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style, and we shall take an early occasion to the thousands—it is, at the present time, transfer some of its designs to the pages of impossible to calculate any thing approach

| ing the number)-the thousands of devoted our magazine.

foreiga socialists, sworn to the regeneration Punch is full, as usual, of his quaint con

of the race, by some means formed themceits, and points a laugh or two at the mea- selves into an ubiquitous body, and-all greness of the American show in the Expo-acting in concert—when the fog cleared sition. We extract a single jeu d'esprit, itself away, every policeman found himself which Punch calls“ May-Day in London :"

a prisoner! Every soldier considered him

self disarmed and incapable, and, without “[Expressly made for the New York Herald.]

| the loss of a single life, or the sacrifice of the “Our worst hopes are verified; the Glass meanest number, the monarchy of England Palace has opened and shut. The contribu- fell to the ground; and in its place rose, tions obtained-pillaged is the word-by the like an exhalation, the magic fabric of the selfishness of the Britisher from all the ends new social edifice! Property was at the of the confiding earth, are scattered amongst moment annihilated; and every body became the great social family of man, collected in in a twinkling the owner of every thing! London-as has already been trumpeted through the eternal columns of the Herald)

LATE SOCIAL ARRANGEMENTS. --for that express and determined purpose.

“Her late Majesty, the late Prince, and the But I hasten, with my coat off and my shirt- late royal children returned to Buckingham sleeves tucked up for the glorifying occa- | House in an omnibus. The Duke of Welsion, to chronicle and arrange the scattered lington, the Marquis of Anglesea, and other reports brought to me by my faithful liners. late military noblemen, gave their parole to I did not myself descend to the pavement, return to their homes to await further until late on the night of the 1st, but re- orders: the late Lord Chancellor emptied mained in my back drawing-room, No. — the purse, sharing the contents among what

- Street, with three revolvers on the ta- ever brethren held their hands to receive ble and two pokers in the fire, receiving them; and all ranks, and all diguities, being copy, brought from every artery of the me there and then abolished, the great family tropolis, where the immortal struggle was man (of all nations) entered the Crystal going on. That copy I have rolled out into Store without tickets, every brother and ihe columns before you :

sister taking to themselves whatever suited

their taste and their strength to choose and CHE MORNING, THE WEATHER AND THE PEOPLE. I to carry. The Turkish shawls and slippers

“The morning of the 1st of May broke found ready customers ; whilst the silks from gloomily. There was muttering thunder Lyons were, by four in the afternoon, gleamabout 6 A. M., with heavy rain at 9; but | ing and glittering in Bethnal Green and about a quarter-past 10 the sun just smiled Shoreditch. It was feared, at one time, that enough to disarm the aristocracy of their the great Mountain-of-Light diamond-the top-coats and umbrellas; and the crowd Koh-i-noor--would be the sudden means of poured from Spitalfields and Bethnal Green, overturning the social republic before it was mixing with the tide of human life that well set up, there being so many claimants rolled and gurgled from St. James's, Picca- for its glory. It was, however, subsequently dilly, and May Fair, finally emptying itself arranged, that the Mountain-of-Light should in multitudinous waves that surged and be broken up into little Molehills-of-Lustre, beat against the doors of the Crystal Pal- and divided -as far as they would goace. But the aristocrats, like water, found among the brothers and sisters of the human their level, and after awhile flowed into the family, to be worn in rotation on Sundays building. Up to half past 10 A, M., the arro- and holidays gant Britishers had it all their own way; “The Glass Store being entirely cleared of but at 12 wasn't Rule Britannia' rather its contents, by an early hour in the evenchanged to ' Yankee Doodle's come to town ing, it was resolved by the new government ARRIVAL AT THE CRYSTAL PALACE.

| that Joseph Paxton be empowered to pro

cure a banyan-tree with the least possible “Atmidday precisely, the Queen and Prince delay; that the tree might be solemnly and children arrived at the door of the Glass planted ! as a type of universal bread (and House, when the trumpets sounded, and the meat, and drink, and clothing,) to universal slavish musicians played-but for the last man! time in this liberated country— God save “I could write much more, but end, that I the Queen.' At thesame moment, a fog-a may save the packet. truly national fog-gathered over the build-/ "Your own Correspondent and Brother. ing, and filled every part of it. The vapor

" JONATHAN BOWIE. was so dense, that for a time it was impossi “P.S.—The brass band of the 2d Dragoons ble even to make out a single beef-eater. are just beginning to tune under my window Taking advantage of this auspicious event, | Star of Columbia.'

