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augmented. All sorts of building-mate chase the small estate altogether. That rials, for which there is at present in part which they have not occasion for Edinburgh an uncommon demand, are being divided by the Canal, and cut by now brought by this conveyance as tim several roads, lessens the inducement to ber, stone, slate, brick, sand, and lime, any person to purchase it in a single lot. the latter article having been recently add It is therefore proposed, after setting aside ed to the number. Westward, the carry the necessary portion for wharfs, quays, ing trade is necessarily more limited, officers' lodges, and inns for the accommobeing chiefly confined to merchant-goods dation of passengers, to sell or feu the and manure. It will perhaps be recol. rest in small lots for building, or in larger lected, that the expectation of Mid-Lothian lots, which the purchaser may let or feu being supplied with coal from the valley in portions as minute as he pleases. The of the Clyde was treated as chimerical by situation is considered as extremely eligisome engineers, in the course of the dis ble for manufacturing establishments, cussions which took place a few years ago such as ironworks, distilleries, &c. Works about the line of a canal. It is a fact, erected here would be in the immediate however, that a barge laden with coal neighbourhood of exhaustible mines of lately arrived at Port-Hopetoun, “ from coal, lime, and ironstone, while the rich the coal-works seven miles beyond Glas district of the Carse would afford them gow," as the people on board stated. corn with very little expence of carriage. This boat had consequently entered the Placed at the junction of three great lines Forth and Clyde Canal by the Monkland, of water communication, they could com. and had come nearly seventy miles, pass mand the markets of Glasgow, Greenock. ing, in its course, through 15 locks. A Edinburgh, Stirling, with all the towns Glasgow coal-yard is indeed established on the Forth and the Clyde, and procure at Port Hopetoun, from which we may on the easiest terms all the products of infer that coal is regularly brought from the Baltic, America, and the West Indies. that quarter. A great impulse seems to Portable Gas. A very great change in have been given lately in building, both public opinion seems to have taken place dwelling-houses and warehouses, in the lately, relative to that great modern in: vicinity of the Canal basin. A fine large vention, portable gas. In 1819, when building, for the luggage-boat companies, Mr Gordon exhibited his invention in is now getting up at the basin, upon the London and Edinburgh, it was generally projecting square used as a landing-place admired, frequently ridiculed, and almost for passengers; and several offices for the universally considered inapplicable to any coal-companies have just been completed. useful purpose. None of the periodical The greatest activity is employed in rais. scientific publications of the day thought ing houses of the usual height of five it worth complimentary notice, except stories in the adjoining streets and roads, the Edinburgh Philosophical Journal, the stone for which is brought from Red. which, in October 1819, pronounced it hall quarry, three miles to the westward, one of the greatest practical inventions on the banks of the Canal. Several boats which had, for some time, been present. from this quarry are constantly employ. ed to the public. Many attempts were ed-each carrying between 40 and 50 afterwards made to introduce this inven. tons, and making generally three trips in tion to practice, but they did not succeed, a day. Such are the expectations of a still. until several influential individuals forin. increasing trade on this Canal, that one ed the London Portable Gas Company, boat-builder, in the vicinity of the basin, which has only within these few weeks has contracted, since the middle of sum begun to distribute the gas to the public. mer, for building ten boats.

Vessels are

The demand, however, has, within this also frequently launched from the yard at short period, so much increased, and the the west end of Gilmour Place, and three prospects are so encouraging, that the are now building at Leith. It is not a shares have advanced from par, to a prelittle extraordinary to find that the cow. mium of L.7.10s., which, on the capital feeders of Edinburgh are now supplied paid, is nearly 75 per cent. Several short with draft from a distillery at the distance stages are now lighted with portable gas, of 35 miles. One brings about 40 tons and it only requires to be better known, weekly of this article. We understand to come into more general use, for, in that a project is now in agitation, which, economy and brilliancy of light, it is at in course of time, may create a little town present unequalled.--Morning Chronicle. at the farther end of this Canal. The 26.- Captain Sabine arrived at DeptCompany, from the difficulty of getting ford in the Griper, on the 19th instant, a part of Glenfuir grounds, which lie at from Spitzbergen, where he had been to the junction of the Union Canal with the ascertain the situation of the pendulum. Forth und Clyde, were obliged to pur The Griper, during Captain Sabine's stay

