alv. My faithful Zulimez, for one brief moment
Let me forget my anguish and their crimes.
If aught on earth demand an unmix'd feeling,
"Tis surely this—after long years of exile
so step forth on firm land, and gazing round us,
To hail at once our country, and our birth-place.
Hail, Spain ! Granada, hail ! once more I press
Thy sands with filial awe, land of my fathers !
Zul. Then claim your rights in it! 0, revered Don

Yet, yet give up your all too gentle purpose.
It is too hazardous ! reveal yourself,
And let the guilty meet the doom of guilt !

Alv. Remember, Zulimez! I am his brother :
Injured, indeed! O deeply injured ! yet
Ordonio's brother.

Zul. Nobly-minded Alvar!
This sure but gives his guilt a blacker dye.

Alv. The more behoves it, I should rouse within him Remorse! that I should save him from himself.

Zul. Remorse is as the heart in which it grows : If that be gentle, it drops balmy dews

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