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ment is confined to negroes and the lower | And why not? Mahomet warred under the animals,

petticoat of his wife Kadiga. The Ameri“But it is among our sex-among women can female Emancipist marches on her holy -(for I am a woman, and my name is war under the distinguishing garments of THEODOSIA EUDOXIA BANG, of Boston, U.S., her husband. In the compartment devoted Principal of the Homaopathic and Colle to the United States in your Exposition my giate Thomsonian Institute for developing sisters of the old country may see this banthe female mind in that intellectual city) – ner by the side of a uniform of female free that the stranger may realize in the most dom,—such as my drawing represents,-the convincing manner the progressional influ. garb of martyrdom for a month-the trapence of the democratic institutions it is our pings of triumph for all ages of the future! privilege to live under.

THEODOSIA E. BANG, M. A., " An American female-for I do not like the term Lady, which suggests the outworn

M.C.P., P.A.K., K.L.M., &c., of Boston, U. 8. distinctions of feudalism-can travel alone — And now, having filled up our allot. from one end of the States to the other ted pages before we were aware, we will from the majestic waters of Niagara to the

close our week's mélange with a new ode, mystic banks of the Yellow stune, or the rolling prairies of Texas. The American

of the new Laureate-TENNYSON :female delivers lectures--edits newspapers,

VICTORIA. and similar organs of opinion, which exert so mighty a leverage on the national mind

REVERED Victoria, you that hold

A nobler office upon earth of our great people-is privileged to become a martyr to her principles, and to utter her

Than arms, or power of brain, or birth

Could give the warrior kings of old, soul from the platform, by the side of the gifted Poe or the immortal Peabody. All

I thank you that your royal grace this in these old countries is the peculiar

To one of less desert allows privilege of man, as opposed to woman.

This laurel greener from the brows The female is confined to the slavish duties

Of him that ultereth nothing base : of the house. In America the degrading cares of the household are comparatively

And should your greatness, and the care unknown to our sex. The American wife

That yokes with empire, yield you time resides in a boarding house, and, consigning To make demand of modern rhyme, the petty cares of daily life to the helps of If aught of ancient worth be there, the establishment, enjoys leisure for higher pursuits, and can follow her vast aspirations Take, madam, this poor book of song ; upwards, or in any other direction.

For though the faults were thick as dust “ We are emancipating ourselves, among In vacant chambers, I could trust other badges of the slavery of feudalism, Your sweetness. May you rule as long, from the inconvenient dress of the European female. With man's functions, we have And leave us rulers of your blood asserted our right to his garb, and especially As noble till the latest day! to that part of it which invests the lower May children of our children say, extremities. With this great symbol, we “She wrought her people lasting good; have adopted others-the hat, the cigar, the paletot or round jacket. And it is generally

“ Her court was pure ; her life serene; calculated that the dress of the Emancipated

God gave her peace; her land reposed; American female is quite pretty,-as be

A thousand claims to reverence closed coming in all points as it is manly and inde

In her as mother, wife, and queen. pendent. I inclose a drawing made by my gifted fellow-citizen, Increasen Tarbox, of

“She brought vast design to pass,

When Europe and our scatter'd ends Boston, U. S., for the Free Woman's Banner,

of our fierce world where mixt as friends a periodical under my conduct, aided by several gifted women of acknowledged pro

And brethren in her halls of glass; gressive opinions.

* And statesmen at her council met “I appeal to my sisters in the Old World,

Who knew the seasons, when to take with confidence, for their sympathy and

Occasion by the band, and make their countenance in the struggle in which

The bounds of freedom broader yet, we are engaged, and which will soon be found among them also. For I feel that I have a

“ By shaping some august decreo mission across the broad Atlantic, and the

Which kept her throne unghaken still, steamers are now running at reduced fares.

Broad-based upon her people's will,
I hope to rear the standard of Female

And compassed by the inviolate sea."
Emancipation on the roof of the Crystal
Palace in London Hyde Park. Empty wit

That is poetry!-it is more; it is Milto may sneer at its form, which is bifurcate. / pian!