on the island, penetrated to 75. 20. E., the situation occupied by the miners, or and to 81. N. Reindeer were found in so much diluted as to render it harmless ; great numbers at Spitzbergen, and killed and ultimately being lighter than atmosby the crew; the fat on some of them pheric air, be forced out at the mouth of was four inches thick. A most astonish the pit. Stafford Advertiser. ing circumstance occurred on some of 29.-Attempt to Murder. - On Mon. the officers visiting and inspecting the day night, the 22d instant, Robert Sime, tombs and graves in which some Rus. servant at Balmulie Mill, parish of In. sians had been buried for 85 years. verkeillor, was brought to Arbroath gaol, When the lid or grave-stone was remo accused of having attempted to murder ved, the body appeared in a perfect state, a young woman of the name of Mill, the flesh still remaining, and with a co- residing at Lawton, in the same parish. lour on the cheek similar to life. All According to the young woman's statethe bodies were dressed in the costume ment, she had become pregnant by Sime, of the country, with night-caps, boots, who had promised to marry her; and and stockings on. This wonderful pre. Saturday night was the time he had apservation of the subject induced Captain pointed to meet her in her father's house, Sabine to bring one to England, also one for the purpose of making her a bride, of the tomb grave-stones.

Sime, however, did not keep his appointCarrier Pigeons. On Friday last, one ment; but he called on Sunday mornof those messengers, a pigeon, usually ing, when it was agreed that another insent from the Bell Rock light-house with terview should take place in the evendispatchez, arrived at Arbroath on said ing. About ten o'clock, the meeting took forenoon, in about 20 minutes, with in place, in a field near the girl's father's ; telligence to the owners and concerns of from which place they proceeded, for the the schooner Oscar, of this port, that she sake of shelter, to a neighbouring wood. was about one and a half miles to the Here Sime feigned sickness ; and, taking eastward of the rock, with her colours a bottle from his pocket, which he said Aying. Being long expected from the contained spirits, he pretended to drink Baltic, this was agreeable news to all of it by way of cordial, and insisted concerned. The pigeon was dispatched that the girl should pledge him. Her from the Bell Rock yacht Pharos, by the suspicions beginning to be awakened, she Commander, Mr Logans, who attached refused to drink. He then affected to the information to the pigeon's leg when embrace and fondle her ; but, Judas-like, he was near the light-house. Those in the midst of his dalliance, drew a ra. pigeons are in the practice of communi zor across her throat. The incision was cating information from the people on deep, and extended almost from ear to the Bell Rock light-house, to the tower The girl struggled and screamed, on shore, where the people are on the though in vain, for assistance. The dead. look-out for their arrival, which passage ly instrument had fallen in the scuffle, they make sometimes in 15 minutes, a and been lost in the darkness of the night. distance of twelve miles.

But the monster beat and kicked her un. Pire Damp. An unlearned man, but mercifully, and dashed in her face the con. clever mechanic of this town, (Stafford,) tents of the bottle, which, it appears, connamed George Lovat, is anxious to com tained sulphuric acid, as her face, breasts, inunicate to his countrymen a scheme for and clothes, were much burnt with the li. lessening the danger from that dreadfu? quid. The hapless girl was then left bleed. accident the explosion of fire-damp in ing and insensible. She afterwards regain. coal-mines. The remedy which has sug- ed as much strength as cnabled her to gested itself to his mind is, the employ, crawl home, and relate, as above, the par. ment of bellows, to be worked by the ticulars of the horrid story. Next day, steam engine. Six or seven pairs of or. the infatuated Sime was seen “ driving his dinary forge-bellows might be required team a-field ;" but it seems he had ento produce the proper effect. They joyed little of that jocund gaiety which might be placed one or two hundred usually accompanies rural iudustry, for yards from the shaft. Atmospheric air he had in the morning made an attempt is intended to be propelled by a main lo bang himself'; and a warrant having pipe down the shaft, and thence conduct. been procured in the course of the day, he ed by smaller pipes, having regulating was apprehended. He solemnly protests stop-cocks to those parts of the mine his innocence; alleging that the girl com. where the colliers are at work. The mitted the deed herself-although he ad. strean of air will have force equal to a mits that he was prescnt when she did common current above ground. The it. Sime has been committed for trial, fire damp will thus be dislodged from but the girl is recovcring.















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I. ECCLESIASTICAL. Nov. 20. Mr Bullock, Alva, was admitted to the Church and Parish of Tulliallan.

