A Philosophical and Political History of the Settlements and Trade of the Europeans in the East and West Indies

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Стр. 370 - HAD it been the fate of the Englifh to have had the like events to dread on the part of the people of Bengal, perhaps the famine would have been lefs general and lefs deftructive.
Стр. 95 - The attention paid to them from the moment of their birth gives them the idea that they are formed for command...
Стр. 31 - Feizi, who had gained his affeQion by his addrefs and docility, and offered him his daughter in marriage. The young man divided between love and gratitude, refolved to conceal the fraud no longer; and, falling at the feet of the Bramin, difcovered the impofture, and afked pardon for his oftence.
Стр. 67 - Perfons from all parts of the globe exchanged their commodities, and tranfacted their bufinefs there, with an air of politenefs and attention which are feldom feen in other places of trade. THESE manners were introduced by the merchants belonging to the port, who engaged foreigners to imitate their affability. Their addrefs, the regularity of their police, and the variety of entertainments which their city afforded, joined to the interefts of commerce, invited merchants to make it a place of refort....
Стр. 88 - China become hufbandmen officially. It is one of their public functions to break up the ground in the fpring ; and the parade and magnificence that accompanies this ceremony, draws together all the farmers in the neighbourhood of the capital. They flock in crouds to fee their prince perform this folemnity in honour of the Jirft of all the arts.
Стр. 112 - Being abfolute mafters of the eaftern feas, they extorted a tribute from the fhips of every country ; they ravaged the coafts, infulted the princes, and became in a fhort time the terror and fcourge of all nations. THE king of Tidor was carried off from his own palace, and murdered, with his children, whom he had intrufted to the care of the Portuguefe.
Стр. 299 - The fruit, which was green at first, and afterwards red, when stripped of its covering, assumes the, appearance it has when we see it : it is not sown, but planted ; a great nicety is required in the choice of the shoots : it produces no fruit till the end of three years, but bears so plentifully the three succeeding years, that some plants yield six or seven pounds of pepper in that period. The bark then begins to shrink, and in twelve years time it ceases bearing.
Стр. 117 - We renounce your alliance for ever : your arms are fuperior to ours j but we are more juft than you, and we do not fear you. The Itons are from this day your enemies ; fly from their country, and beware how you approach it again.
Стр. 87 - This grand fyftem of nature, which is fufialned by deftru&ion and re-production, is better underftood and attended to in China than in any other country in the world. A...

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