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We continue our illustrations this week | Paris the quays by the Seine offer some of with a view of the river-front of the London the finest promenades in the city. The Custom-house. Its size is immense, being “large hall” of the Custom-house is a great no less than 490 feet by 108. The quay object of attraction to strangers, and is said represented is almost the only one open to to be one of the largest rooms under a the public in all of London; whereas in single roof in the world.

VOL. 11.-37

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For a company that governs 100,000,000 Ganges and the Thames; the finials over of people, maintains armies, and makes war them, Asia and Europe ; and that on the with the greatest Asiatic powers, this is but apex, Britannia. The building contains a an humble and unpretending edifice. It museum of eastern curiosities, which is open was erected by R. Jupp, architect, in 1800, to the public every Saturday from 11 to 3 just 200 years after the first incorporation o'clock; and to those who obtain a director's of this extraordinary Company, and has order, on Mondays and Thursdays also; but been since enlarged at various times. Its is closed during the month of October. It front, though belonging to a very hackneyed contains some remarkable works of rude art class, a mere portico with wings, is one of and industry, as Chinese ivory carvings, the best of its kind ; but cannot be appre- Brahman and Buddhist idols and mytholociated, from the narrowness of the street, gical paintings, armor, and trophies. Tipand the northern aspect-a disadvantage poo's organ, representing a tiger devouring that seems by a sort of fatality to attend a European, is very curious. The music, all our best architecture. It is much to be produced on turning the handle, consists of regretted that the exteriors of buildings shrieks from the man, after every four of should no longer be designed, as formerly, which comes a growl from the beast. In with some reference to the aspect and other fine contrast with this truly barbaric piece circumstances of the site. The pediment of royal furniture is a specimen of Roman was sculptured by the younger Bacon, and art found under the site of the present represents, in the centre, Britannia and Lib- building, and representing, curiously enough, erty, to whom, from the east side, Mercury (in tessellated work,) a female riding on & and Navigation are introducing Asia. On tiger. There are also here a collection of the other side appear Order, Justice, Reli- fossils, a very rich library of Oriental MSS. gion, Integrity, and Industry. The recum- and several portraits and statues of the bent figures in the extreme angles are the most eminent servants of the Company.

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The British Museum originated with a | when he resigned it, and retired altogether bequest from Sir Hans Sloane, a most indus- from public life. At his own manor-house trious naturalist, of whose history the fol. at Chelsea he lived on to the great age of lowing sketch may not be unacceptable to 93, when a brief illness terminated his life our readers. Born in the north of Ireland, in the year 1753. He bequeathed his mubut of Scottish family, young Sloane showed seum to the public on condition that 20,0001. an early love of natural history and medi- should be paid to his family, the first cost cine, and was carefully educated accordingly. of the whole having amounted to at least At 16 years of age he was attacked by 50,0001. His books and manuscripts were spitting of blood, which dangerous symptom | included in this bequest, the former concaused him permanently to adopt a strict sisting of 50,000 volumes. The conditions regimen, and to abstain from the use of all offered by Sir Hans Sloane were responded stimulating liquors. Continuing this course to by parliament, and his museum became ever afterwards, he not only enjoyed a fair the property of the nation. proportion of health, but lived to an unusual The buildings have been altered from age. After many years of diligent study, time to time; the present is the work of Sir he settled in London as a physician, and be. Robert Smirke, and the massive portico, of came a Fellow of the Royal Society; but which the engraving gives a view, was in three years we find him embarking for finished as late as 1847. Jamaica as physician to the duke of Albe! It is needless to speak of the vast colmarle, governor of that island. Owing to lection in these balls, of books, and curiosithe death of the duke, he was only fifteen ties,-a catalogue of which, makes almost months in Jamaica, but he managed to ac- a library. cumulate a vast number of specimens in natural history, which afterwards formed the nucleus of the museum, on which he

From Dickens' " Honsehold Words," spent large sums of money, enriching it in every possible way. He was appointed | ELEPHANTS, WHOLESALE AND physician to Christ's Hospital, but never re