Dec. 2. The United Associate Congregation of Muirkirk gave a very harmonious call to the Rev. James Garret, Preacher of the Gospel, to be their Pastor.

4. The Right Hon. the Earl of Rosslyn has been pleased to present the Rev. John Thomson, Minister of the Chapel of Ease, Leith Wynd, Édinburgh, to the second charge of the Collegiate Church, Dysart, vacant by the translation of the Rev. David Murray to St. David's Church,

Dundee. 13. The Rev. Thomas Gillespie of Cults has been nominated Assistant and Successor to Dr Hunter, Professor of Humanity in the University of St Andrew's.

23. The forming Relief Congregation of Stranraer unanimously elected Mr John M Gregor, Preacher of the Gospel, as their Pastor.

25. The Rev. Geo. James Lawrie, son of the Reverend Dr Lawrie, minister of Loudoun, was ordained, by the Presbytery of Irvine, to the charge of the Presbyterian congregation at

Madras. 27. The Right Hon. the Earl of Buchan has been pleased to appoint Mr John Ferguson, Preacher of the Gospel, to be assistant and succes. sor to the Rev. John Ferguson, minister of the parish of Uphall.

General Hay, of Rannes, has presented the Rev. John Wilson to the church and parish of Premnay, in the presbytery of Garioch, vacant by the death of the Rev. James Douglas.

II. MILITARY. Brevet Capt. Lutynes, 20 F. Major in the Army

5 July 1821. 7 Dr. Gds. Major Hancox, from 15 Dr. Lieut Col. by purch. vice Col. Dunne, ret.

18 Dec. 1823 Bt. Maj. Daly, from 19 Dr. Major by

purch. vice Bt. Lieut. Col. Bunbury, ret.

do. Capt. Robinson, from 17 Dr. Capt. vice Bt. Maj. Power, ret.

19 do. Capt. Pratt,from 4 Dr. Capt. vice Smyth, ret.

20 do. Dr. Lieut. Sale, from 17 Dr. Capt. by purch. vice Pratt, 7 Dr. Gds.

do. 9

Lieut. Mallory, Capt. by purch. vice
Dally, 7 Dr. Gds.

18 do. Cornet Markham, from 2 Dr. Lieut. by purch.

do. 15 Capt. Booth, Maj. by purch. vice Hancox, 7 Dr. Gds

do. Lieut. Buckley, Capt. by purch. do. Cornet Ramsden, Lieut. by purch. do.

J. H. Dundas, Cornet by purch. do. 17 Lieut. Coney, from 4-Dr. Capt. by purch.

vice Robinson, 7 Dr. Gds. 20 do. Cornet Nicholson, Lieut. by purch. vice Sale, 4 Dr.

do. R. J. Elton, Cornet by purch. do. Gren. Gds. Lieut. Col. Woodford, Maj. with rank of Col. by purch. vice West, ret.

20 Nov. Capt. Lindsay, Capt. and Lieut. Col. by purch.

do. Lieut. Loftus, Lieut. and Capt. by purch.

do. Frederick Clinton, Ens, and Lieut. by

purch, vice Lyster, prom. 19 do. R. W. Astell, Ens. and Lieut. by purch. vice Loftus

20 do. John Humphries, Solicitor, vice Wilkinson, dead

11 Dec. Coldst. G. Ens. Hon. H. S. Fane, from 93 F. Ens. and Lieut. by purch. vice Hall, 35 F.

27 Nov. 3 F. Gds, Batt. Surg. Salmon, Surg. Maj. vice Hay, ret.

4 Dec. Assist. Surg. Ward, Batt. Surg. do.

T. Richardson, Assist. Surg. do. 1 F. Lieut. Eyre, Capt.by purch. vice Mosse, ret.

13 Nov. Ens. Stoyte, Lieut, by purch.


E. Macpherson, Ens. by purch.

13 Nov. 1893. Capt. Tenison, from h. p. 72 F. Capt. vice Mitchell, 95 F.

1 Dec. Ens. Cowell, Lieut. vice Mainwaring. dead

11 Feb E. C. Lynch, Ens. by purch. vice Donald, ret.

11 Dec Ens. Colquhoun, Lieut. by purch. vice Skinner, prom.

4 do. 2d Lieut. and Adj. Bourchier, rank of Ist Lieut.