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We give in this number specimens of the England, and which has contributed greatwood-carving exhibited at the London Fair. ly to the beauty of the English Baronial They are interesting, as evidencing the re- Halls. vival of an art which was once famous in | The engravings are copied from the beau

VOL. II.-16

tifully illustrated catalogue of the London We shall continue from time to time illusArt Union, and are after the elaborate car- | trations of the different objects of special vings of Mr. W. G. Rogers, of London. interest at the World's Fair.


From "Punch."

have the Exhibition before me, besides being WHAT I REMARKED AT THE

largely and actually in pocket.

I remarked that a heavy packet of sandEXHIBITION.

wiches which Jones begged me to carry, and I BEMARKED that the scene I witnessed which I pocketed in rather a supercilious was the grandest and most cheerful, the and grumbling manner, became most pleasbrightest and most splendid show that eyes ant friends and useful companions after we had ever looked on since the creation of the had been in our places two or three hours: world ;-but as every body remarked the and I thought to myself, that were I a lyric same thing, this remark is not of much poet with a moral turn, I would remark how value.

often in the hour of our need our humble I remarked, and with a feeling of shame, friends are welcome and useful to us, like that I had long hesitated about paying three those dear sandwiches, which we poohguineas-pooh-poobed—said I had seen the poohed when we did not need them. QUEEN and PRINCE before, and so forth, and I remarked that when the QUEEN bowed felt now that to behold this spectacle, three and curtsied, all the women about began to guineas, or five guineas, or any sum of money cry. (for I am a man of enormous wealth) would I remarked how eagerly the young Prince have been cheap: and I remarked how few talked with his sister-bow charmed every of us know really what is good for us—have body was to see those pretty young persons the courage of our situations, and what a walking band in hand with their father and number of chances in life we throw away, mother, and how, in the midst of any mag. I would not part with the mere recollection nificence you will, what touches us most is of this scene for a small annuity : and cal. nature and human kindness, and what we culate that after paying my three guineas, I love to witness most is love.

I remarked three Roman Catholic clergy-1 I remarked that, if I were Queen of Enmen in the midst of the crowd, amusing gland, I would have a piece of this crystal themselves with an opera-glass.

set into my crown, and wear it as the most I remarked to myself that it was remark- splendid jewel of the whole diadem—that I able that a priest should have an opera-glass. would.

I remarked that when the ARCHBISHOP OF And in fact I remarked altogether-God CANTERBURY was saying his prayer, the SAVE THE QUEEN. Roman Catholic clergymen seemed no more to care than I should if Mr. Longears was speaking in the House of Commons—and that they looked, stared, peered over peo AN HUNGARIAN ROBBER. ple's shoulders, and used the opera-glass during the prayer.

Prince Frederic Schwarzenberg, the son I remarked that it would have been more of the celebrated Field-Marshal Schwarzendecorous if, during that part of the day's | berg, used often to relate his encounter with proceedings, the reverend gentlemen had the notorious robber Haburak. The prince not used the opera-glass.

once accompanied a lady from Hungary to I remarked that I couldn't be paying Vienna. They journeyed on the mountainmuch attention myself, else how should I roads between the counties of Gomor and have seen the reverend gentlemen! Torma. Heavy showers had greatly dam

I remarked my Lord IVORYSTICK and my aged the roads; evening approached; the Lord EBONYSTICK backing all the way round tired horses had reached the ridge of the the immense building before the QUEEN; woody height, but could not be urged on and I wondered to myself how long is that further; and the travellers were thus comsort of business going to last? how long will pelled to seek shelter for the night in the free-born men forsake the natural manner of inn of Aggtelek, a biding-place of ill note walking, with which God endowed them, for robbers. The carriage balted before the and continue to execute this strange and house, and the servant inquired whether barbarous pas. I remarked that a royal ! room could be afforded. The publican reChamberlain was no more made to walk | plied that there was one room for the lady, backwards, than a royal Coachman to sit on , but that the gentleman could not be accomthe box and drive backwards. And having modated, the large guest-room being overjust been laughing at the kotoos of honest filled. After some visible reluctance, he LORD CHOPSTICK, (the Chinese ambassador owned that the gang of Haburak was drinkwith the pantomime face,) most of us in our ing chere. The lady became terrified, and gallery remarked that the performance of entreated the prince not to remain ; but it Lord Ivorystick and Lord EBONYSTICK was had grown dark, the rain was pouring down, not more reasonable than that of his Excel- the horses were worn out, and the steep aslency CHOPSTICK, and wished that part of cent of the road was so dangerous, that it the ceremony had been left out.

