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At the period when the follow- a few fields for the cows, and an ing incidents occurred I was living excellent walled garden. The with my father at The Grove, à place is being pulled down at this large old house in the immediate moment to make room for more neighbourhood of a little town. streets of mean little houses, the This had been his home for a num- kind of thing, and not a dull ber of years ; and I believe I was house of faded gentry, which perborn in it. It was a kind of house haps the neighbourhood requires. which, notwithstanding all the red The house was dull, and so were and white architecture, known at we, its last inhabitants; and the present by the name of Queen furniture was faded,

even Anne, builders nowadays have little dingy,-nothing to brag of. forgotten how to build. It was I do not, however, intend to constraggling and irregular, with wide vey a suggestion that we were passages, wide staircases, broad faded gentry, for that was not the landings; the rooms large but not case. My father, indeed, was rich, very lofty; the arrangements leav- and had no need to spare any exing much to be desired, with no pense in making his life and his economy of space; a house be- house bright if he pleased ; but he longing to a period when land was did not please, and I had not been cheap, and, so far as that was con- long enough at home to exercise cerned, there was no occasion to any special influence of my own. economise. Though it was so It was the only home I had ever near the town, the clump of trees known; but except in my earliest in which it was environed was a childhood, and in my holidays as veritable grove.

In the grounds a schoolboy, I had in reality in spring the primroses grew as known but little of it. My mother thickly as in the forest. We had had died at my birth, or shortly



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