20 Nov. F. Phelps, Ens. vice Slacke, 32 F.

13 do. Ensign Rumley, Lieut. vice Kennedy, dead

25 Nov. 182. Gent. Cadet, R. Wilson, from Mil. Col. Ens.

11 Dec. 1823. Ensign Mackay, Lieut. vice Stuart, dead

13 Nov. Ens. Slacke, from 28 F. Ens. Surg. Thomas, from h. p. 37 F. Surg.

vice Fitz-Gerald, cancelled 20 do. Lieut. Grote, Capt. by purch. vice Bt. aj. M'Gregor, ret.

4 Dec. Ens. Paterson, Lieut. by purch.

da. J. Forbes, Ens, by purch.

do. Bt. Major Broderick, Major by purch. vice Barlow, 61 F.

do. Lieut. Hovenden, Capt. by purch. do Ens. Airey, Lieut. by purch. do. A. Houstoun, Ens. by purch. do. Lieut. Lax, from h. p. 54 F. Adj. and

Lieut. vice Straith, 95 F. 18 do Lieut. Hall, from Coldst. Gds. Capt. by

purch. vice Rutherford, ret. 13 Nor. Capt. Byrne, from h. p. 22 F. Capt. by

purch. vice Hay, 91 F. Lieut. Blennerhasset, from h. p. 73 F. Lieut. vice Trant, 95 F.

do. Lieut. Pasley, Capt. by purch. vice Keays, cancelled

3 July Ensign Leeke, Lieut. by purch. vice Scoones, prom.

20 Nov. H. A. Morshead, Ens. by purch. Lieut. Coote, from 2 Gn. Bn. Lieut. vice Gascoyne, 94 F.

1 Dec. Ens. Shadforth, Lieut. by purch. vice Mangles, ret.

4 do. A. Robertson, Ens. by purch.

do. D. Freer, Ens. vice Mitchell, 64 F.

20 Nov, Major Barlow, from 34 F. Lieut. Col.

by purch. vice Royal, ret. 4 Dec. Quart. Mast. Dukes, from h. p. late

Bahama Gn. Coinp. Quart. Mast. vice Fox, h. p.

20 Nov. Ensign Browne, Lieut. vice Bowra, dead

do. Ensign Michel, from 60 F. Ens

da. Ensign Draper, Ens. vice Speke, dead

18 Dec Ensign Byrne, Lieut. vice Muirson, dead

5 March J. B. Heming, Ens.

da. Lieut. Drummond, Capt. by purch. vice Hutchinson, ret.

4 Dec. Ens. Harford, Lieut.

by purch. do Lieut. Auber, from Ceylon Reg. Lieut. vice Richardson, dead

11 do. H. Caulfield, Ens. vice Young, dead do Lieut. Vaughan, Capt. by purch. vice Cruise, prom.

13 Nov. Ens. Sealy, Lieut. by purch.

do. R. J. Bulmer, Ens. by purch.

do Lieut. O'Flaherty, from h.p.32 F.Lieut. vice Clements, 2 W. I. R.

20 do. Capt. Bullock, fro

2 W. IR. Capt. vice Le Mesurier, h. p. Newfound. land Fenc.

18 Dec. Capt. Hay, from 35 F. Capt. vice Gib

bons, 95 F. J. Gordon, Ens. vice Fane, Coldst. Gds.

27 Nov. Maj. Gen. Sir T. Bradford, K.C.B. Co lonel

1 Dec.

















HF Lieut. Col. White, from h. p. 48 F. 95 F. Ens. Mayne, from 2 Vet. Bn. Ens.
Lieut. Col.
Ist Dec. 1823.

1 Dec. 1823, Bt. Lieut. Col. Allan, from b. p. 56 F.

Bunbury, from 2 Vet. Bn. Ens. do. Major


Harrison, from 3 Vet. Bn. Ens. do. Maj. Thorne, from h. p. 60 F. Major

Young, from h. p. 52 F. Ens. do. do.

2d Lieut. Parker, from h. p. Rifle Brig. Bt. Major Bogle, from h. p. late 94. F.


do. Capt.


Ensign Alcock, from h. p. 36 F. Ensign Bt. Major Gray, from 3 Vet. Bn. Capt.

do. do.

Lieut. and Adj. Straith, from 34 F. Adj. Capt. Crozier, from h. p. 44 F. Capt.

and Lieut.

do. do. F. Feneran, Quart. Mast.

do. Kirkman, from 2 Vet. Bn. Capt. 1W. I. R. Capt. Abbot, from h. p. 68 F. Capt.

vice Robison, 95 F.

do. Munro, from h. p. 94 F. Capt.