was most hazardous to proceed. The prince I remarked in the gold cage, to which the tried to reassure the lady; so she locked ladies would go the first thing, and in which herself up in the room assigned to her. Her the Koh-i-noor reposes, a shining thing like companion, wrapped in his white officer's a lambent oyster, which I admired greatly, cloak, under which he kept his pistols in and took to be the famous jewel. But on a readiness, stepped into the apartment where second visit I was told that that was not the robbers were assembled, and sat down the jewel—that was only the case, and the at the table, facing the window, whilst his real stone was that above, which I had servant, likewise armed, kept watch outside taken to be an imitation in crystal.

the house, close to the window, in case his I remarked on this, that there are many master should want any aid. The company sham diamonds in this life which pass for consisted of about ten or twelve men. Their real, and, vice versa, many real diamonds rifles leaned against the wall; their axes which go unvalued. This accounts for the lay upon the board, on which stood the winenon-success of those real mountains of light, jugs. They drank, sang, and talked over my "Sonnets on Various Occasions." | their adventures, and did not take any no

tice of the newly-arrived guest. The prince , oak leaves is by no means comfortable. Fare. mixed in their conversation, took wine with well! friends, let us go," he called to his them, and listened to their conversation un men. They took up their arms and went. til it had grown late. Suddenly he rose, The prince was greatly struck by the whole called the publican, threw a gold coin on the proceeding. He did not entirely trust the table, and said: “ This is for the wine these robber's words; and relieving his servant, good folks have drunk; they are my guests. they pac :d up and down, thus keeping But now," he continued, addressing the rob watch the whole night. On the morrow the bers, “it is time to sleep. In the adjoining lady continued her journey. After they bad room is a sick lady: the entertainment has ridden about an hour, they suddenly heard lasted long enough : I cannot allow any one the discharge of a rifle close to them in the longer to occupy this room, or disturb the woods. Haburak stepped forth from the lady's rest by noise." At this imperative bushes, and bid the coachman "halt." The command one of the robbers jumped from horses stopped ; the prince drew forth his his seat, and contemptuously laughing, cried pistols. But Haburak, without heeding his out, “ Does the gentleman fancy that because threatening mien, rode close up to the carhe has a carriage and four, and plenty of riage-door, and said: “We yesterday sacrimoney in his pocket, he has the right to ficed our comfort that the rest of this lady command us?" An uproar ensued. The should not be disturbed. Now I will see men vociferated: “We are poor lads, and whether it was worth the trouble.” With therefore we are masters here.—“ We are these words he lifted the veil, which hung no timorous peasants, who take off our hats down from the lady's bonnet, and looked for to every gentleman.”—“We have yet money an instant into her face. The lady blushed, and credit enough to swallow a draught and the robber said : “She is really very when we are thirsty.”—“ We do not accept pretty." He turned round, plucked a wild any gifts from people who fancy themselves rose from a bush close at hand, and offered better than we.”—“ We will not be ruled." | it to the lady with these words : “ Accept All this was almost simultaneously uttered, this rose kindly as a keepsake from the poor with a loud tumult, from all sides. All the robber Haburak; and if you some time bear robbers had got up. The prince mechani- that he has been hanged, pray an ave maria cally caught hold of his pistols, and threw for his soul.” The lady took the rose, and off his cloak. “I am a master of the craft the robber vanished. Two years later, in which you are but apprentices," he ex- newspapers related that the robber Habuclaimed with dignity. “You are robbers; Irak had been caught ; that he had been am a soldier : and fear neither the mouth of tried at the assizes in Torna, convicted of a rifle nor the edge of an axe.” During this desertion and highway robbery, and hanged." uproar, a man of middling height and strong. -Pulszkys' Traditions. • ly marked features had risen from the bench beside the stove, where he had quietly sat during the whole time, without partaking of the wine. He now said, in a commanding

MORNING IN INDIA. tone: “Silence!" The robbers grew speech MORNING in India, when the mango-showers less at this order, and again sat down to the Steep May in healthful coolness. Lo! the skies table. “Mr. Officer," continued the man,

Are cloudless as the depths of woman's eyes,

Ere love and all its cares have fill'd the hours "don't think that you frighten us. I too

With hope and fear. From snow-bloom'd citron have been a soldier, and have most probably bowers smelt more powder than you ever did. I Green parrots-hatch'd mid fragrance-chatter am Haburak. If I desired to do you any

ing rise ;

Crouch'al on its sunbeam-bed the serpent lies, harm, a single whistle would suffice. We

Sipping light dews from the redundant flowers never will disturb a lady's rest; we war Of blue Ruellias-studding o'er the sod with men, not with women. For the pres. With bell-shaped buds. The bee now quits its ent we shall leave this shelter ; yet remem

board, ber, sir, that it is the first time for a fort

Questing for honey-while, from yon Minar,

The gray Muezzin's call is beard afar: night that these men have been under a roof,

“Come ye to prayer! There is no God but God! and that the couch there below on the damp Mohammed is the Prophet of the Lord !”

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