RETAIL. tained his salary, always devoting it to charity. In 1716 he was created a baronet | The circumstances which have been inby George I., and in 1727 be became phy. I strumental in bringing about the voyage sician in ordinary to George II. In the of Bibi Sahibeh and her infant daughter same year he attained the highest honor a | to England, and which have enabled us to scientific man could receive in being ap- enjoy the favor of their presence at this pointed to succeed the great Newton in the time in the Zoological Gardens of the Rechair of the Royal Society. He exercised gent's park, are not only interesting in the duties of this office with the greatest themselves, but have led us into a train of zeal until he arrived at the age of fourscore, elephantine reflections, at once historical,

military, artistic, social, and, in some degree, of eight elephants, whose heads were turned sentimental. Previous to speaking of Bibi to the principal points of the compass. The Sahibeh, we will request permission to give same animal is a favorite figure of speech a cursory view of her great family from a in their poetry. In Eastern architecture the very early period of time, being the sub- elephant is likewise a very important per: stance of a conversazione held in the vesti- sonage at the gates of temples, on the walls bule of her apartments at the Gardens, the of palaces, on the sides of tombs and pago other morning, at which half the beauty and das, and in subterranean temples like those learning of the metropolis were present. of Ellora and Mawalipouram. Even to the Professor Owen took notes, while Lord present time the Hindoos, on great occasions, Brougham attended to the ladies.

select these creatures to bear the images of There are several obvious reasons for des- their gods, and we find them loaded with ignating the family of the Elephant as the most valuable ornaments in the mystic "great.” The grandeur and state pomp of processions of Brahma and Vishnoo. The the mightiest Oriental kings, the enormity use of elephants is absolutely prohibited in of whose magnificence sometimes reads like the modern capital of Siam, excepting to a fabulous wonder, seems almost inseparable personages of very high rank; and, in a from the early history of elephants. On all portion of the Celestial Empire, the chief great occasions, and the assemblage of mul minister for the foreign department-the titudes, the lofty and sagacious double fore- Palmerston of Cochin China—is expressly head, with the quiet small eyes, enormous designated as “the Mandarin of Elephants." flaps of ears, and ever-varying attitude of This title appeared to give extreme satis“proboscis lithe," constitutes one of the most faction to Lord Brougham, who thought that imposing figures of the majestic scene and we ought to have something equivalent to it its countless concourse. In the most ancient for certain learned men in England. Sanscrit poems there are records of tame We had rather be silent (and yet we dare elephants in processions, a thousand years not quite pass it over) on the subject of before the Christian era. We do not allude white elephants; for although the banner only to great state occasions, or to warlike of the kingdom of Siam is a white elephant processions, but even to religious ceremo on a crimson ground, and every body knows nies, since the elephant is found to occupy a that he is an object of veneration by many post of extraordinary honor in the remo eastern nations, and of worship by some, test records of the mythology of India. One yet there certainly does exist a “ blot in the of their most alarming deities rides upon his scutcheon," a mysterious and ugly fact about back; while the idol which is their symbol him—in fact, a “ family secret,” of a kind for wisdom and science, bears the form of a that militates very potently against the man (rather eccentric in his proportions) personal interest we northern people might with the head of an elephant. Malcolm, in otherwise take in his bistory. We know his “ History of Persia," tells us that a few very well that Bibi Sahibeh would not miles from the modern city of Kermanshah, acknowledge the relationship. The value the excavations of the rock display many set upon these varieties, however, is erfinely carved figures, and that the sides of traordinary, while the dignities heaped some of the caves are covered with sculp- upon them have been quite preposterous ture representing the hunting of wild boars The King of Siam once had the astonishalong the banks of a river, by men mounted ing good fortune, as he considered it, to on elephants, while others, in boats, are possess no less than six of these wonders of ready to attack the game when it takes to the earth. They had apartments in the inthe water. The hunting of deer by men ner inclosure of the palace, close to those of mounted on elephants, was also represented bis Siamese Majesty. Each one had his own in one of their carvings. Considering the especial range of building, and a suite of relative speed of these two quadrupeds, at ten servants to minister to all his wants least in modern times, we cannot help and fancies. Their dinner, generally conregarding this either as a “symbol,” or a sisting of fresh grass and sliced sugar cane, very heavy jest. The ancient Chinese rep with bunches of bananas enwreathed with resented the earth as borne upon the backs flowers, was always set out on a large white

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