Lieut. Clements, from 87 F. Lieut. vice do.

Stopford, h. p. 32 F. 20 Nov. Craig, from 1 Yet. Bn. Capt. do.

Capt. Winter, from h. p. Newfound- Lindsay, from h. p. 22 F. Capt

land Fencibles, Capt. vice Bullock, do. 88 F.

18 Dec. Bacon, from h. p. 18 Dr. Capt.

Lieut. Stopford, from h. p. 52 F. Paydo. master, vice Fox, dead

do. Lieut. Orr, from h. p. 89 F. Lieut. do. Саре с. }

A. Macdonald, Cornet by purch. vice Stewart, from 2 Vet Bn. Lieut.

Jervis, ret.

13 Nov. do. 1 Vet. Bn. Lieut. Johnston, from h. p. 123 Dr. Sadleir, from 3 Vet Bn. Lieut.


25 Oct. do.

Cornet Maxwell, from h. p. Staff Corps Workman, from h. p. 65 F. Lieut.

Cav. Ensign vice Mackay, ret. list do.

20 Nov. Innes, from h. p. 42 F. Lieut.

Lieut. Dowling, from h. p. 19 F. Lieut. do.

vice Worlledge, ret. list. 27 do. Armit, from h. p. 40 F. Lieut.

Lieut. Hill, from h. p. 59 F. Lieut. vice do. Johnston, canc.

4 Dec. Hartley, from 2 Vet. Bn. Lieut. 2

Lient, Hemsworth, from h. p. 101 F. do. Lieut.

25 Oct: Nicholls, from 1 Vet. Bn. Lieut.

Dickson, from h. p. 25 F. Lieut. do. vice Bell, canc.

do. Timbrell, from h. p. Rifle Brig. 3

Capt. Hall, from h. p. Indep: Comp. Lieut.


Capt. repa ying diff. he received on - Gascoyne, from 54 F. Lieut. do

exch. to h. p.

13 Nov. Ensign Belford, from h. p. 34 F. Ensign

Lieut. Saunders, from h. p. Rifle Brig. do. Lieut.

25 Oct. Bickerton, from 1 Vet. Bn. En

Bell, from h. p. 2 Gar. Bn. Brig. sign

Lieut. vice Dickson, canc.

do. Coward, from i Vet. Bn. Ensign

-- Sadleir, from h. p. Gren. Gds. do.

repaying diff. he received on exch. to Alexander, from 1 Vet. Bn. En

h. p.

13 Nov. sign


Ensign Ross, from h. p. Sicilian Regt. Kingdom, from h. p. 94 F. En

20 do. sign


Wetherall, from h. p. 85 F: En-

do. Lieut. Scoones, from 52 F. Capt, by purch. vice Lieut. White, from h. p. 48 F. Adj. and Skelton, ret.

20 Nov. 1823. Lieut.

do, 95 Maj. Gen. Sir C. Halkett, K.C.B. and

G.C.H. Col.

Lieut. Col. Brown, from h. p. Port

Major Gen. Sir J. Cameron, K.C.B. Lieut. Gov.

of Plymouth, vice Sir D. Pack, dead
Serv. Lieut. Col

25 Sept. 1823. Bt. Lieut. Col. Sir D. St. L. Hill, from

Hospital Staff. h. p. Port. Serv. Major

do. Major Fitz-Gerald, from h. p. 60 F.

Dep. Inspect. Hermen, Rank of Inspect.

11 Dec. 1823. Major

do. Bt. Maj. Mitchell, from 1 F. Capt. do.

Staff. Surg. Schetky, Dep. Inspec. vice Nicoll,

dead Capt. Gore, from h. p. 30 F. Capt. do.

7 Aug. Gibbons, from 91 F. Capt. do.

Dep. Inspect. Baxter, from h. p. Dep. Inspec. vice
Strachan, h. p.

11 Dec. Carter, from h. p. 58 F. Capt. do.

do. de Barrallier, from 1 Vet. Bn. Physician Skey, Dep. Inspect. by Brevet



Surgeon Panting, do.
Robison, from 1 W. I. R. Capt.

Assist. Surg. Macabe, from h. p. Rifle Brig. As. do.

sist Surg. vice Hutchison, cancelled 20 Nov. Yorke, from h. p. 17 F. Capt. do.

Assist. Surg. Muir, from 69 F. Assist. Surg. vice
Rossiter, dead

25 do.
Brownson, from h. p. 5 Gar. Bn.
Capt. repaying diff. he rec. on exch.

Assist. Surg. M.Kinlay, from h. p. 101 F. Assist.
Surg. vice Magrath, cancelled.

27 do.
Lieut. Bickens, from 4 Vet Bn. Lieut
. Hosp. Assist. Christie, from h. p. Hosp. Assist.

4 Dec. do.

vice Gallagher, cancelled Cusine, from h. p. 95 F. Lieut.


do. Mayes, from 1 Vet. Bn. Lieut. Bt. Lieut. Col. Younghusband, from 7 Dr. Gds.

do. rec. diff. between full pay Cav. and Inf. and Saunders, from 3 Vet. Bn. Lieut. Cav. with Capt. Chatterton, h. p. 4 Dr. Gds.

do. Major Delancey, from 75 F. rec. diff. with Major Gordon, from h. p. 48 F. Lieut. Viscount Barnard, h. p. 2 Ceylon Reg.

do. Bt. Maj. Smith, from 23 F. with Capt. Falkiner, Newhouse, from h. p. 65 F.

h. p. 61 F. Lieut.

do. Capt. Van Cortlandt, from 8 Dr. rec. diff. with Sperling, from b. p. 9. F. Lieut. Capt. Earl of Wiltshire, h. p. 35 F.

do. Berkeley, from 7 F. rec. dift. with Capt. Carruthers, from h. p. 17 F.

Macbean, h.



Horseley, from 20 F. with Capt. Bolton, h. Dickson, from 2 Vet. Bn. Lieut,

do. Goldfrap, from 20 F. with Capt. Burrowes, Trant, from 38 F. Lieut. do. 65 F. VOL. XIV.


p. 14 F.

25 May

31 July

p. 34 F.

p. 7 F.

14 July

Capt. Drew, from 3 Vet. Bn. with Lyster, h. p. Major R. Macpherson, East-India Co.'s Service, 105 F.

East Indies

6 Jan. Lieut. Armstrong, from 7 Dr. Gds. rec. diff. with Major Agnew, do. on passage to England 13 Feb. Lieut. Hodges, h. p. 8 Dr.

Major Dymock, do. East Indies

18 April Bainbrigge, froin 24 F. rec. diff. with Lieut. Capt. O'Reilly, 44 F. Fort William, Bengal Baird, h. p. 48 F. - Michell, from 47 F. with Lieut. Kerr, h. p. Cameron, h. p. 95 F.

16 Nov. 60 F.

Stewart, late of 35 F.
Hutchinson, from 53 F. rec. diff. with Lieut. Hitchcock, late 8 Royal Vet. Bn. Exeter
Butler, h, p. Coldst. Ges.

13 Oct. Skene, from 68 F. rec. diff. with Lieut.

Phillips, Royal Marines,

Sept. Hunter, h. p. 4 Dr. Gds.

Judson, do.

11 Nov. Champaign, from 77 F. rec. diff. with Lieut. Robertson, h. p. do.

1 Oct Corfield, h. p. 22 F.

Lawson, do.
Price, from 78 F. rec. dift. with Lieut. M'.

dys, h. p. do.

15 May Pherson, h. p.

Welchman, do.

13 Feb. Newton, from 87 F. with Lieut. Sarjean, h. Lieut. Knatchbull, 1 Dr. France.

Sargent, 4* F. Fort-William, Bengal 5 June Follett, from 88 F. rec. diff. with Lieut.

Richardson, 83 F. Elliott, h. p. 71 F.

Henderson, late 6 R. Vet. Bn. 4 July 1820. Cornet and Sub.-Lieut. Macqueen, from 2 Life

Ritchie, h. p. 14 Dr. Dumfries. Gds. with Lieut. T. Brett, 8 Dr.

Dickens, h. p.2 F.

23 Oct. 1892. Cornet Ross, from 14 Dr.rec. diff. with Ens. Rooke,

Fernandez, h. p. 4 F. 25 March 1823 h. p. 59 F.

Stanford, h. p. 6 F.

18 April 1822 Ensign Lee, from 57 F. rec. diff. with 2d Lieut.

Morris, h.

29 Jan. 1823 Fraser, h. p. 2 Ceylon Reg.

Biddulph, h. p. 9 F.

20 Sept. Gilliess, from 84 F. rec. diff. with Ensign

Fairlie, h. p. 37 F.

18 May 1822. Skynner, h. p. 10 F.

Glynn, h. p. 40 F.

13 Jan. 1825. Craigie, from 93 F. with Ensign Hon. H. Baxter, b. p. 53 F. Wandsworth 17 Dec. S. Fane, h. p. 23 F.

Hall h. p. 60 F. Paymast. Tovey, from 20 F. with Paymast. Camp.

Bridges, h. p. 91 F.

16 do. bell, 24 F.

Burges, h. p. 83 F.

30 June Surg. Bohan, from 65 F. with Surg. O'Reilly, h.

Fowkes, h. p. 101 F.

28 March p. 23 F.

Thomas, h. p. 4 Irish Brig.

12 Aug. Stewart, from 71 F. with Surg. Barlow, h.

Cozens, Inv. Bn. Royal Art.

25 July; p. 62 F.

Ehrhardt, h. p. R. Foreigo Art. 6 June 1842

Loveridge, h. p. Royal Marines 8 Feb Resignations and Retirements.

Beevin, do.

24 April. Colonel Dunne, 7 Dr. Gds..

Doune, do.

18 Jan. 1823 Colonel West, Gren. Gds.

Sinith, do.

18 Feb. Lieut. Col. Bunbury, 7 Dr. Gds

Jeffreys, do.

9 March Lieut. Col. Royal, 61 F.

Mackay, do.

13 do. Major Power, 7 Dr. Gds.

Justice, do.

Aug. Major M'Gregor, 33 F.

Cornet 2d Lieut. and Ens. Speke, 64 F. Isle of

8 Dec. Capt. Smyth, 7 Dr. Gds. Mosse, 1 F.

Brooke Young, 83 F. Rutherford, 35 F.

Siroth, late 6 R. Vet.
Hutchison, 82 F.

Skelton, Royal Art.

Colinge, h. p. 18 Dr.
Lieut. Mangles, 57

5 April Cornet Jervis, Cape Corps.

Barker, h. p. 20 Dr. Ensign Donald, 14 F.


92 Nov. Hosp. Assist. J. Cocking.

Blennerhassett, R. MaBuller, h. p. rines, Ascension

15 June

Wood, do.
Appointments cancelled.

Martindale, h. p. Royal Capt. Keays, 47 F.


29 April 1824

Menzies, do. 15 Nov. Lieut. Johnston, 1 Vet. Bn.

Cole, do

30 Dec. Surgeon Fitz-Gerald, 33 F. Staff Assist. Surg, Magrath, from h. p. 20 Dr.

D'Estra, do.
Hutchison, from h. p. 3 W. I. R.

26 Jan, 1823 Hosp. Assist. Magrath, from h. p.

Couper, h. p. 37 F.

92 do. Deaths.

Berenger, h. p. 41 F.

5 June 1829. Major Gen. Fawcett, East-India Company's Ser

Fitzherbert, h. p. 98 F. vice Dec. 1823,

21 Jan. 1823 Cooke, do. England

29 Sept. Atkins, do. East Indies 22 July 1822.

Lyster, h. p. Cape R.

15 June Lang, do. East Indies Colonel Buckland, h. p. 53 F. 28 Feb. 1823.

Sabine, h. p. Waller's Anderson, late of Royal Marines 20 Jan.


11 Aug. 1822. Lieut. Col. Ross, h. p. 7 F.

8 do

Paymast. Nicolls, h. p. 4 F.
Lynn, late of Royal Marines

Solicitor J. Wilkinson, Gren, and Coldst. F. Gds.
Clarke, do.

14 June.

Medical Department.
Grant, East India Company's Service,

Dep. Inspect. Morel, h. p. 22 March 1893.
East Indies

10 Nov. 1822.
Staff Sur. Dunn, h. p.

5 Dec. 1822. Wilford, do. do.

3 Sept.
Surg. Carter, h. p. 53 F.

29 May 1823. Keay, do. on passage to England

Surg. Oliver, West Norfolk Militia
16 April 1823

Start Assist. Surg. Johnstoun, Honduras
Elliott, do. East Indies

2d Assist. Surg. O'Doud

10 Dec. 18. Major Guthrie, 14 F. Fort William, Bengal 4 June

Hosp. Mate Carter, h. p.
M'Gibbon, h. p. 62 F.

2 July
Chaplain Jones, h. p. 92 F.

31 Dec.


23 Aug.

6 Aug

4 May

1 Sept.

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